10 Best Ideas Of Lemonade Braids Hairstyles That Are Fabulous

Lemonade Braids

A hair trend that was inspired by none other than Beyonce, Lemonade Braids can give your hair an instant transformative look. The concept of ‘lemonade braids’ first hit the world when Beyonce, back in the year 2016, released her Lemonade visual album. As soon as the cover was released, this incredible hairstyle got instant and quick popularity and became a favorite among black women. The good thing to note here is that this hairstyle was always there in the name of ‘side braids’ but Beyonce brought the hairstyle back with a more revamped look and with a new name. Considered as one of the biggest hair trends in the world, this hairstyle is one of the massively popular hairstyles out there. And you must have also tried to copy them at least once, right? Just scroll down and explore some incredible and bewitching ideas of lemonade braids that are worth copying.

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Lemonade braids are different from box braids. In the case of box braids, the braids are sectioned into square or rectangular partitions but Beyonce’s waist-length lemonade braids as styled by her longtime hairstylist Kim Kimble are basically cornrowed on one side and beautifully cascade over one shoulder. Now that you have got an introductory idea about this one of the biggest hair trends, let us now move on to some gorgeous braid styles that are inspired by Queen B’s hair look in Lemonade. 

Best Ideas Of Lemonade Braids Hairstyles That Are Fabulous:

Classic Lemonade Braids:

The classic lemonade braid look is as elegant as it gets. This is a micro braid hairstyle where you do traditional cornrows with all the hair swept and adjusted to one side. It is a fun hairstyle, it is traditional and can be accessorized in a fun way while you are hitting a beach destination. 

Burgundy Lemonade Braids:


For a crazy braid look that is far from being boring, add a hint of color to your mane and you are ready to make all the difference. Burgundy is a color of fall winter. So deck up your braids with a beautiful shade of burgundy and show off your gorgeous braids.

Side Lemonade Braids:

Source: @daysiaaa_

This particular braid hairstyle starts from one side of the head and then goes all the way to the other side of the head. You can call it to be an experimental take on crown braids and you will look your stylish best when you try this hairstyle. 

Lemonade High Ponytail:


This lemonade braids hairstyle will go perfectly well with your formals and will add a boss lady vibe to your personality. First, perform a lemonade braid and then tie everything up into a high ponytail. That’s it. Wear it with your blazer suit or any formal wear and you can also add your personal touch to the hairstyle by going for smart accessories.

Short And Sizzling:

By Gwen

Why long-haired girls will have all the fun? If you have short thick hair, you can also ace a brilliant lemonade braid look. Short or medium-sized braids are comfortable to carry and they are the best pick for the ladies who are always busy and on the toes. Also, this is a hairstyle that your kids can pull off too. 

Lemonade Box Braids Asymmetrical Bob:

By beauty_can_braid

Short, showy, and stylish, this variation of lemonade braids is for those who want their hairstyle to be structured and sophisticated. It is simple, not over-the-top, and is perfect for the ladies on the go. This hairstyle is creatively designed and can be accessorized with fun hair clips and beads. 

Professional One:


Add a professional designer touch to your braided hairstyle with this creative hairdo that is both protective and truly is a treat to the eyes. It is neat, swoon-worthy, and indeed a party hairstyle. Will look gorgeous with maxi dresses, gowns, and jeans, and tops as well. If you don’t have enough courage to perform this hairstyle all by yourself, visit a hairstylist and let him/her help you get your fascinating braids. 

Golden Accent Braids:


Lemonade braids are gorgeous in every way. With color, without color. On short hair, on long hair. With an accent, without an accent. But if you want to try something out of the box and bold, go for a crazy color like red or burgundy and accentuate that with a gold wire wrap like it has been done in the image and add contrast to your hairdo.

Big Braids:


Go for extensions or work with your natural braids, big chunky lemonade braids look amazing on everyone. These braids curve to the side and give your head a crowing look. You can add sophisticated pieces of accessories or can wrap the braids with wires to make them look more regal. A super sexy way to show off thicker mane at the same time protecting them from breakage and damage. We love this one to bits.

Lemonade Braids Bun:

By Bola Ajao

Have gone bored with your usual hair updos? This time, try this extravagant lemonade braids bun and you are ready to attend a formal occasion. This hairstyle will keep all the hair away from your face and will give your face a more structured look. Go for a super bronzed and contoured makeup and highlight your bun with wire wraps or occasional streaks. Looks gorgeous on everybody and is a no-mess way to sport an eye-catching hairstyle. 

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