12 Most Beautiful Long Hairstyles For Women With Every Taste

Long Hairstyles For Women

Long hair is a sure head-turner. Long hair means more chance to play with styles, colors, and more scope to add drama to your mane. Whether you have long wavy hair or you have naturally straight tresses, these long hairstyles for women will instantly style up your hairdo into utter gorgeousness. This list includes stylish hairstyles for every face type. Rounder to oval, square to diamond. No matter what type of face shape you have, these are some of the most versatile long hairstyles for women to embrace.

From lazy lasses to workaholic ladies, from chic hairstyle lovers to women always eyeing for trendy and contemporary styles – these long hairstyles for women will surely give you some massive hair goals. Wanna have a look? Scroll down below.

Most Beautiful Long Hairstyles For Women With Every Taste:

Long Layered Hairstyle With Caramel Highlights:

If you have long thin hair, this hairstyle will be the perfect one for you to sport. Thin hair often lacks in volume. So layers have been strategically done to add depth to the otherwise thin hair. And those caramel highlights, my gosh! We are just crushing over them. They are adding dimension to the hair, making it appear more voluminous, and giving the overall hair look more class and elegance. Loving this hairstyle to bits.

Source: triciahilights

Layers With Frontal Bang:

Flaunt your long tresses not compromising with your inner baby. Haha, what’s that? Look at this one of the cutest long hairstyles for women where the face has got a very subtle effect due to the loosely curled locks. The hair has got nice layers to look perfectly in harmony with the face shape. And the frontal bang is adding character to the face making it cuter. This style will look gorgeous on the rounder or oval faces as it creates an illusion of a slender neck and face. Try it to welcome a lot of compliments.

Khaleesi Inspired Twist Hairstyle:

If Khaleesi from the Game of Thrones is your favorite character and you have a long thick gorgeous mane, you can go for this superb hairstyle. This fairy tale hairstyle looks perfect when you are on a vacation. In the movie, Khalissi has sported several braided hairstyles. Sometimes with loose curls, sometimes a double half-up and half-down braid, but this twisted one is the simplest and can be made even when you have no time in your hand. Team this hairstyle with your boho outfit and a lot of junk jewelry. You are gonna look as pretty as Khaleesi.


Beachy Curls With Crisscross Pins:


Have a party to attend just after a hectic workday? This hairstyle is your savior. If you have slightly natural curls to your long hair, you are gonna look like a diva in this hairstyle. If your hair is straight, do one thing. Keep your hair in braids the whole day. And in the evening just loosen your hair from the braids,  give your hair a quick comb, side part it, and attach that pearl crisscross pins to one side. You can go for a volumizing curl holding spray if that is needed. In just a few seconds, you will look drab to fab.

Long Layers V-shape Hair Cut:

This long wavy hairstyle has a couple of layers that add nice volume to the already gorgeous locks. The first layer ends just below the face which is perfect if you want to add an elongated effect to your face. This is one of the most versatile long hairstyles for women around the world and you can never go wrong with this hairstyle. You can style this hair in many ways and can stand out in the crowd looking pretty perfect all the time.


Neat Long Layers:

A perfect Jennifer Aniston inspired hairstyle that frames your face giving you a hint of sophistication. An apt hairstyle to carry to your workplace, it will add volume to your thin hair and will look great on pin-straight hair as well as on hair that has a slight wave. It is the best hairstyle for you if you love to flaunt a simple yet classy hairstyle that is no-mess, casual, and eternal.

Windswept Long Hair:

This hairstyle is as appealing as its name sounds. Gone with the wind; let your strands casually dance with the winds. It is carefree, so delicate, and feminine. When you do not want any imposing and sleek hairdo to personify your taste, this super minimal hairstyle will help you look like an easy-breezy adorable lass. Takes only a couple of minutes to style and you stand out as a ‘miss’, not to ‘miss’.


Updo Hairstyles: Long Hairstyles For Women:

While long hairstyles look more casual when left loose, an updo adds more definition and character to the hair and to your overall personality. And when the weather is all hot and humid or when you want to protect your beloved strands from the harsh chilly winters, updos are the best alternative to go for. Below are some ideas of the prettiest updo hairstyles for long hair.

Topknot Bun:


Well, this is not even a hairstyle, we mean, everybody can do this. Perfect for the second or third day after the hair wash or for those days, when you just want to gather all of your hair together up into one and just call it a day. Topknot bun is a favorite among the workaholics. Simplest to do and requires no styling tool, this hairstyle will keep all your hair away from your face giving you a smart and practical look. If you want your hair to have some grit, spray your hair with a good texturizing spray before brushing it.

Pigtail Bun:

instagram / @lilysbeautybarnja

Did not we all try pigtails in our school days? This one of the best long hairstyles for women is something more than those childhood pigtails. Whether you have curly or straight hair, you can rock this hairstyle with equal ease. For the days when you want to look like the girly girls to the days when you are up to pulling off the street style look, a pigtail bun hairstyle is your easy option to secure all your hair into two buns and look carefree.

Birdcage Bun:

We are going crazy for this intricate and appealing bun hairstyle that is perfect for any occasion.

Cascading French Braid Swirled Bun:

Have you seen a hairstyle as elegant as this? We bet you haven’t. This hairdo is perfect when you are out and about for an evening party or you are attending your BFFs wedding. You need to make a cascading French braid that in the end turns around into a swirling bun. Place a pretty floral clip at the center of the bun to amp up the chicness of the hairstyle. This is one of the most romantic long hairstyles for women when you want to look like a pretty princess.


Sleek Ponytail:

Ponytails are for busy days, for lazy days, and for days when you want to look all put together. Long hair is perfect for sporting a sleek and smooth ponytail look. Whether you are hitting the gym or wearing your fav backless dress to the party, a nice shiny ponytail is sure to steal the show.


Long hairstyles for women are to die for. Long hair gives you an easy option to play up with every hairstyle. Side part your hair and leave it like that or whip up your look with some layers that nicely frame your face. From traditional braided hairstyles to exclusive bun updos, from celebrity inspired styles to easy-breezy out of the bed looks, long hairstyles can be fun and chic at the same time if styled well. We hope you got some nice inspirations from the list and will surely try these hairstyles according to the occasion. Bye for today, and see you all super soon. Mmmmmuahzzz….

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