9 Light Brown Hair Colors That Are Simply Stunning

Planning to give yourself a complete makeover? Got bored by the way you look? Getting a new, fun hair color must work the best. And with all the available gorgeous hair color shades ranging from blonde to brunette to red to burgundy, it gets pretty hard to pick the right color that will suit your complexion, personality, and hair texture. However, light brown hair colors are such safe and ‘in-between’ colors that go safely with every skin tone and personality. As the color seems to turn out to be very natural and is not very ‘on the face’; anybody can flaunt this hair color.

Light brown hair colors are versatile and universal. While flaunting a true red color or a blonde hair color with some golden or ash-grey tinge may not be everybody’s cup of tea, light brown hair colors look effortlessly cool on both cool toned and warm toned skin color. Among all the lovely varieties of Cinnamon Brown, Walnut Brown or Chocolate Brown – here we have selected some of the most gorgeous light brown hair colors that will instantly make you look ravishing.

Light Brown Hair Colors That Are Simply Stunning :

Walnut Brown:


This shade of light brown is perfect for both the warm and cool undertone people. Either you can have only one shade or else go for a dark root and let the edge of hair transcend into a lighter shade of walnut giving your hair more texture and drama.

Chocolate Brown With Caramel Highlights:


Chocolate light brown hair colors add an extra dimension to the hair of any length. If you have fair to medium skin tone or olive skin tone, this hair color will perfectly complement your skin color. Add caramel highlights to your chocolate brown locks and this hair color works best for the hair with slightly wavy texture.

Light Ash Brown:


Another shade of light brown with mix and match of ashy hues. Works well for naturally straight to wavy hair and fair to medium skin tone people can rock it the best. If your skin has pink or yellowish undertone and you own light green or hazel eye color, ashy brown gonna make you look sexier. This is a cool-toned color hence needs proper maintenance. Without proper maintenance regime, it may become brassy or yellowish.

Light Golden Brown:


If you want a light brunette hair with hints of that sun-kissed golden glow, then go for this one of the most stunning light brown hair colors. The best skin tone to go with this hair color is a warm tone. As warm tone people have naturally dark hair and dark eye color, golden brown will flatter your skin tone and will make your skin look more glowy. Girls with more cool toned skin please avoid this color.

Ombre Brown For Curly Locks:

We loved this idea of hair color that we got from Raven, hellosunshine. Her hair at the root is naturally darker that transcends into more brown at the mid-lengths and melts into concentrated blonde at the ends making her hair perfectly ombre and chic. This is one of those light brown hair colors that gives you instant beachy holiday vibe.

Neutral Brown:


This is one of the safest light brown hair colors to for. The color will add subtle femininity to your personality and is very wearable. Adds more volume to the wavy hair and you can add any preferred highlights to the edges if you want to add more spice to your hair look.

A ‘Bronde’; a Brown and Blonde Mix-n-Match:


Many celebrities flaunt this one of the edgiest light brown hair colors with poise. Take Gisele Bundchen’s flowy ‘bronde’ hair for example. All of her mane has a nice blend of brown as well as the blonde that slowly melts into true blonde at the end of the hair. Very subtle and easy maintenance. If you have naturally light brownish hair color, this will look the best on you as the blond streaks would look very effortless and natural.

Light Chestnut Brown With Light Blonde:


This amazing color works best for the people who have reddish brown hair itself. The chestnut Brown and high and lowlights of honey and light blonde will add enormous texture and depth to your hair. And looks really gorgeous as it tones down the reddish brown of your hair in a very soft manner. Chestnut Brown is one of those coolest autumn light brown hair colors that have copper undertones and is flattering for the warm skin tone people.

Cocoa Brown:


The best choice for the people with fair skin tone. It makes bluish-green eye color more gorgeous and goes best with light features. Gigi Hadid’s pale complexion looks absolutely ravishing with this Cocoa Brown hair that has shimmering jewel tones at the end.

Choosing the right shade of hair color for your mane is really tricky and you should definitely consult your hair expert for that. Light brown hair colors are the safest to go for as it suits all the skin tones fairly well. If you have a warm tone, chestnut or chocolate brown is your color. Cool toned girls should religiously avoid browns with gold or any jewel tone. So, determine which color family you are and also learn how to maintain the hair color you are choosing. There are some browns that are really high maintenance. And with these few tricks and tips and the gorgeous brown hair colors recommendation, you are ready for your all new hair makeover.

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