Makeup Tips For Thin Lips: Prep Up, Steps, Best Shades, And More


Are you a girl with a pair of thin lips? There is no reason to feel ashamed if you own a beautiful pair of thin lips. Yes, they are beautiful. Although full and voluptuous pout is in vogue with those nicely defined cupid’s bow, thin lips can also be flaunted beautifully if you know the right makeup tips for a thinner pout. Style icons like Emma Watson, Blake Lively, the very popular Kate Middleton – they all have thin pout and they look so utterly beautiful with them. You neither need to go through any lip augmentation process nor need to feel depressed worrying about why you didn’t get fuller lips like that of Kylie’s or Scarlett Johansson’s. If you do not own naturally plumped up lips, here we have come at your rescue with some of the most effective makeup tips that can make your thin lips look ever gorgeous.

You can get thin lips by your birth or you can notice sudden changes in the shape and size of your lips as you age. With increasing age, we experience lower bone density. Our face loses its firmness, becomes sunken and our lips also tend to turn down a bit. Increasing age reduces collagen production and that causes the ‘V’ shape of cupid’s bow to lose its firm shape. It becomes flat. So what you can do in such cases? Either you can just opt for not caring about it at all or can swear by some useful makeup tips that will create an illusion of fuller mouth that would stand out in the crowd.

Makeup Tips For Thin Lips: Prep Up, Steps, Best Shades, And More:

Before You Start Your Makeup:

Before you start your makeup game, there are a few important steps that will make sure your lips are healthy and treated well. You can start using an anti-aging lip treatment product that contains peptides and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients take care of your lip’s health even when you are sleeping.

Hydrate Your Lips:

Drinking lot of water does not only ensure you good health. It hydrates your lips and they shine with health. Also wear a good non-tinted lip balm whenever your lips feel dry.

Keep Your Lips Away From SUN’S UV RAYS:

Sun’s UV rays do not only harm your skin but also damage your lip’s health. UV rays break down collagen and your lips start to thin over time. So, wear a good SPF on your lips whenever you head out under the sun.

Exfoliate Thin Lips:

Did you know that, if your lips are dry, flaky, and chapped, they look ugly and also thinner as they reflect less light? Yes, this is a fact. Regular exfoliation promotes good blood circulation and takes care of any lip discoloration. When the darkness of lips fades away, your lips automatically look fuller. When there will be good blood circulation, your lips will naturally look plumper and fuller.

Now let’s move on to the makeup tips that will make your thin lips look voluptuous and plump.

Prime Your Lips:

Lip priming is a crucial part of lip makeup that many of us skip. A primer prepares a smooth base so that your lipstick can look its best and stay on for a longer period of time. Lip primer creates a thin layer on your lips so that your lipstick does not settle into the creases of your lips making it look naturally even and fuller.

Contouring Makes A Huge Difference:

In the mission of getting plumper and voluptuous pout that is absolutely #poutgoals, one can not deny the role of lip contouring and lip lining. Experts always emphasize on this makeup step. You need a good lip liner that matches the shade of your lipstick. After you have worn the lip primer, contour your lips with that lip liner pencil. At first, create an ‘X’ shape under the cupid’s bow and then draw a smooth line following your natural lip line. Do not over outline your lips as it looks really odd. Remember, even and symmetrical lips are what you want. You just need to SLIGHTLY overline your lips above your cupid’s bow. For the rest part of your lips, just follow the natural lip line.

Now with that exact same lip liner fill in your lips. Matte finish lip liners are better than too shiny or creamy lip liners.

The Lipstick Game:

Okay, now coming to that makeup part that we all were waiting for. Yes now are going to talk about lipsticks. Which shades to go for to give your thin lips a plumper look and more.

  • There is a popular myth, that thin lips can’t carry bright lip shades. Girls with thin lips should avoid red and always should stick to neutrals, peach, and light pinks. But that is not always true. Yes, light and soft shades are safe options and they do not eat up light and reflect them making them look bigger and fuller. But that does not mean that you can’t flaunt a red pout. Choose a lip shade that is bright, not dull. Bright shaded lipsticks reflect more light making your thin lips appear plumper.
  • When you are choosing a bit darker shade, choose a shimmery texture. Avoid matte, as matte lipsticks do not reflect light at all. Shiny, glossy lipstick works best for thin lips. Metallic lipstick should be given a skip.

Too dark colors are a big no, no.

  • Just the way a dark-colored dress makes a body look slimmer, exactly in that same way, too dark lip shade can make your thin lips look even thinner.
  • You can also wear a lip stain of the same shade underneath your lip color.
  • Always use a lip brush while applying bullet lipstick. Applying lip color directly with the bullet can be a fussy job as the area of your lip is less, especially at the corners.
  • One of the most important tips for you is that you need to choose two coordinating lip shades. Choose two different shades of one color scheme. Suppose if you choose a bright red, choose a paler variation of that red color to wear on your lip first. It will create an illusion of fuller lips in the first place. Secondly, highlight your lips with the darker shade of red. Apply the dark color to highlight the outer area of your lips. Wearing two shades of same lip color also adds dimension and character to your thin lips. It plays with the light and looks gorgeous.

Some Color Recommendations:


If you love to play up with neutral colors, good for you. Because nudes and neutrals look so good on thin lips. Neutrals never look too overdone or overboard and you can always play safe with that. Wear good eye-makeup to balance out the look.


Peach can be worn for any casual event. Light shades of peach are bright and look fun.


Pinks have different shades. From light pink to rose pinks to pinks with a slight mauve undertone, all of these shades work wonder for thin lips. Whether you are attending a party or going out for dinner with your bae, choose pink.


If you want to experiment with lip color, wear wine. Do not forget to line your outer lips well before applying lipstick.


A purple shade that has a mauvy undertone can do magic for thin lips.

Top Your Lipstick With A Gloss:

Use a neutral lip gloss that will give a more plumping appearance to your pucker. A hydrating gloss is really a game-changer. You can choose a shimmery gloss and apply that at the middle area of your lips to make them look dynamic and deeper.

Highlight To Finish It Off:

The last step of makeup to get a wow pair of plumper lips is to do the highlighting game in the right way. You must have seen makeup artists add a little bit of highlighter above the cupid’s bow to finish off their lip makeup. They do it for a reason. Highlighter at that area really makes your lip look more prominent. It adds more drama to your pout and it reflects the incoming light letting your thin lips look voluminous and fuller. Do not use a lot of products. Just use a small brush and just add a little bit of highlighter. You can use your finger too.

The Last Few Words…

Girls go under needles, they try sucking shot glasses, they wear lip plumping products – they do so much of things to get a voluptuous pair of lips. But these simple makeup tips can do wonder for thin lips and you can also have irresistible juicy full lips. And lastly, we also want to tell you that, no matter what shape your lips are, learn to love them the way they are. Be confident in your own skin and set your own style statement. If you like dark shaded lipstick, go wear that. There is no hard and fast rule in the world of makeup and fashion that you are bound to follow. These were just some expert-recommended tips that help people get fuller lips who really love to flaunt a Kylie Jenner kind of lips. But if you can rock a black lip in spite of having a pair of thin lips, hats off to you. It is your life, here you are the one who rules. Wear that with confidence and just rock the way. Always remember that no one is as sexier as a smart, confident lady. LOTS OF LOVE, LOVELY LADIES.

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