20 Loveliest October Quotes That Will Brighten Up Your Mood

October Quotes

October means the heady aroma of cinnamon, apples, and pumpkins and it also means basking in warm fire and setting out for long hikes. Those heavenly days of walking through the sidewalks covered by the carpet of golden leaves – October is really serene. Are you also an admirer of this beautiful month? Then make yourself a cup of coffee and sit down to read these lively October quotes that describe the splendor of this month just more than perfectly. 

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Loveliest October Quotes That Will Brighten Up Your Mood:

#1. October Quotes:

“There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir: We must rise and follow her When from every hill of flame She calls and calls each vagabond by name.”  ― William Bliss


“October, here’s to you. Here’s to the heady aroma of the frost-kissed apples, the winey smell of ripened grapes, the wild-as-the-wind smell of hickory nuts, and the nostalgic whiff of that first wood smoke.” —Ken Weber


“All things on earth point home in old October; sailors to sea, travelers to walls and fences, hunters to field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds, the lover to the love he has forsaken.” —Thomas Wolfe


“October turned my maple’s leaves to gold; The most are gone now; here and there one lingers; Soon these will slip from out the twig’s weak hold, Like coins between a dying miser’s fingers.” -Thomas Bailey Aldrich

#5. October Quotes:

“ ‘Only today,’ he said, ‘today, in October sun, it’s all gold—sky and tree and water. Everything just before it changes looks to be made of gold.’ ” – Eudora Welty, The Wide Net, and Other Stories


“You don’t waste October sunshine. Soon the old autumn sun would bed down in cloud blankets and there would be weeks of gray rain before it finally decided to snow.” —Katherine Arden


“October had tremendous possibility. The summer’s oppressive heat was a distant memory, and the golden leaves promised a world full of beautiful adventures. They made me believe in miracles.” —Sarah Guillory


“This is October for me: Withdrawing into my own world, blocking out everything except the beauty of the season, my reflections, and my relationship with God, I find that this is enough to sustain me through the long, cold, winter – and beyond.” —Peggy Toney Horton


Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter.” – Carol Bishop Hipps

#10. October Quotes:

“And when it all burns in the wake of October / It’s the month when everything can be over, and all turn to dust / When the night comes, think October” – Stephen Lee Bruner


O suns and skies and clouds of June, And flowers of June together, Ye cannot rival for one hour October’s bright blue weather.” – Helen Hunt Jackson


In October, a maple tree before your window lights up your room like a great lamp. Even on cloudy days, its presence helps to dispel the gloom.” – John Burroughs


The sweet calm sunshine of October, now / Warms the low spot; upon its grassy mould / The purple oak-leaf falls; the birchen bough / Drops its bright spoil like arrow-heads of gold.” – William Cullen Bryant


“O hushed October morning mild, Begin the hours of this day slow. Make the day seem to us less brief.” – Robert Frost

#15. October Quotes:

“The trees are in their autumn beauty, The woodland paths are dry, Under the October twilight the water Mirrors a still sky.” – William Butler Yeats


There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings, as now in October.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne


“I hope I can be the autumn leaf, who looked at the sky and lived. And when it was time to leave, gracefully it knew life was a gift.” – Dodinsky


“There is something so special in the early leaves drifting from the trees–as if we are all to be allowed a chance to peel, to refresh, to start again.” – Ruth Ahmed


“Ah, Lovely October, as you usher in the season that awakens my soul, your awesome beauty compels my spirit to soar like a leaf caught in an autumn breeze and my heart to sing like a heavenly choir.” ― Peggy Toney Horton

#20. October Quotes:

October, tuck tiny candy bars in my pockets and carve my smile into a thousand pumpkins…. Merry October!” – Rainbow Rowell

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