6 Yummy Noodle Recipes That Are Better Than Any Takeaway

Noodle Recipes

We all have different stories associated with noodles. Be it the early morning hunger pangs or the post-school quick snacks –  we all have fond memories that take us back to the childhood days and make us nostalgic. So, today we just thought, why not stir up that nostalgia a bit more and let’s have a look on some yum-in-the-tum easy noodle recipes around? From Asian stir fry noodles to restaurant like Szechuan noodles – today we will have a delightful joyride through different recipes of the most versatile food on the earth. That spicy, buttery noodles with that rich flavor and fragrance – we just can’t wait more to dive into the list of noodle recipes. Let’s jump into.

Noodles are a staple food in many oriental cuisines. Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean – they all take noodles very seriously when it comes to talking about their food culture. From pan-fried to noodle in the soup, from baked noodles to chilled noodles – here is a total cookbook of some delicious noodle recipes that we have collected from different sources. Have a sudden party at home or just feeling like munching on some palatable snack in the evening? Try out these recipes and thank us later.

Yummy Noodle Recipes That Are Better Than Any Takeaway:

Classic Asian Garlic Noodles:

Meatless or with loads of them, the easiest ever noodle recipe that just gets ready under 30 minutes is this classic Asian garlic noodles. Normal spaghetti noodles can be used to prepare this delectable dish and you can add in all the veggies you have in your pantry.

That rich aroma of minced garlic and the irresistible flavor from the oyster sauce, this stir-fry deliciousness is sure to suit everybody’s tastebuds. This recipe right here is all loaded up with shrimp, mushroom, and the freshness of cilantro leaves, bell pepper. The taste-quotient will make you eat it up in a wink of an eye.


Pad Thai Fried Noodles:

Do you want a recipe that will directly transport you to the streets of Thailand? Then you need to try this one of the best noodle recipes that is enriched with the goodness of tofu, eggs, and beansprouts. The best noodle you can use for this preparation is the Sen Lek Noodles (flat noodles).

Heat up your wok and heat the oil up. Add finely chopped slices of garlic and stir fry them until golden brown. Add up diced tofu and cook them further until crispy and golden. Then it is the time to add the eggs into the pan and quickly mix them so that there are no uneven lumps in there. Combine the noodles, spring onions, peanuts, and beansprouts and toss them very well. Squeeze in some fresh lemon juice and sprinkle sugar, chili powder, and soya sauce and mix everything up very well before you serve the hot-n-tasty noodles onto the serving plate. This recipe is a perfect hearty meal recipe that will be loved by your entire family.


Spaghetti Al Pomodoro:

The meaning of Pomodoro is ‘golden apple’ and it is the first type of tomato to be grown in Italy. Whether it is a pizza preparation or pasta or spaghetti, Italians use light Pomodoro sauce in everything. Spaghetti Al Pomodoro is one of the easiest noodle recipes straight from the kitchens of Italy and it is also described as “the national dish of Italy”. It is simple to make and its rich aroma will compel you to ask for some more noodles.

The ingredients needed are pretty simple but if you want to prepare a plate full of perfect Italian spaghetti, consider giving your tomato sauce a smoother texture. The smoother your sauce is the yummier your affair will be with the delicious spaghetti dish.


Restaurant-style Chicken Lo Mein:

This signature restaurant-style chicken noodle recipe is easier than you’ve ever imagined. Forget those takeaway scenes and make one of these finger-licking delicious noodle recipes just under 30 minutes. It carries that perfect blend of spice and flavor and uses Shaoxing wine, a widely used variety of traditional Chinese cooking wine. You can skip the wine and can add a combination of soy sauce, oyster sauce, and hoisin sauce instead. That will also give a nice twist of sweet-n-sour flavor to your yummy noodle.

Add thinly-cut slices of veggies to provide texture and boost of nutrients to your recipe and this way, the kids in the house will also consume the veggies without hating it.


Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup:

With lots of tender bites of chicken, all the vitamin boosts from cilantro, basils and fresh zesty lime juice, and that cozy comfort of rice noodles – this Thai red curry noodle soup is everything that you need in a cold, wintry evening.

High on protein and high on calorie, this Thai noodle-soup recipe is comforting, tempting, and will instantly energize you with the burst of flavor in your mouth. The only flipside of this recipe is that it contains a truckload of saturated fats. So, health freaks, spend some extra hours in the gym if you are planning to indulge in this recipe.


Vietnamese Noodle Salad:

Give a Vietnamese twist to your usual noodle salad. This is a perfect side dish to serve with your meal that has the crunch of raw vegetable and the tangy flavor of Vietnamese rice vinegar dressing. You need to use Asian vermicelli noodles to prepare this salad and shred all the veggies beforehand. Add in veggies like lettuce, red or green cabbage, red onion, bell pepper, and you can even add bean sprouts, carrots, and any herb of your choice.

Coming to the dressing part of the salad, the savory test of the dish comes from the Vietnamese rice vinegar or ‘nuoc cham’. This sweet-n-spicy thin sauce makes the dish utterly delicious and you won’t leave even a single bite of the salad on the plate. It’s a bet.


Hope you all have loved these noodle recipes to the core and you will definitely try them out to surprise your friends and family. They make perfect brunch, lunch, as well as dinner options. And noodles are so easy to make. Try them, let us know which recipe you loved the most and we will be meeting real soon.

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