7 Gorgeous New Year Decorating Ideas To Make Your Home All Glam

New Year is the time to forget all the sorrows and decorate your home in a cheerful and fun way. To make your home all smile and exquisite you definitely need to go through our today’s article. Today we will be talking about some gorgeous New Year decorating ideas which you can easily incorporate in your home décor regime. Go blingy and add cozy colors like red or maroon to your wall, use quirky centerpieces and accents, and put together everything that matches the party vibe of the New Year.


If you are throwing a New Year’s House Party at your home, make a cozy bar corner at the living room and decorate it with decorative garlands and fairy lights. Add more warm hue to your interior and metallic accents like silver or golden centerpieces will very effortlessly carry that celebration mood. So, as the old year is approaching its end and an all-new prosperous year is waiting to greet us eagerly, we also need to get all decked up with a pretty house to welcome it in a warm way. These handful of New Year decorating ideas are sure to help you out as a guide.

Gorgeous New Year Decorating Ideas To Make Your Home All Glam:

The Pillow-talk:


throwpillowshome.com  These new year-themed pillows are so warm and welcoming

Your pillows can transform your boring sofa set or monotonous bed from drab to fab. Choose brightly hued pillows in all possible shapes and textures and just throw them randomly on your couches and beds. Nowadays you can find pillow covers in freaking every shape. There are doughnut pillows to star pillows to what not. Find some shapes that go with the New Year theme and when the party season is over you can even use them anyway.

Candle Scandal:



Use candles, more candles and for the best ever experience, use aromatic candles. We believe that fragrance is the strongest ambiance creator when it comes to talking about decoration. If your space is not smelling good, there is no point in designing your interior. For a New Year vibe, zesty lemon or citrus scent works wonder. They are refreshing as well as energizing. Spice aromatic candles give an impression of more intimate and private space. Cinnamon, clove or woody scents are an all time favorite.

New Year’s Streamers:


You can jazz up your living room with strings of shining streamers. Affordable to make and you need minimum supplies like cardboards, glittering wrapping papers, a circular cutter to make circles and you are done. Make strings of round cards wrapped in designer papers and hang them from the ceiling to get a perfect party atmosphere.



A Twinkling Chandelier:




in.pinterest.com This champagne flute glass chandelier is just divine

Perk it up with some light and shadow game this new year. A big, twinkling chandelier can be a statement piece and will totally transform your interior. Get your chandelier ready with plenty of frosted flowers, blingy ornaments, jewel-toned beads, and lacy talks. DIY your own chandelier and light up your interior to welcome the New Year in style. Get inspiration from these lovely chandelier pictures.

Dress Up Your Dining Table:









One of the smartest New Year decorating ideas is to giving your dining table a quick makeover. Use decorative table runners, colorful fruits to play it up. Reach out for bold table centerpieces like a decorative candle holder or a funky floral arrangement. You can also DIY your centerpieces. Get some wine glasses, fill them with crystal balls, confetti, glittering beads and just place pine cones on the top. You are ready with your gorgeous table centerpieces. You can also fill a big bowl with colorful candies and candy canes and just keep that on the table to brighten up the appearance of your table.


New Year’s Wreath:



We just love this cute pastel toned front door wreath. They are easily available in stores or you can DIY them according to your personal likings.


This wreath is colorful, vibrant and full of creativity. It has Christmass balls, decorative ribbons, Jester mask, and lots of glitter works going on. Hang a wreath like this on your entrance door and greet your guests all festive way.

You can try a New Year mesh wreath like this as well. This wreath has white mesh, black and white designed ribbons, some pearl strings, and a unique quirky New Year hat. Gather your supplies and DIY this beautiful wreath.


New Year Wall Art:

Have a boring empty wall? Why not perk it up with some New Year themed wall art? You can make it very simple by putting some New Year quote frames on the wall or make it more decorative by using shimmery wall hangings, wall mosaics or murals.

We are obsessed with this easy peel and stick vinyl glitter art stickers.

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This golden butterfly adornment is appropriate for any party decoration.

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So, when we are bidding adieu to 2018 and welcoming a brand new year, we need to glam up our interior in full swing. We hope our compilation of New Year decorating ideas has inspired you to the core and you are ready to rock it on. Use more of brighter hues, warm colors, decorative textures, and glittery and shiny ornaments. New Year is to spread love and good thoughts. Celebrate the advent of a new year with your loved ones and keep smiling and be with us like always.

Author: Mouli Bhattacharya

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