8 Easiest Origami Flower Projects That Are Fun To Accomplish

Origami Flower

An origami flower is astonishingly easy to make and you can use one as a fantastic piece of a home decor item too. You can’t even imagine how you can turn a single sheet of paper into a beautiful flower just by folding it. No need for cutting, gluing, and anything. You just gotta follow some simple folding steps and it is just a matter of time to create some really eye-catching origami flower projects that are so aesthetically pleasing to look at. Indulge in these fun projects when you have some leisure time in your hands or keep your little kid busy with an origami flower project which will simply help them grow a motor skill. So, check out these beautiful crafts and use them even as a unique part of decorations. 

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Easiest Origami Flower Projects That Are Fun To Accomplish:

Origami Tulip:

Tulip is one of the most loved flowers to make when it comes to talking about origami flower projects. Make it as a spring craft or fill the air of your house with the mood of spring when you decorate it with a beautiful origami tulip. Make them in bunches and attach them to a greeting card or make a big collage of some brightly colored tulips and make that an accent wall decor piece. Check out this easy tutorial and accomplish the project. 


Easy Origami Lily Flower:

We love to draw flowers and we love to make them too. An origami lily flower looks great if you just put it on your bedside table or make a bouquet full of other varieties of origami flowers and they look amazing as party decoration elements too. In this origami project, you need to use paper that has color on both of its sides. Once you have learned how to make a lily flower, you will also end up making more other flowers. Learn how to make lily flowers from this below tutorial.


Origami Rose:

How about making an origami rose? Just like a real rose that makes a pretty gift, you can also gift your loved ones this marvelous origami flower rose. It might not be fragrant but your effort and its cute look will suffice for that. Now you don’t need to wait for the April showers to make roses. Let your origami rose bloom no matter what season you are in.


Origami Lotus Flower:

With just the right step-by-step folding instruction, a very few craft supplies, and a little effort you can accomplish this fun origami lotus flower project that will bring a smile to your face and will make a gorgeous gifting option as well as a decor item. Get yourself a piece of square paper and get started. Here we go with the tutorial.


A Dainty Daisy:

Daisies look gorgeous in the garden and a daisy origami flower can be a nice addition to your home’s spring decor. Daisies do come in different vivid colors so get your hands on some colorful papers and just get started. From a classic white bloom to a lovely and chirpy yellow one, put a little effort and end up making some lovely daisies. 


Origami Peony:

An origami flower looks as gorgeous as a real flower. And an origami peony is one of the most gorgeous of all. This tutorial uses 7 pieces of colorful paper to make one origami flower and you do not need to use any tape or glue whatsoever. One paper will be required to make the stem of the peony and the rest will be used to make the flower. Fold the stem, fold the flower, be a little creative, and admire the beauty of your self-made flower.


Origami Sunflower:

The happiest and the brightest of all, an origami sunflower will elevate the mood of your interior. Origami flowers can also be used as party decor items and a sunflower, being a symbol of happiness and good fortune, makes a great decor item for birthdays and anniversary celebrations too. Choose a paper folding project depending on your skill level and get done with one pretty origami flower. Check out the tutorial below and follow the steps one by one. 


Pink Origami Orchid Flower:

We have our hearts on this serene-looking origami orchid flower. If you find an origami rose or a tulip to be too cliche or common, try out this beautiful origami orchid flower that is so unique and looks so close to being a real one. Make a bunch of them and prepare a bouquet. It can be a nice and offbeat gifting item that the gift recipient will adore to have for sure. Or just make a few stems of flowers and keep all of them together as a corner floral accent piece. This is one of our most favorite origami flower projects that anyone will have a blast accomplishing. 


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