10 Living Room Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Space

Living Room Decor Ideas

The living room is the place of your house where the family sits together, bonds together, and shares the best time together. It is the place where your guests come and sit and get an insight into how well decorated and well arranged your entire house is. So, you may say your living room décor makes the very first impression on your guests, right? And that is why it is needless to say that you must put in thought and effort to decorate your living room. Today our article is about some inspirational living room decor ideas that will help you a long way if you’re on a mission to set up your living space anew.

Whether you are blessed with a big, spacious living room or a smaller one, the main purpose of a living room is being a functional space. The living room must have some sort of sitting area, a television unit and for some families, the living room also doubles up as a dining area as well. So you have to be very wise while choosing the right furniture, right wall décor, right upholstery, and everything that is required. What kind of curtains to go for or how to make your living room extra cozy and comfortable – go through today’s article where we share those pretty living room decor ideas to inspire you to the core.

Living Room Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Space:

The Perfect Color For Your Living Room:

What is the most important factor when it comes to livening up any space? Well, it is the color of the wall. Pastel hues, warm tones of burgundy and wine, or color palettes of a Scandanavian theme, choosing the right color for your living room is the thing you should focus on at the starting. To bring in the maximum natural light, lighter shades are mostly recommended. If you have a luxury of a bigger space with abundant natural light, you can play up the color game the way you want. For the accent wall of your living room, go for a darker shade and for the other walls, you can probably try lighter hues of that same color.

Choosing The Right Floor Type:

Hardwood or ceramic is the best-voted floor type for the living area. According to your budget, choose the floor type. Vinyl, laminate, and ceramic tiles are budget-friendly whereas hardwood or bamboo flooring can cost you big. Ceramic tiles come in different shades and styles and their prices vary.

For a bigger living room, hardwood flooring is the best option if your budget permits. If your room has an abundance of light, settle on a darker stained wooden floor and for the smaller and darker room choose light shades of hardwoods. Bamboo flooring may suit some people’s choice and it looks the best if your living area has a rustic vibe going on.

Choose The Right Living Room Rug:

To make your living area a bit cozier, rugs are the best options to play with. Make sure that your rug is big enough to cover up a larger area. It must be comfortable enough to make your foot feel cozy and comfortable. If your living room is minimalistic and does not have so much color, you can use a nice pop of color in your floor rug to break the monotony and add in some color. For a boho-themed living room, a rug with vibrant colors would work the best. You can try geometric patterns in rugs, can go for vintage vibes and actually anything keeping in mind the personality of your living room. You must keep in mind that each and every element of your room must be in harmony to look overall best.

Right Furniture Is Very Crucial:

Sketching out the floor plan before buying furniture is one of the most crucial living room decor ideas of all. You should have a clear idea of what you want and whatnot before you hit the furniture shop or order them online. The most basic elements of your living room are a sofa set, a center table, two or three side tables, and a tv cum utility unit. While buying these, consider their durability and let them be on the same theme line.

Understand the architecture of your room. If your room architecture is a bit modern, bringing in traditional furniture can clash with the architecture. For a smaller space, you can ditch the idea of high sofa sets. In fact, you can arrange a floor sitting area and can decorate the area with nice cushions, linens, and carpets. After you are done creating a focal point of your living room by adding all the required furniture, choose accent pieces of furniture. It can be a statement armchair or an ottoman having a pop of bright color or an extra accent coffee table.

The Right Upholstery:

Now as you have settled on the right furniture, it is the time to go for the right upholstery. You need durable fabrics like linen and play as much as you can with the pattern and texture of the fabric. Bring in some spring vibe with a gorgeous floral upholstery or go minimal with a white and black gingham print set. Velvet upholsteries look good if your living room has a royal theme and it has tones of gold and silver in it. You can match up your cushion covers with the curtains and if your sofa has a pale upholstery, throw on some patterned and colorful cushions to add a little bit drama and fun.

Think Of The Wall Decor:

Think of wall decor and think of everything quirky. Use your vertical space in a manner that it impersonates the soul of the living room. Hang a metallic frame to add in some glamour or make an accent photo wall with all the favorite photos that evoke good thoughts. You can try a DIY project and make a DIY stencil frame and anything of your choice. If your living room carries boho-chic vibe, hang a macramé hanging or an accent wall décor that has shells or pressed plants in them.

If you have space crunch issues, you can incorporate sleek shelves on the wall. You can use your wall for vertical plantation as well. Trellis pattern plantation, or herb or succulent planters in mason jars or wine bottles not only bring in the fresh air of greens but also amps up the beauty of your living space.

Let The Light Linger:

Lighting plays an important role in any decoration and the same formula goes for your living room too. If your space does not get much of the natural light, go for a good ambient light that will give your space an overall brightness. For accent and task lighting, go for various foot lamps or table lamps.

Assorted pendant lights or a big chandelier looks gorgeous in a bigger area and going for a couple of overhead light fixtures instead of one is one of the game-changing living room décor ideas if you have a big, roomier living room. A statement light fixture can be added to one corner of your room to give that corner a more personalized vibe. If you have a minimalistic theme going on in your room, mix and match with built-in shelves lighting or ceiling accent lightings. The right lighting can be a sure game changer for your living room and one should not really ignore this factor.

Add Chic Storages:

You can strategically use your sofa set storage area for this. If you have open shelving areas, keep decorative baskets on the shelves where you can store your essential stuff and knick-knacks. Go for coffee tables and side tables that have hidden storage units. Declutter your living room to give it a more organized and composed look. If your living area is comparatively smaller, go for wall shelves that have no cover. It will make your space look airier and wider. We generally do not use the corners of the room. So if you can strategically use your corner smartly it will decrease the problem related to storage issues.

If you have a bigger space that you want to part into two different functional areas, use your open bookcases or shelves as a room divider. A shelf that doubles up as a room divider. Cool, no?

Curtain Talk:

To make an impression of a bigger room, choose light-colored curtains. Hang them higher and let them reach the level of the floor. Sheer curtains are excellent to welcome natural light and air in your living room and choosing the right curtain is one of the most important living room decor ideas one can give.

You can simply choose your curtain to match with the theme going on in your room or your curtain can be that accent piece of your room that attracts everybody’s attention. Go for maxi lengths, incorporate bold color and patterns, mix and match with textures. Bring in all the fun and if you do not wish to change your curtain sets very often, then go for stripes or neutral colors that will match with any floor rug or upholstery.

Bring In Some Green:

One thing that we cannot emphasize enough on is the importance of fresh green plants in your living room. They not only make your room beautiful with a splash of green but also improve the air quality inside the room. Some of the approved air-purifying plants are spider plants, aloe vera, snake plants, peace lily, etc. To visually uplift the mood of your living room, hang some plants at different heights. Use the corners or use the vertical space of your living room.

Go for quirky planters. Vases, teacups, even laundry bags can be used as indoor planters. Just imagine how you want your place to look like and take inspiration from our living room decor ideas.

The living room of your house is like the heart of your body. You spend time reading a book here over a cup of coffee. You watch your favorite movie sitting on the sofa or just laze around on the days when you do not feel like doing anything. So this place should carry that every small characteristic that defines your personality.

Decorating your living room does not require a huge budget or huge time. It requires cool ideas, little expenditure, and your effort. So on your next weekend or during the next vacation, go on a decorating spree and transform your den into a whole new gorgeous space. These were some of the simple yet classy and easy to pull off living room decor ideas that must help you on your mission. Transform your space and send us a picture so that we can also feel satisfied and happy looking at your pretty place.

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