11 Super-Bright Ideas Of Neon Nails You Would Love

Neon Nails

Want to create magic with your manicure? Then give your nails a fun upgrade with these super-bright ideas of neon nails. But whipping out a perfect neon nail is not something that everybody is comfortable with. Flaunting those ‘right in the face fluorescent colors’ might seem to be a little intimidating for you but trust us, trying these fun ideas is worth it. When the spring-summer craziness rolls in and everything is so bright and beautiful everywhere, it is time to think quirky and pull of these bold neon nails that are just far from being boring. 

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From choking pinks to greens, oranges, and bright blues – there are endless numbers of styles to suit your persona and taste. It is time to ditch those nudes and pastels and choose from the playful palette of neons that will give your nails that perfectly fresh spring-summer look. Here we go with our choice of unique and fun neon nails that will surely inspire you to get the coolest summer nails ever. 

Super-Bright Ideas Of Neon Nails You Would Love:

Neon Pink Hearts:

Source: Instagram/@yeswhatnails

Inspired by The Powerpuff Girls, these neon pink heart nails are something that we are crushing over. The design looks feminine and flirty on the perfectly shaped short nails and is giving us a major summer fresh nail art goal. The neon pink is accompanied by bold red and white and the whole color palette is looking so soothing and refreshing to the eyes. 

Green Neon Nails:

All you need is a vibrant electric shade of neon green to add a magical touch to your manicure. No matter what nail shape and size you have, a neon green nail shade will instantly add a summer fresh vibe to your tips. And you do not need to be a nail stylist for that. Just buy a good shade of nail paint online or from the store and jazz up your nail to beat the Monday morning blues.

There are many shades of neon green nail paints that you can choose from. OPI Nail Lacquer’s Life gave Me Lemons from their Neon Collection is one of the best neon green nail paints to go for during the cheerful spring-summer months. It has a bit of yellow, a bit of lemon, and hints of green that make it a super fun color for green neon nails. 

Nothing But Neon:

Source: @nadiaa_o

Two is better than one, three is better than two, and four is better than three. And this multicolor manicure is for those ladies who can’t decide on their favorite neon shade. From bright highlighter lemon-yellow shade to bold red and neon pink – it is a fun way to deck up your neon nails. 

Ombre And Neon:

Source: @k3nails_k3nails

Ombre and neon come together to make a wonderful and chic combination. If you are a woman who is more inclined toward a subtler neon look, this manicure idea with nude to neon transition is gonna rule your heart. It is such a stunner. 

Neon Clouds And Stars:

Source: botanico_salon

When you want your neon nails to be cute and fun, embrace this brilliant idea of neon nail arts. It uses an ombre effect beautifully done over cloud and star design. And the neon colors and fun patterns make this manicure look so interesting. 

Psychedelic Nail:

Source: nailsbyemily_xx

Visually interesting, full of fun neon colors, and having a cool retro vibe, these trippy neon nails combine pink, orange, line green, and yellow, and turn out to be entirely psychedelic. Deck your fingers up with dazzling rings and just slay this style. 

Neon Stars:

Source: Instagram/@color_camp

Stars shine bright in the sky and they can shine too on your nails when you choose to wear these cute little neon stars on the base of nude nail polish. You can just use manicure glues to stick them onto your nails and flaunt your beautiful starry neon manicure with poise and grace. 

French Manicure With A Twist:

Source: Courtesy of Instagram/@bluesy_nails

The best part about neon nails is that they can be styled in endless ways. And this is one of the smartest and most exceptional ones to try for sure. Your neon French manicure gets a lovely twist and you are sure to turn heads with this one of the most minimalist yet trendy neon nail ideas.

Negative Space In Neon Yellow:

Source: Instagram/@kimkimnails

Talking about summer nail ideas, this negative space neon nail design is a sure attention grabber. Minimalist and uniquely styled, this smart nail art which has been done using a beautiful shade of neon sunny yellow, is cool to wear on your sunny brunch date. 

Black With Neon Stripes:

When you are a sucker for black and want to wear black and neon together, reach out for this cool and stylish design which is easy to wear too. Just wear a good black polish for the base and top that with edgy and chic neon stripes. You are all set to rock your summer evening parties. 

Polka Dot Neon Nails:

Neon nails can be really overwhelming. But that does not mean you will have to make yourself deprived of the fun of wearing neons. If you are a lady who is not willing to go full-on neon, you can paint your nails in black and then adorn them with simple neon polka dots in multiple colors. Seal your nail art with a good quality top coat to make it long-lasting and shiny. And you are ready to flaunt your cute and stylish neon nails to the world. 

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