Olive Skin Tone – Best Makeup Tips And Tricks To Check Out

Olive Skin

Olive skin tone is one of the most unique skin tones that carries a beautiful combination of green or yellowish-green and brown undertone. And it is really challenging to find the right makeup products for this skin tone. If we look keenly, a majority of Middle Eastern and Asian women have olive skin tone. Though you may think that olive tone has a neutral undertone, you might be wrong sometimes. This is a special kind of skin tone that can have both a warm and a natural undertone. So you see, it is really a tough task to choose the right foundation, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, and lipstick if you are a lady with this very unique skin tone. And to help you out in choosing the right product for your skin, today we have come with this post. If you are having trouble finding the exact makeup product for your special skin tone, you shall find this article very helpful. 

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Characteristics Of Olive Skin Tone:


Olive skin tone is a very unique skin tone that most of us are not familiar with. Most of the women with this skin tone do not even recognize it. So it is of utmost necessity that you know your skin tone and undertone first. This skin tone can have either a neutral undertone with a slight green tint, Or it can have a warm undertone with a brownish tinge to it. So you can be someone with either a light olive tone with cream or beige or greenish undertone or you can be someone with dark olive skin with a brown undertone. If you consider the Fitzpatrick Scale, olive tone falls in type IV and type V of that scale. A completely neutral undertone is rare with this skin tone. 

How To Tell Whether You Have A Olive Tone Or Not:

Look for these indications to determine whether you have this special skin tone or not:


No distinctive green or blue vein can be seen as it can be seen in cases of warm or cool undertoned skin. 

  • You often notice a green or ashy tinge on your skin if you apply the wrong makeup.
  • Pastel shades do not suit your skin tone. 
  • Your skin pores are often very large and they secrete excess amounts of oil.
  • Your skin tans very easily.
  • And it is also susceptible to wrinkling. 
  • You look good in a jewel. Golden and silver jewelry both suit you. 
  • Wrong makeup often makes you look ashier or grey-y.
  • A red lipstick often looks pink on you.

If you can relate to these signs, then be sure that you are a beautiful lady with a gorgeous olive tone. 

Olive Skin Tone – Best Makeup Tips And Tricks To Check Out:



Finding out the best foundation for this skin tone can be a heck of a job. Foundations are most of the time formulated for cool, warm, or neutral undertones. And you will hardly find a dedicated foundation that has been formulated keeping olive skin tone in mind. You may need to try multiple shades in order to finalize the best one for you. Apply the shade on your hand. If it is appearing more peach-ish it is not the right shade for you. If the foundation is appearing more greenish or greyish on your hand and looks muted, be sure that it is the best olive shade to match your skin tone. 

When checking out the foundation level, always look for whether it is meant for yellow, olive, or golden undertone skin or not. A foundation that is meant for a neutral undertone can wash you out and make you look ashier. 

Some Foundation Ranges To Consider:

  • Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation Range – Shades: Medium olive, Mocha, Caramel, Beige, Golden, Camel.
  • NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation Range – Shades: Iguacu, Stromboli, Moorea, New Caledonia.
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup – Shades: 2W2 
  • Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick – Shades: The shade range for tanned skin, Warm Sand, warm golden.



You often experience under-eye dark circles and problems of pigmentation. And to hide these imperfections, you need a good quality concealer. For your face, leaving the under-eye area, go for a concealer that is meant for light or dark olive skin. The technique to choose the right one is similar to the technique of choosing the foundation. For the under-eye area, a concealer that is a single or a couple of shades lighter will work wonders. Go for a formula that does not look cakey or patchy. You may also consider multi-concealing if you feel so. Many experts suggest using a corrector beneath the concealer as, if the shade of the concealer has not matched with your skin perfectly, it may look ashy or grey. 

Best Concealers For Olive Skin:

  • MAC Pro Conceal And Correct Palette
  • Bobby Brown Creaky Concealer Kit
  • Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer



Never go for a blush that is cool-toned or pale. A pastel blush also must be avoided. For enhancing the olive skin that you have and to add a touch of bright flush to your skin, pick up a blush that is peach, pink, bronze, golden or shimmery. These shades and finishes would look gorgeous on light or dark olive tone skin. A deeper rose is always a very good choice too. 

Best Blush Recommendations:

  • Burberry Skin Light Glow – Coral Pink
  • NARS Blush – Outlaw, Orgasm
  • MAC Powder Blush – Desert Rose



A bronzer enhances your medium to olive skin tone to a great extent and applying it is a very important step. If you are an olive-tone lady, this is obvious that your skin does not have a cool undertone. It is either neutral or warm. If you have a very warm undertone, a golden bronzer will add an instant sparkle to your face. You need a bronzer that does not make you look too greenish, too grey, or too orangey. A bronzing product that is not too dark or too light and is buildable will be the best pick for you. 

Best Bronzer Recommendations:

  • L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics True Match Lumi Bronze It – Light (For light and pale olive skin)
  • NARS Bronzing Powder – Casino
  • Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powder – Sunglow



As an olive-skinned lady, you are more likely to have blue, green, or brown-colored eyes. And for these eye colors, gold and brown eyeshadows work wonders. Opt for a soft brown eye shadow when you want to keep it simple and when you want to play it up sultry, go for a coppery or golden or pink and purple eye shadow. Warmed up caramel, and rust – these shadows look great too. 

Most Recommended Eye-shadows For Olive Skin:

  •  Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette
  • Morphe Ring The Alarm Palette



For your beautiful olive undertone, you have to choose lip shades that downplay the green and yellow undertones and enhance the warm undertone of your skin. Brown lipsticks with a caramel hint in them will spice up your complexion. Taupe is an excellent choice for you too. Berry or dark plum shades will make you look so bold and dreamy and choose a red that has a yellow or orange undertone to it and not a blue undertone. Any warm and bright shade will amp your olive skin complexion up. Go for apricot, pinks, magentas, corals – you have a lot of color options to play with. 

For the days when you are not craving too much color, nude is the way to go. And sporting nude lipstick can be very tricky and risky too for an olive skin lady. A pink-toned nude lipper is not your thing, my gal. Go for a nude that is more brownish and you would just look like a doll.

Lipstick Recommendations For Olive Skin:

  • Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick – Thrill Seeker
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick – Madison
  • COVERGIRL Continuous Color Lipstick – Smoky Rose
  • Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lipstick – Blush Basin

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