Cucumber Benefits

8 Outstanding Cucumber Benefits You Don’t Want To Miss

Did you know that cucumbers are not actually vegetable? Cucumbers are fruits and they belong to the same family as the watermelons (melon), and squashes do. This cool, refreshing fruit, being low in calorie and high in several vitamins and minerals, is considered as one of the most nutritious food of all. Why should you include this fruit in your diet? Obviously for the truckload of cucumber benefits which include everything from weight loss to promoting good skin to supporting your heart health.

Cucumber is originally a South Asian plant. It is widely in use in the traditional diet and makes a wonderful summer fruit for its high water content and nutrients. You will acquire the best cucumber benefits when you eat it raw with its skin on. The flesh contains vitamins A, C, etc and the skin is full of fiber and other minerals like potassium, magnesium. Come on, let’s check out together some of the amazing cucumber benefits that will drive you to add this green fruit to your everyday diet.

Outstanding Cucumber Benefits:

Helps To Lower Heart Disease:

Cucumbers are rich in high amount of potassium. They also contain little bit of magnesium and fiber. All of these attribute to controlled blood pressure, hence improving your heart health. Regular consumption of cucumber is related to low heart attack rate and decreasing cardiovascular disease. Prefer eating it with its skin on to fetch maximum amount of benefits.

Strengthens Nail And Hair:

Thank its high silica content for that. Rich in minerals, this fruit maintains your nail health preventing it from splitting and breaking. Why is it good for hair? Well, cucumber juice has high silicon and sulfur in it which adds shine to hair, makes it hydrated, and leaves your hair healthy and strong.

Cucumber Benefits For Skin:

From removing your under-eye dark circle to spot correcting your skin, cucumbers are your holy grail beauty food. Let’s have a look on all of its skin benefits.

  • The juice of cucumber is a very good anti-tanning agent.
  • It soothes sunburn and relieves your skin from itchiness and redness.
  • Its high antioxidant property and silica content efficiently reduces the appearance of dark circle; also treats the problem of puffy eyes.
  • Having unwanted freckles and spots on your pretty face? Use cucumber juice. It works like magic.
  • Cucumber benefits also include decreasing cellulite from your skin. It has phytochemicals that produce large amount of collagen. Collagen promotes to skin elasticity and reduces cellulite.

May Reduce The Risk Of Cancer:

This high in water fruit contains high level of cucurbitacins which is a biochemical compound found in many fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, gourd, and cucumber. This compound is effective in preventing cancer as it hinders the cancer cells to multiply. The high amount of cucurbitacins A,B, C, D, and E in cucumbers ensure prevention of cancer cells.

Cucumber Benefits In Losing Weight:

Cucumber is excellent if you are aiming to lose some weight. You get fatter when the sugar you eat gets converted to fat. Cucumber contains such substance that hinder this process; helping you to maintain good weight. Apart from that, these fruits are low in calorie and have zero fat. So, you can actually make some salad and munch on it without having the fear of putting on more weight.


One of the most important cucumber benefits is that it, being a 96% water bearing fruit, keeps you hydrated all day long. It helps in combating water retention situation and also replenishes your body. Due to its high antioxidant and vitamin C content, it is beneficial to your skin. Drink cucumber detox drink to flush out all the toxins from your system.

Cucumber Benefits: Keeps Your Bone Healthy:

It is scientifically proven that, cucumbers are rich in vitamin K. This vitamin is extremely necessary for maintaining your bone health. If you have vitamin K deficiency, you are likely to get fractured bone and weaker bone problems. Eating one cup of sliced cucumber helps you to acquire 22% of daily dosage of vitamin K. This vitamin also helps in the calcium absorption of your body promoting to good bone health and bone growth.

Combats Memory Loss Problem:

Cucumbers are loaded with fisetin compound which is believed to reduce the symptoms of memory loss. Fruits like strawberries and cucumbers contain higher amount of this compound. Scientists are also hopeful about cucumber’s ability to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Side Effects To Remember:

Besides all of these amazing cucumber benefits; there are also few side effects of eating this fruit which you must take into consideration.

  • They contain toxins like cucurbitacins and tetracyclic triterpenoids. Excessive intake of these toxins may lead to swelling of organs like liver, gall bladder, and kidney.
  • Over eating of cucumber can result into water poisoning in your body and electrolyte imbalance.
  • Excess cucurbitacins cause diarrhea, stomach cramps.
  • Over consumption of vitamin C leads to risk of cancer, premature aging and many more.

So, do your own bit of research before fixing the daily limit of cucumber intake. Cucumber benefits are amazing and they serve good to your body. But always remember that ‘greed will cause pain’. So, eat it in moderation and say, ‘hello’ to a healthy skin, body, and life.

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