7 Best Natural Remedies For Hair Loss You Must Try

Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair fall is one of the most common problems that we face in today’s world. On a regular basis, losing 50 to 100 strands of hair each day is quite normal and is not an issue of concern. But when you are shedding hairs more than this number, you really need to be cautious about that and need to take the required action to stop that. Excessive hair loss can be due to many reasons. It can be hereditary or some major health issues, stress factors or certain medications can also cause massive hair loss in both men and women. If you think that the underlying cause in your case is more deep-rooted, you really need to see a doctor. But if you think that ensuring a little bit of extra care to your dear hair will stop or slow your hair loss problem, then these are some best natural remedies for hair loss you may check out. These tips may also help you regrow your hair. 

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Best Natural Remedies For Hair Loss You Must Try:

Wash Your Hair A Least Twice A Week:

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Though some experts suggest washing hair every day, it may damage your hair in the long run and can strip off the natural oil of the strands. If you have normal hair that is not super oily, washing your hair twice a week is enough for you. Only if you have a super greasy scalp, shampooing more often will be necessary. Now washing your hair at regular interval is really necessary to keep the scalp and hair clean. Washing means you will be less susceptible to dandruff and infection problems and your hair will also experience less breakage and damage. This is undeniably one of the first and foremost natural remedies for hair loss. 

Follow it Up With Good Conditioning:


Conditioning your hair is as important as washing it. Most of us skip this equally important step which leads to further breakage and damage of hair. So whenever you are shampooing your hair, follow it up with good conditioning and get moisturized hair shafts that are less prone to damage. Most people have misconceptions about conditioning and they think that short or oily hair does not need it. But conditioning is a must no matter what your hair type and length are. Choose a product according to the type of your hair and apply it along the length of the strands to smoothen the hair cuticles and get strong hair.

Massage Your Hair With Essential Oils:

Massaging your hair with a good quality herbal oil has major benefits for your hair follicles. And when you make a hair oil cocktail using a few essential oils that are great against hair fall, it will have a magical effect on your hair loss problem. Some of the best essential oils for hair fall are tea tree oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, and lemongrass oil. These oils help in strengthening the hair follicles and also remove dandruff. Lavender oil fights against dry hair and leaves your strands smooth and frizz-free. Just mix three to four drops of any essential oil of your choice with a good carrier oil and massage your scalp with that. Keep it on for 2 to 3 hours before you follow your hair rinsing and conditioning routine. 

Essential oil hair spray is also one of the best home remedies for hair fall problems.

Eat A Protein-rich Diet:

There are a few things that you don’t have control over, like your age and genetics. But what diet you follow is completely under your control. And you might or might not know that consuming a diet that lacks protein can be one of the main causes behind you experiencing hair loss. So make your diet rich in protein and it will help curb excessive hair loss. Try to include eggs, meats, fish, soy, and other protein-rich foods in your regular diet and you will see noticeable differences within weeks. 

Drink A Lot Of Fluid:

This is one of those tips which has been told about in many posts regarding many issues. And it is a constant here too. Keeping yourself hydrated will ensure healthy hair growth and will also give your hair a moisture boost. In addition to drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water, also include fresh fruit juice which will give you that required vitamin and mineral punch your hair requires. 

Ditch Heating Tools:

Reduce the use of blow-dry and ditch straighteners, curlers when you can do without them. Flat-irons will add up to the damage to your already damaged hair. So, go natural and say ‘No’ to the styling and heating products. If you have no other option than to use tools at a given point in time, do not forget to use a heat protectant spray on your strands to minimize the damage. This is one of the best natural remedies for hair loss you can surely try. 


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Relax, slow down, take your life easy. Be physically active and engage in activities that help you de-stress. When you take excessive stress, it hampers the health of your skin and hair too. For immediate relaxation, cut all the cords and just escape the hurriedness of the world and try to spend a few hours amidst nature. Practice meditation and do activities that will restore the hormonal balance. It is genuinely one of the easiest natural remedies for hair loss.

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