6 Most Gorgeous Loose Curls Hairstyle Tutorials You Need To Check Out

Loose curls

Loose curls add another dimension to your otherwise straight hair. It is subtle, add more femininity, and looks utterly gorgeous on any length of hair. Not all of us are born with naturally curly hair. And we often envy that hair that has natural bounce and waves along the length of the hair. But with loose curls hairstyles, you can anytime flaunt that look and can look like a diva. You must have spotted celebrities flaunt their luscious beachy loose curls at red carpets as well as on the casual day outs. Yes, this hairstyle is that versatile and adds more a relaxed look to your personality. Want to check out some really elegant loose curls hairstyles? Scroll down below to have a look at them and feel pretty.

Loose curls are really easy to style. Mastering those beachy wavy curls is really easy. Some of the hairstyles do not even require a curling iron. Just some twisting and turning and some strategically placed buns are what you need to get a really low-maintenance loose curl hairstyle. In some cases, you might need a few styling products. Some god hair sprays, a few hair ties, sometimes a braid, some pin curls – these are all you need to style your hair into those pretty looking divine naturally curly hairstyles. Let’s have a look at them, shall we? These are suitable for weddings, day to day occasions, family outings, brunches, and every day.

Most Gorgeous Loose Curls Hairstyle Tutorials You Need To Check Out:

2 Minutes Heatless Curls:

The first hairstyle does not require you to use any heating product. So no chance of damage. You need to dampen your hair a little bit, especially the edges and mid-length of your hair. And keep on brushing your hair in between. Now you need to wear a hairband around the crown portion of your head and just take little parts of your hair and twist them around the band. Make sure that your hair is thoroughly brushed so that it has no tangles in them. That way you will attain sleek and neat loose curls. Repeat the twisting hair steps for both sides of your hair until you are left with no hair. Secure your hair with bobby pins. Standing at this point you already will have a distinct boho-kind of hairstyle. So this hairstyle idea is practically a 2 in 1 hairstyle idea.

In the evening you can go out with this look and after coming back home sleep the night off with this hairdo on. And the next day when you ease your hair from the band, you will be surprised to see your delightful gorgeous curls dancing around framing your face.

Got the idea from Rida Zayn’s Youtube Channel.

Loose Beachy Waves Hair:

This loose curls hairstyle is perfect to sport during your beach vacation. You need to apply a leave-in conditioner to your freshly washed hair and just blow dry it. Middle part hair to get started with the hairstyle. You use a heated tool in this hairstyle and this is a good curling iron. Take small sections of your hair starting from the behind and go on curling them. In this hairstyle, you curl the mid-portion of each hair section and then loosely go till the end away from your face and just pull the curler away slowly so that, it makes a loose straight end.

Thus you get a very subtle and soft beachy wave in your hair. Repeat the procedure for both sides of the hair as well as for the back. Use some good dry shampoo to give your hair a more textured and volumizing look. You can even go for a texturizing spray.

This video tutorial from Allana Davison will teach you the steps thoroughly.

Loose Curls For Short Hair:

Getting loose curls on shorter hair is really tricky. But with this simple tutorial, it is easily achievable and so pretty to sport. You can wear this hairstyle to your workplace as it does not look too dressy and can be done under 10 minutes. After you are done curling your hair, scrunch the ends of your hair strands a little bit and set it with a hairspray.

If you have a party to attend after the office, you must go with strong-hold hairspray so that your loose curls stay in their place for the whole day. Very soft to look at and this hairstyle will add a personality to your hairstyle as well as the whole look.

Get the tutorial at Gal Meets Glam Youtube Channel.

Bun, Braids & Loose Curls Fusion:

Fuse your loose curls with gorgeous braid and bun hairstyle when you get ready for a special event or a party. This is even apt as a wedding hairstyle. When you have time in your hand and are trying to experiment with your look, you can give this hairstyle a try. At first, make a half bun updo and then dress it with braids. Secure your braids with hairpins around the bun and then create loose curls with the hair you have at your back. Use a curling iron to make flawless wavy curls and finish off the hairstyle with a good texturizing and shine-enhancing fixing spray.

Get the hairstyle tutorial at Perfect hairstyles for girls by Nissara.

Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron:

Curling your hair with a flat iron is such an awesome idea. You will get bouncy, voluminous loose curls that even last for a straight 3-4 days. You do not need to follow any tedious hair routine for that. Just a few hours, some good hair products, a blow drier, a good quality flat iron, and some hair clips – with these supplies you can get that luscious and gorgeous wavy hair that can whip up your mood and day.

Prep up your hair by shampooing and conditioning it. Then detangle your hair so that there is no knot in it. Do not forget to use a good heat protectant spray on your hair before you use any heating tool to style them. Now blow dry your hair and get started with the curling process when the hair is free from all the moisture.

Start with sectioning the hair. One section will be the hair of the crown part and the second section is the part of the hair you have at the back. Secure the first portion as a top knot with a clip. And again section the rest of the hair into two halves. Take one inch of hair from one of the sections to start curling the strand with the iron. You need to twist the iron 360 degrees away from your face while curling the strands. Start from the root and go till the ends of your hair strands. Perform the curling procedure for all the hair sections taking a small amount of hair from the top knot each time. You will be ready with the loose curls that are going to last till your next hair wash. WOW!!

Check out the amazing tutorial at Shelley Elizabeth Designs.

Here is another heatless loose curls tutorial for you.

Heatless Loose Curls Tutorial:

This loose curls hairstyle does not require any heating tool, no styling tool, and no hair product as such. Just get a hair rope to perform the hair wrap technique. You just need to twist your hair strands around the rope following some simple techniques. In this tutorial, for one side of the hair, a simple hair wrap technique has been applied. And for the other part, a simple French braid technique has been done with the help of the hair rope.

Just sleep off with this hairdo on. And the next morning, undo this. Go slow while you loosen the hair from the rope. You will just be surprised to look at the pretty loose breezy curls that just look salon-ready, believe us. Not believing?

Check out this tutorial at Shonagh Scott.

This is so soft, flirty, and feminine.

Tips To Remember:

Loose curls look awesome. But when you use those flat irons or curling irons to curl your locks, your hair gets utterly damaged. To ensure that the damage is at its least, always use a heat protectant spray before blow-drying your hair or styling them. Regular styling even takes a toll on the coloring of your hair. and it is also not healthy for your hair in the long run. Go slow while working with the irons to ensure minimum damage. The best will be if you stick to the no-tool loose curls hairstyles.

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