20 Gorgeous Outfit Ideas To Create With Plaid Skirts

Plaid Skirts

We all wore plaid skirts during our school days. Plaid is basically a style of fabric that has a checkered pattern. Long stripes go on horizontally and vertically crisscrossing each other to create a pattern that is super gorgeous. A fall-winter appropriate pattern, plaids have many variations. If you are a plaid lover, you must know that plaid comes in different styles. Tartan, Gingham, Houndstooth, Glen plaid, Checkered Madras, Windowpane, Black Watch Tartan Plaid, Royal Stewart Tartan Plaid – these are some common types of plaid patterns. And talking about plaid skirts, these are one of the most versatile and timeless clothing pieces that would never go out of fashion.

From being a fall-outfit staple to perfect for creating your back to school outfits – there are endless possible outfits that you can create with a plain simple plaid skirt. Want to amp up your fashion game to slay the day? Quickly go through these most stylish outfit ideas to refresh your personal style.

Plaids seek their origin in Scotland. These patterns are believed to emerge in the 1700s. talking about the plaid skirts, the Classic Scottish tartan plaid became popular in the 1960s. Tartan miniskirts were designed for the first time which became a rage. Look at the 1990s. 90s pop culture was totally inspired by plaid skirts. Celebrities were wearing this stylish item left and right. Britney Spears made it famous in the video Baby One More Time in 1998. These skirts must have gone through many lull periods as well, but they really passed the test of time. And from being a ‘schoolgirl skirt’ to a ‘fashion staple’ these won all the diva’s hearts across the world. To get inspired with some of the best outfit ideas with plaid skirts – you need to give this post a quick read right now.

Gorgeous Outfit Ideas To Create With Plaid Skirts:

Plaid Skirt +Plaid Blazer:


Wear this iconic outfit that is inspired by your favorite 90’s movie. Cher Horowitz taught us back then how to sport plaid skirts and matching blazers to steal the show. Make sure that the pattern of the plaid matches completely with the pattern of your blazer. Wear it like a co-ord set and try to wear a solid color figure-hugging tee underneath. Black, beige or white will be the best-reommemded colors as these won’t be overwhelming as a background. And the pattern and the color combination of your plaid skirt-blazer outfit will stand out really well. A functional as well as a stylish piece to consider…

Pleated Plaid + Black Jumper + Combat Boots:

What an unexpected way to wear your plaids! A plaid pleated mini skirt! This gorgeous traditional-looking pleated plaid skirt in the picture is redefining fashion. Designer Chopova Lowena has given the belted skirt a touch of punk with safety pin detailing. A black pair of combat boots and an equally black jumper is setting the mood for winter and this is one of the most inspiring outfit ideas with plaid skirts that look so sporty and chic.

Style Your Plaid Skirt With A Preppy Collared Shirt:


An easy way to elevate your plaid skirt look is to wearing a simple and crisp white button shirt with it. If your plaid skirt is from a warmer color family, white or pastel shades will be the best for your shirt. And if your skirt is more of a neutral color, team that with darker toned shirts like a mustard shirt or a wine or orange colored shirt. This outfit idea is one of the best transition outfits to wear when the it is approaching winter from summer.   

Caution: do not sport a plaid shirt with a plaid skirt, it is such a fashion blunder. If you desiring to wear plaids on plaids, make sure that both of the plaids are different from each other. One plaid should be smaller in size than the other one.

With A Silk Blouse And Cute Pumps:


Dressing up in a cute plaid skirt outfit is a girly girl’s dream. And to make your fall outfit look more put together, pair your plaid skirts with pretty silk blouses. Finish it off with a pair of cute pumps and your plaid skirt outfit is all ready to look stunning and chic.

With A Classic Trench Coat:


Wearing a classic trench coat over your skirt immediately makes you look even more expensive. Other than making a strong fashion statement, plaid skirts – trenchcoat combination will also keep you warm. Fashion and functionality can go hand in hand when you choose to wear a good quality trench coat with a plaid skirt. It is also a throwback to the retro era when neat and clean dressing with classic touches to them was so in trend. A high-heel stiletto or a chunky Oxford shoe will go perfectly fine with this outfit.

If your skirt’s length is short, consider wearing knee-high socks with your boots.

Plaid Skirts + Sweater Tops:


There are infinite ways to rock your plaid skirts outfits and a plaid skirt- sweater top outfit is one of the most easy-to-carry among them. For the days when it is neither too hot nor too cold, a sweater top will be the most comfortable thing to wear. Tartan plaids look fantastic when paired with a solid sweater. A classic and iconic outfit that is there since the 1950s, you just cannot go wrong with this combination.

With An Oversized Sweater:


An oversized sweater looks casual and comfy when tucked in your plaid skirt. Match your shoes with your sweater and tick all the boxes of being a perfect fashionista.

Plaid Skirt T-shirt Outfit:


T-shirts are the most versatile clothing item on this planet. They do justice to your jeans, to your trousers, and obviously to your plaid skirts. If you are planning to wear plaid skirts as part of a minimal outfit, a t-shirt-plaid skirt outfit is surely gonna fit into your bill. Layer that with a cropped denim jacket or a front-open cardigan. If you are opting for a plaid skater mini skirt, reach out for high boots or boots paired with thigh-high socks. And when it is a plain day out with your friends, keep the skirt knee-length and add a more subtle touch to your outfit by accessorizing it with quirky jewelry.

If you are thinking plaid skirts are only for winter, you should definitely try this spring-summer outfit combination.

A Blazer + Plaid Skirts:


Definitely, the best way to tone up your plaid skirt outfit is to combining it with a nice piece of blazer. A Houndstooth plaid skirt will look ultimate divine with a plain black structured blazer. A blazer outfit is a perfect pick for when it is not too chilly outside and you have a formal party to attend. If you have worn a t-shirt-skirt outfit, elevate it with a simple blazer that will conceal all your flaws and will provide you a perfect shape.

The outfit options that you can create with plaid skirts are endless. Check out below a few more combinations that are edgy to sporty to full of attitude.


Best Way To Wear Plaids On Plaids:


This double dose of red is sure to make a big difference.


With A Flannel Shirt:


If you want one bottom clothing item in life that is an ideal mixing and matching piece, close your eyes and invest in some good quality plaid skirts. They look outstanding with coats to t-shirts to blouses and can be styled in a ton of ways. For a sexy attire, choose to wear a leather jacket on top of your plaid skirt outfit and these outfit ideas have surely provided you with the best style inspirations. They are effortless and you really do not need to do much to look good in a plaid skirt outfit. Now just try them in real life and look all preppy and perfect from head to toe.

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