15 Most Dramatic And Unique Long Nail Ideas To Try

Long Nail Ideas

Long nails are feminine and flattering and they always make a statement. People are so much into nail art these days and they are trying so many of nail shapes and going so much creative. And embracing long nails gives you that freedom to experiment with the variety of designs and nail art ideas and they also obviously look sexy and gorgeous. Your nails are not only just a layer of keratin but they also allow you to go creative and try whatsoever design you want on them that expresses your personality and style. If you have longer nails then these are some of the most fun and colorful long nail ideas that you can just try for yourself or in the salon. Long nails are just in vogue today.

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Go for oval shapes, square shapes, almond shapes, or even coffin shapes, these long nail ideas are versatile and gonna suit everybody’s taste. These are statement makers and let you play around in your own way. From quirky to classy and from chic to sassy, these are some of the best long nail ideas that are gonna make you fall in love with them.

Most Dramatic And Unique Long Nail Ideas To Try:

Bare And Burgundy:

When the fall season advances and you want to deck up your nails by going for some warm and cozy nail arts, this is one of the most gorgeous French tip long nail ideas to go for. The almond-shaped long nails have a nude base and the glittery burgundy tips are setting the right mood for the fall-winter season. Such a bold and party-ready nail art it is. 

Royal Floral:


These floral long nails are such a statement maker. White 3D roses, rhinestones, and silver glitter – this is one of the prettiest and bold long nail ideas of white party nails. Plus the nude to white ombre base is so aesthetically pleasing to look at and is creating a perfect backdrop for the luxurious embellishment to talk for themselves. 

Luscious Green:

Not traditional and not everybody’s cup of tea, if you want to break the traditional norm of wearing red and gold for autumn, swear by this one of the best long nail ideas where it is an uncanny affair of metallic green, black, glitter, embellishment, and floral details. It is a perfect party manicure when you want your nails to be extravagant, eye-catching, and richly ornate. Dress up your nails just like a queen and let them scream GREEN!

Leopard Mani:


Bringing in the wild vibe in the summer fashion is not a bad idea at all. And while many of you may think that animal prints are solely autumn-winter stuff, they are absolutely not so. Leopard manis look classy and sophisticated on most of the women who love off-beat fashion. And if you have long sexy nails, they are gonna look double gorgeous. 

And this leopard French manicure is such a statement piece. A nude base and such a contrasting tip, this is one of the most unexpected long nail ideas anyone will ever get to see. Do you know who is this lady showing off her gorgeous animalistic leopard-print French manicure in this picture? Well, she is our very own Kylie Jenner.

Marble Marvel:


If you have long healthy nails and your style is artsy and elegant, marble nails are gonna be your best pick when it comes to manicure. This is one of the most popular nail designs that is loved all through the year irrespective of the seasons and time.   

If you don’t want too much drama on your nails, stick to muted nude colors, and white, and taupe colors. Experimental souls will love to try some watercolor-style marble nails where there are pops of pinks, oranges, mints, and aqua. Use your own imagination to paint your nails with more gorgeous marble designs. Check out these trendy marble long nail ideas.

Long And Pearly:


Pearl nails are everywhere and they so beautifully enhance the look of your nail art in such a minimalistic way. If you find pearl nails to be attractive, try this one of the prettiest in pink pearl-stud long nail ideas to try. Just look at these pretty pink nails that are full of spring vibe. All blingy and pearly, these nails are embellished to perfection and are just rightly keeping up with the trend. 

Long Wedding Nails:


We save the most ornate and most intricate designs for the wedding parties, right? Festive-y ideas, shiny nail look and shimmers and glitters – wedding nails are dramatic and fabulous. Your desire to mix and match with embellishments, beads, and rhinestones gets fulfillment when you deck up your wedding nails.

Take inspiration from these edgy wedding long nail ideas that have experimented with every possible element and shade and make your nails steal glances anywhere and everywhere you go. 

Gold Chrome Nail:

The combination of white and gold never fails to steal the show. Keep most of the nails white and brighten up one nail with a vibrant shade of golden nail paint. Few of the other nails look all charismatic with contemporary gold designs and this has to be one of the most outstanding long nail ideas done in coffin shape that simply looks like a golden love story.

Snakeskin Fantasy:

Photo By @perfect10customnails/Instagram

Layer shiny ‘scales’ over a matte base, black snakeskin is a powerful design to get onto your nails. Snakeskin bags, snakeskin shoes, and now these snakeskin nails – give yourself a power-packed makeover with this bold and dramatic nail design. This textured mani will take your nail game to another dimension with this black snakeskin nail. Goth-inspired, dark, and mysterious – this is one of the most enviable long nail ideas to turn heads around.

Cow Nails:


We will finish off our today’s list of classy to quirky long nail ideas with this extremely out-of-the-box manicure that shows all the love to the cows. Such fun and such quirky, you will just love to sport this nail design if you love animal print nail art and wanted something beyond leopard print and snake print. Loved by celebrities and quite in vogue, cow print nails look adorable and so trendy.

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