10 Brilliant Open Kitchen Ideas For Small Apartment

While entering into a new home, we all want our kitchen area, the hub of the home to be the most exciting and well-decorated portion of our home. Gone are those days when kitchens were just meant for utility and nothing more but the scenario has changed and today the kitchen area has become the heart of our home. But with the increasing population problem and ever decreasing size of the apartments, it is not always possible for us to find a big sized kitchen in a small apartment and there lies the importance of open kitchen ideas. Open kitchens brilliantly save space and if you decorate them well they look gorgeous and chic.

So today your Little Pink Diary offers you some brilliant open kitchen ideas which can solve lots of your space problems and can give your home an aristocrat yet cool touch.

Brilliant Open Kitchen Ideas for Small Apartment:

The Rustic One:


This kitchen is for those people who love that extra rustic feel to their home. The brick wall, dark cabinetries, wooden table, wooden floor, and hanging lights just add up to that feel a little bit more.

The Airy Version:


If you want the open air and light always inside your kitchen then you are bound to love this open kitchen idea. The white cabinets are just doing justice to the entire set up. We love the roses and the small indoor plants as well.

The Contemporary One:


Don’t want to play much with the styling and want to go safe? Then why not embrace this urban chic contemporary design? The dark sunmica cabinets and hanging ball lights are jazzing up the modern styles so effortlessly. One of the most contemporary open kitchen ideas that you are bound to fall for.

Wood It Up:


Another idea from the rustic family but this time with a high raw factor. The unpolished wooden pillars, the all wood window frame, and the wooden floor say it all. A perfect idea for a small apartment kitchen with an ‘L’ shaped working area and clean design.

The Minty Affair:


Colors like soft mint, aqua, beige, and soft cream always help to give a bigger and brighter feel to your small space. These mint green influenced open kitchen ideas are not only trendy and cool but they also allow you to feel fresh and airy while you are into some culinary activities.

Love For Antique:


What should we say for this one? We love it endlessly. The stone frame and the antique walnut and oak cabinets are amazingly attributing to the vintage feel.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall:


Mirrored kitchen cabinets create that illusion of bigger space. And these white cabinets and off white flooring plus the marble table top look so classy and comfortable to eyes.

Red Riding Hood:


This flawless open kitchen comes with red cabinets and underneath storage places. The red curtain and glass window add that chic feel to the entire kitchen.

The Vibrant One:

The lemon yellow cabinets are so vibrant and the yellow paneling at the ceiling adds a pop of fun to the kitchen. The four sitter small dining table gives a good contrast to the lemon yellow shade.

The Monochrome:


Monochrome has always been in style and it never gets out of trend. This all black and white small open kitchen has plenty of storage spaces and the steel finish refrigerator has been placed so smartly using that corner area. One of the smartest open kitchen ideas that have used the space so efficiently.

Getting a gorgeous open kitchen might be a tricky task but you can always mix and match with the cabinets, the chimney style, the lighting, and the shades of color you are using. As nowadays the kitchen is not just about cooking and has become as important as your bedroom, you must think about how to decorate it properly. So from our open kitchen ideas choose your pick according to your choice and make the smart use of your small apartment.

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