20 Most Inspirational Small And Minimalist Tattoo Ideas To Try

Minimalist Tattoo

We are living in an age of minimalism and anything that is simple, small, and unique is getting more attention than anything bulky and complex. And the same is true in the case of tattoo designs. In the run of achieving simplicity and focusing on only the essential elements of design, minimalist tattoo ideas are winning out in the end. Minimalism is essentially an art movement of the 20th century and apart from giving importance to the size of art, it gives importance to the content and element of art. That is why minimalist tattoos are more simplified, crisp, and require less space. If you are a fan of minimalism and want to ink your body that is stylish and describes your personality the best, check out these gorgeous minimalist tattoo ideas below before you head to the tattoo parlor.

A minimalist tattoo is by no means less significant than an elaborate big tattoo. The younger generation is loving the trend of minimalism and the best part about a minimalist tattoo is that a design can fit in anywhere. They add a strong and powerful statement to your personality yet is not on the face. We believe that, in the world of fashion, less is more and a small, unique tattoo can tell a whole story if designed and drawn well. Plus if you are not sure about for how long you are gonna love that ink on your body, your tattoo removal process will be easier than the other. So just scroll through the beautiful but impactful minimalist tattoo ideas below and choose your favorite one.

Most Inspirational Small And Minimalist Tattoo Ideas To Try:

Anchor Tattoo:


An anchor is a symbol of stability, determination, strength, and peace. In addition, it is also considered as a symbol of extreme love for traveling. So, if you are a globetrotter and want to add positive spirit to your personality by inking something delicate and stylish on your body, go for a minimalist tattoo like an anchor tattoo. Your inner arm or inner wrist or even your ankle is the perfect body part to flaunt a delicate anchor.

Adorable Panda Minimalist Tattoo:


An adorable, cute panda would look lively when inked on your inner wrist or the area under your ear. Pandas are symbolic of the Asian culture and they do look exotic when you get them tattooed. Panda designs come in different shapes and sizes and you can even opt for cartoon pandas too. Pandas look lovely and are fascinating to get inked on your skin.

Minimalist Handwritten Tattoo:


Handwritten tattoos look effortlessly sexy. Fits everywhere and you can go for any word or phrase that inspires you. choose whimsical fonts and go for motivational quotes. Handwritten tattoos can be of many colors according to your likings. They look so aesthetic and special.

A Small Bouquet Of Flowers:


Two is better than one and a bouquet of flowers is even better than two or three flowers. A tiny floral bouquet might be appropriate for you if you love feminine beauty and an assortment of different flowers. Go for a burst of colors and delicate style and minimalist bouquet tattoos are of sheer grace and elegance.

White Ink tattoo:


If you want to have something absolutely different, go for a white tattoo. Though unnoticeable at first glance, white ink tattoos are dramatic and creative at its best. Striking in nature, you need to consider your skin color before going for a white ink tattoo. This tattoo looks brilliant on darker skin tone and also can fade easily if not taken great care of.

Minimalistic Circle:


Circle tattoo means wholeness and totality. So simple to look at and so appealing, circle tattoos are lovely choices for the ladies on the go. You can also add additional elements to your circle like wreath, tiny flowers or even celestial bodies. If you have love for nature, go for this unique circle minimalistic tattoo that contains a tree.

Rose Tattoo:


Rose tattoos are the most preferred tattoos among most of the women and they tend to suit women with every choice. Whether you are a girly girl or a woman with more mature choices, there are rose tattoos to go with your likings for sure. Roses symbolize love, femininity and they would look gorgeous and timeless behind your ear or at the area of your inner wrist.

Star And Moon Tattoo:


Tiny stars and moon are very popular choices when it comes to minimalist tattoo designs. They are symbolic of light in the darkness and hope amidst a negative situation. Also, a sign of femininity and purity, a small moon, and a couple of stars look delicate on the back, shoulder blade, inner wrist area, or anywhere on your body with a flat surface. Let the moon and stars shine on you more brightly.

Cute Elephant Tattoo:


If you are getting your first ink and are a bit skeptical about what design to get and whatnot, get this cute elephant tattoo on your arm and its cuteness will overwhelm you every time you look at your hand. So simple and sober yet so impactful. Also, elephants are symbolic of prosperity, good luck, divinity, and strength. So if you want to wear your good luck all the time, go for an elephant minimalistic tattoo.  

Cartoon Ghost Tattoo:


If you want to try something exceptional other than the normal girly girl tattoos, try giving a shot to this cartoon ghost tattoo. Small in size and spooky to look at, this cartoon ghost is also easy to conceal or hide when you are getting ready for your workplace.

A Simple Letter:


It might be the first letter of your name or the first letter of your loved one’s name. There are thousands of fonts to choose from and you can place it anywhere you like. You can choose it to be black or can play with different colors. You can also incorporate different design and then fit the letter into it. A letter inside a heart looks pretty or you can get a letter inside a design of a ring.

Music Tattoo Design:


A dainty musical note looks so fresh and unique as a minimalistic tattoo. Show your immense love for music by flaunting a bold musical note. Again a musical note can be incorporated with other classical designs like hearts, flowers, or a musical instrument. Musical tattoos are universal and would never go out of fashion.

Here are a few more random minimalist tattoo ideas to inspire you to get yours:

Tiny Tattoos On Each Finger:


Flying Birds On Foot Tattoo:


Awesome Pawsome Minimalist Tattoo:


Wear A crown Below Your Shoulder Blade:


Pineapple As A Statement Tattoo:


Yin Yang:


A Yin Yang tattoo is timeless and so powerful to have as a tattoo.

Little Waves:

If you love oceans, ocean waves, get this minimalistic tattoo on your inner wrist. Every time you will look at your tattoo, it will motivate you to travel more to the seaside.

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