7 Most Delicious Muffin Recipes To Bake This Festive Season

Muffin Recipes

The smell of freshly baked muffins leaves us restless and we can never say ‘no’ to muffins. A year-round delicious treat that can be really addictive, muffins can be eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. There can be so many variations in the muffin recipes. Add fruits, try making oats muffins or any whole grain muffins and they can taste no less delicious than the store-bought ones. If you think that homemade muffins are really hard to bake then you need to check out our today’s article. The list includes classic muffin recipes like the all-time favorite blueberry muffin and it also includes some really unique ones like the brown butter bran muffins. They are one of the best single-serving batter-based quick bread that are rich in flavor and have a unique texture, unlike cupcakes. If you also love eating them and want to try some homemade versions of muffins, check out these muffin recipes below and try them out. 

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Most Delicious Muffin Recipes To Bake This Festive Season:

Classic Blueberry Muffins:

Delicious blueberry muffins filled with juicy fresh blueberries that will burst out into sweetness once you give them a bite – sounds so yummy, right? They will taste equally yummy once you try out this easy blueberry muffin recipe. They will turn out extra buttery, extra soft, and moist. With just a few ingredients you can bake a fresh batch of these muffins. Soft at centers with bursts of blueberries and topped with extra crunchy cinnamon brown sugar, you will love to have them as breakfast deserts during the winter months. 


Brown Butter Bran Muffins:

If you are looking out for a healthier version of muffin to devour, this wheat bran muffin must be the one of your choices. Toasted wheat bran is loaded with nutty goodness and it is rich in dietary fiber too. The fatty mixture of butter and bran gets mixed with fresh ginger, pumpkin spice, and honey and the muffins taste heavenly when you serve them cool. For that extra crunch, add crunchy turbinado sugar topping. This is one of the best muffin recipes to try this winter.


Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins:

Craving something citrusy? You will fall in love with these lemon poppy seed muffins that are moist and texture-rich and are bursting with zesty flavors. Make it for breakfast or for a brunch outing, these muffins will make your gloomy day bright and your sad mood happy. It will become one of your fav lemon recipes and it gets that exact amount of crunch from the poppy seeds. Mix up the ingredients, make a smooth batter, scoop them into a muffin pan and bake them till they become puffy. The puffy, bakery-style lemon muffins will be the first thing you will love to have in the morning. 


Gluten-free Turkey Sausage Muffins:

Want to have something protein-packed for the breakfast that is filled with the goodness of egg, broccoli, and turkey sausage? Try this make-ahead, not-sweet muffin recipe that is a grab-and-go option for busy days. At 150 calories and 12 grams of protein, now these gluten-free breakfast muffins will never let you starve in the morning when you are getting late. Plus it is gluten-free. 


Cranberry Orange Muffins:

These easy muffins are the best companions for your morning coffee. Packed with plump and fresh cranberries and having that tang from the orange zest, this is one of the most unique muffin recipes for those who love to experiment with ingredients. When choosing the ingredients for your muffins, be careful about whether the ingredients go well together or not. Cranberry and orange go amazingly well together. Bake the muffins until the edges are crispy and enjoy this delightful treat topped with turbinado sugar. 


Double Chocolate Muffins:

And this recipe does not require eggs, oil, or butter. Amazing, no? And this is also a one-bowl recipe that gets done in a jiffy. A chocolate muffin is what everybody loves and this one is one of our favorites as it does not use white sugar and is on the healthier side of the recipes. The natural sweetness of the muffins comes from applesauce and chocolate and applesauce also replaces oil which is a great thing. The recipe also uses chopped chocolate in the place of choco chips which melts well compared to the choco chips. This is one of the most delicious muffin recipes that is all about chocolatey delight and is super easy to make.


Healthy Banana Muffins:

Have them with coffee, with tea, or have them alone, these healthy and rich in flavor banana muffins have a melt in mouth consistency and are full of spiced banana flavor. You use whole wheat flour, bananas, and maple syrup to whip up the recipe and they turn out to be great breakfast items as well. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla are added to the mixture that rounds out the warm and spiced flavor, and maple syrup comes up as a brilliant substitute for white and brown sugar. It is healthy, it is moist and fluffy, and everyone will ask for a second serving of these wholesome banana muffins for sure.


These were some of the best and tastiest muffin recipes that can be eaten as a breakfast food and you can also bake a fresh batch of them for the festive mornings. They are fancy, they are simple, and are incredibly delicious.

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