7 Best And Most Refreshing Mojito Recipes To Make

Mojito Recipes

One of the most famous cocktails in the world, the mojito is Cuba’s most-loved and classic highball. A classic cocktail is only consisted of five ingredients and that are white rum, sugar cane juice, lime juice, soda water, and mint. But there can be delicious variations of the classic mojito recipe that just makes it taste even better and more refreshing. For the alternative mojito recipes, you can try a mango-pineapple twist or you can also whip up your mojito recipe with vodka and strawberries. Want to master some traditional and experimental recipes of Cuba’s favorite highball? Then check out these ultimate recipes that are both delicious and refreshing. 

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Mojitos have also remained the most favorite cocktail of many celebrities. Ernest Hemingway used to literally savored it. A world-famous rum-based highball that is so easy to prepare, mojitos are the best cocktails for the summer season. They are the reigning champ of our heart and you just need to know how to mash and muddle the ingredients properly and how to add the rum, ice cubes, and soda to that to round out a delicious glass of mojito. So all mojito lovers, let’s now delve into some really interesting mojito recipes that scream summer solace.

Best And Most Refreshing Mojito Recipes To Make:

Classic Mint Mojito:

The recipe of a classic mint mojito is known around the world. Its origin dates back to the 16th century when the cocktail El Draque was made. In El Draque, aguardiente was used as the main ingredient. Eventually, when rum replaced it, its name was changed to the mojito. To make this lighthearted cocktail, one needs freshly squeezed lime juice, mint leaves, white rum, sugar syrup, and club soda. Apart from these main ingredients, you can also use sprigs of mint and lime wheel for garnishing purposes. The taste of your refreshing mojito depends on how lightly and beautifully you muddle the mint leaves, sugar syrup, and lime juice in the shaker. 


Strawberry Mojito:

Sitting by the pool with a tall glass of strawberry mojito in the hand. Depicts the perfect picture of a dream vacay, right? Don’t feel sad if you are not on a vacay this year. Because you can easily whip up this one of the crispest and delicious mojito recipes in your own home too. Give a good muddle to the fresh strawberries and mint leaves to bring out the exact flavor and if you are a sucker for fruity-flavored cocktails, this is gonna be your most favorite mojito recipe of all. Use strawberry soda in the place of normal soda and enjoy the coolest cocktail of the season.


Blueberry Mojito:

Sipping this refreshing blueberry mojito is the best thing to do during the scorching summer season. It is the best way to cool off and gets ready very easily with some sweet blueberries, tart limes, and splashes of rum. A cooling summer afternoon drink that also can double up as a mouthwatering party drink, this tropical drink looks delicious when served with extra blueberries, lime, and mint leaves as per your choice. 


Blackberry Mojito Recipe:

When you combine ripe blackberries with the tart-sweet flavor of lime juice, you get a delicious glass full of crave-worthy blackberry mojito. Give your fresh blackberries a good muddle. Add mint leaves, blackberry mixture, rum, sugar, and zesty lime juice to that and give the mixture a good stir. After topping it with crushed ice just add club soda and garnish it in a good highball glass with mint leaves and added blackberries. 


Sweet Tea Mojito:

If experimental mojito recipes are what you are looking for then roll your sleeves up and start making this sweet tea mojito that will quench your thirst during the season of scorching summer. Utterly easy and requires some easy-peasy ingredients, feed your soul with this refreshingly sweet tea mojito that beautifully blends the charm of tea with the traditional mojito’s coolness. You are gonna love this.


Watermelon Mojito:

Made with fresh slices of watermelon and all fresh with the herbaceous smell of mint, watermelon mojitos are great for backyard parties and laid-back summer afternoons by the pool. If you are a fancy cocktail person who just can’t do without the watermelons during the summer, this is the easy drink to make that is fuss-free and tastes freaking awesome. A sprig of mint and a wedge of watermelon on the top of the fizzy club soda and light rum will make your tongue salivate for sure. 


Cucumber And Green Tea Mojito:

Cucumber and green tea mojito are soothing, refreshing, and are all about green. Cucumber syrup is first made and then it is chilled. Now make your green tea and chill it before you add it to the cocktail. Now comes the muddling game of mint leaves and lime juice and once the essential oil is all released you need to add rum, green tea, and cucumber syrup to the mixture of bruised mint and lime juice. You can adjust the quantity of cucumber juice and green tea according to your liking. Now mix everything up and add a splash of club soda to it before you serve it with cucumber slices, mint leaves, and lime wedge. You are ready to relish one of this one of the best mojito recipes that is so crowd-pleasing.


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