15 Most Eye-catching Designs Of Mandala Tattoos You Need To Try

Mandala Tattoos

If you are looking out for an elegant tattoo design that is both meaningful and beautiful, mandala tattoos are one of the most brilliant tattoo ideas to pick. Fetching and so trendy, a mandala tattoo design can be done in so many ways. Execute it in a simple circular design or go for intricate overlapping circles – mandala tattoos also bear much symbolic and spiritual meaning. Having major association with religions like Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism, a Mandala symbolizes the limitlessness of life and for many Buddhists and Hindus, a mandala is also a symbol of the universe. It can be done using so many colors and detailed geometric patterns and styles and it is also one of the most versatile tattoo ideas to go for that has a feminine touch to it. So if you were looking out for a unique tattoo piece that has deep symbolism and looks mesmerizing, below are some of the best mandala designs you need to have a look at.

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Most Eye-catching Designs Of Mandala Tattoos You Need To Try:

Unique And Aesthetic:


Starting off with this off-beat and unique design, this mandala tattoo is a gorgeous shoulder piece and will be loved by those who crave minimalist and aesthetic designs. It is certainly different from the regular mandalas we get to see and embraces the curve of your shoulder so gracefully.

The Finger Pieces:

Instagram: goldiloxtattooer

Dainty and minimal, these finger mandala tattoos have been pared down to basics and are the best-suited ones for those who love to wear lighter versions of them. Your design does not have to be super detailed. Circular and floral, these mandalas are perfect to have when you want a feminine and subtle design.

Ear Mandala Tattoos:

Instagram: dustdeimler

Mandalas are not always worn in circular shapes. Being a tattoo design that looks brilliant at every single placement, they can even be worn as an ear tattoo and look fetching. Although piercings are considered the most popular adornment for the ears, tattoos can also add sensuous appeal to your ears if you choose a design thoughtfully. This inner ear tattoo is the best thing you can get to accessorize your ears. 

Mandalas With Color:


Add life to your brilliant mandala design by using splashes of purple, blue, and pink on it. In the first place, this big and bold intricate black inked mandala is no less beautiful. But if you love colors and want your design to pop and look more vibrant, an experimental touch of color will do just no harm. Creative, appealing, and lively – this tattoo design makes such a bold style statement.

Mandala Wolf Tattoo:

Choose a smooth, flat, wide surface to work with and rock an incredible ink that has both mandala and wolf in it. In this design, basically, a wolf face is created using different mandala techniques. It is also one of the greatest options of tribal tattoos and the combo of this duo stands out as an impeccable tattoo design that is hard to ignore. It exerts positive energy and adds more power to your personality.

Mandala Moon Tattoo:


In Sanskrit, mandala means circle and it is a representative of harmony and balance. And when you add the elegance of a mandala to the divine beauty of a moon, the combination becomes incredibly stunning. Moon is also an important symbol of Buddhism that symbolizes truth and enlightenment. And when you are going for a Moon mandala, it stands for ‘mind of enlightenment’. Something super spiritual and graceful to look at, we are in awe of the feminine beauty of this one of the most divine-looking mandala tattoos.

Dreamcatcher Mandala Tattoo:

Dreamcatcher filters out evil thoughts and gives protection from the evil forces. And mandala tattoos paired with a dreamcatcher are one of the most popular body arts that tattoo lovers get drawn to. In this design, the top portion of the dreamcatcher has been done using a heart-shaped mandala design. And the shadowed feathers dangling down the strings make the dreamcatchers look so realistic. It is not overwhelmingly detailed but has all the essential elements to be a brilliant tattoo design.

Red Mandala Tattoo:


Red mandala tattoos are representative of energy, strength, vigor, and they also trigger a sense of passion. Leave its symbolic meaning, just a glance at a gorgeous red mandala tattoo is enough to make you feel spellbound. This design follows a floral pattern and spreads out so well on the back. If you want a meaningful and colorful mandala ink that stands for love, power, life force, and helps you explore your inner potential, try this excellent red piece.

Mandala Sleeve Tattoo:

A series of beautiful mandala tattoos can grow to be a successful sleeve tattoo. These images are examples of how brilliantly it can be done.  


Dotwork Mandala Tattoos:


Delicate, subtle, and having a unique charm to it, dotwork mandala tattoos are for those pretty ladies who love elegant designs in minimalistic styles. Dot detailing adds layers to your design without making it too fussy and overwhelming to carry.

Chest Mandala Tattoo:


If you are experimental by nature and want to try designs that are not timid and bold, this chest mandala tattoo must be your favorite one. An expression of your heart and soul, chest tattoos are easy to conceal and look intricate and flawless.

Leg Mandala Tattoo:

Source: @iliana_rose

A mandala tattoo is one of the most beautiful tattoo designs to have whether you believe in its traditional meaning or not. This tattoo has nicely been placed on the calf area as that area is capable of doing justice to this large and dense in features, patterned mandala design. The tattoo has used intricate feminine elements like dangling drops too and the strategic use of white inks is making this design rank higher for its prettiness value. 

Mandala Back Tattoo:


Mandala tattoos are one of the most traditional tattoo designs that have never gone out of fashion. In a mandala tattoo, there is supposed to be a central design that is generally drawn in a circular pattern and many intricate shapes and symbols do radiate from that central component. Bigger or smaller, you can try any sort of mandala tattoo on your back. Brilliant designs confined within a circle, a mandala tattoo would look drop-dead gorgeous on your wide bareback. Get some design inspiration from the picture above.

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