10 Most Beautiful Designs Of Marble Nails To Copy

Marble Nails

Marble nails are incredibly glamorous and artsy to look at. Whether you have long nails or short nails, beautifully done swirls look incredible on every type and shape of nails. A classic short mani or a breathtaking long stiletto mani, marble designs are surprisingly easy to apply and are even perfect for beginners who are relatively new to different nail design techniques. These nails are versatile and can be worn in any season. They are fun to create and you get to mix and match with endless color options. So if you are looking out for some simple swirled nail art designs or are visiting a salon to get professional tie-dye nails, below are some of the best marble nail designs to copy right now. 

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Most Beautiful Designs Of Marble Nails To Copy:

Gold Foil Accent And Emerald Marble Nail:


Utterly sophisticated and completely chic, these emerald marble nails are warm, profoundly stunning, and will elevate your manicure game for sure. These are extremely party-ready and in addition to emerald green swirls, they have gold foil accents. Completely luxurious and mesmerizing, these are some of the best steal-worthy designs of marble nails.

Black And White Marble Nails:

Two classic colors teamed together to create a ravishing marble nail art, this black and white marble nail art is too striking to take your eyes off it. The finish is matte and silver accents have been used to highlight the nail art. Easy to carry and simple to apply, we love this gorgeousness to bits. 

Purple Dreams:

If you prefer your nails to be feminine and beautiful, look no further than these short but pretty Stiletto purple nails. They have a super glossy finish and sophisticated purple and white marble patterns have been strikingly done on three of the nails. Combine that with purple glitter detailing on two nails so that the marbling technique stands out and you are ready to attend any winter wedding party. 

Colorful Marble:

Full-on spring vibe and totally girly and flirty, conceive the really pretty colorful marble nail art when you are feeling really joyful and all glee. Just prepare a bowl of water and add all the colors of your choice to the water surface one by one. Now slightly wriggle the colors around so that it becomes easy to dip your nails into it. Dip your nails and move them out. You are ready with your watercolor-style marble nails where there is a pop of bright pink, sky blue, yellow, and even neon green.

Pink And Silver Elegance:


Decking up for a date night or prepping your nails for your own wedding – this chic and sophisticated nail art rhyme with elegance and is a classic pick. This nail art has a bit of everything. The nails are in square shape and it has incorporated glittery silver accents, simple pink polish detailing, and the white and grey marble technique simply looks gorgeous with the other designs. When you are in doubt about which design to choose for your special day, go for this subtle but elegant one. 

Powder Blue And Marble:


These powder blue nails look classy and drop-dead gorgeous where the blues of the nails are accompanied by a white and grey marble nail and a wide golden strip on another nail. An adorable shade of blue, a little hint of bling with that golden strip, and the marble detailing on one nail – these marble nails are ticking off all the boxes for being one of the most luxurious ideas of elegant nails.

Mixed Metal Marble Nails:


A super glamorous white marble nail art with silver and golden accents, this manicure is a stand-out piece. And how can we ignore the ravishing shade of red that looks awesome with the marble nails? Super feminine, luxurious, and seriously stylish, these striking mixed metal marble nails are sexy and badass. 

Winter-ready Marble Nail:

Say hello to winter in style with these warm and cozy marble nails. These crazy coffin nails are having a mix of warm orange and grey tones on the canvas of white and a little bit of silver accent makes them stand out. The other nails are having shimmery copper glitters and chunky rhinestones are applied on them to make this nail art a super lucrative piece of artistry. Jeweled, stunning, and ravishing, these nails are enough to speak for themselves. 

Soft Nude Marble Nail With Gold Accent:


What do we say about these simply serene marble nails? The nails have been shaped in perfect small almond patterns and then they have got marbling with nude and white color, making the mani super cool and soft. Gold foiling details add extra visual effect to the base of the nails and this mani is good to go with your prom dress and your date-night outfit as well. Something different than your usual nail arts, this is something soft, soothing, and perfect for a year-round swirl.

Marble Talk:


If you have oval or round nails and you want to revamp your nail game by embellishing them or reaching out for elegant marble designs, steal elements from both of these worlds and incorporate both marbles and embellishments in one nail art. Strike the balance by going completely nude on three nails and amp up your manicure by embracing marble designs and small golden embellishments on the rest of the nails. Surely, one of the best ideas of marble nails to copy irrespective of the season.

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