8 Outstanding Kitchen Curtain Ideas To Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Curtain is such an important home decorating stuff that it can change the way your house looks entirely. And unlike all other rooms, kitchens need more care and proper insight when the question of decoration arises. So, today we will have a keen look at such outstanding kitchen curtain ideas which will increase the glam quotient of your kitchen in no time.

You need to keep in mind that kitchen curtains are not only for protecting your stuff from harsh sunlight or cold, it can also play a pivotal role in making your private cooking area more beautiful. So, if you are planning to give kitchen curtains a try, go through these kitchen curtain ideas. They can prove to be of great help for you.

The Best Fabric To Choose For Curtain: Basic Of Kitchen Curtain Ideas

The texture of the fabric really matters when you are choosing your kitchen curtain. First of all, it must be durable. Your kitchen curtain is subjected to harsh sunray. It will catch the oily and stickiness from the cooking as well. So, make it sure that the fabric is easily washable and it does not lose its lustre due to repetitive washing.

Fabrics like cotton surely meet up to the expectation. You can wash them easily and they are both durable and sustainable. Fabrics like voile, lace just do not fit in the list. Never choose fabrics that hinder normal air flow in your kitchen. In that matter fabrics like fleece, crepe are a big thumbs down.

Outstanding Kitchen Curtain Ideas To Brighten Up Your Kitchen:

Red And White Checked Curtain:


This is simple, sober, and will add a subtle sophisticated touch to your kitchen. Go for fabrics like linen as this pattern turns out to be pretty amazing on that fabric. Soothing on eyes, such a statement piece – we love this one of the best kitchen curtain ideas for its utter elegance.

Fun Floral On Sunshine Hue:


If you want an accent window treatment that will increase the glam quotient of your kitchen then go for something like this curtain. If you have brownish or cherry finish kitchen cabinetry, this combination of colors will add to the beauty even more. It is bright, floral, and the sunflower color of the base will welcome a smile of sunshine in your kitchen.

Vintage Vibe:


This vintage curtain is all the way CUTE. Vintage and cute these two adjectives generally do not go hand in hand but this very curtain is a breathtaking exception. You can use it as your over-the-sink curtain. That red, yellow, and blue mix and match of colors is so intriguing and appreciable. The pompom string on the top says hello to this top-to-bottom prettiness.

Fruity Flirty:

This curtain has all your favorite fruits on it. The vintage style white kitchen curtain with big floral prints on it will brighten up your small kitchen space in just no time. The fabric allows all the sun to come in and the white color makes an impression of roomier and brighter kitchen.

Curtain With Patchwork Border:

Go a notch more creative with this artistic piece of kitchen curtain ideas. The base material of the curtain is brilliantly filtering out the excess sunlight. And we can’t get enough of the beautiful patchwork border the curtain has. It has floral work, some rich textures going on, and white polka dots on red as well. If you want to add a statement peace in your kitchen décor, then you must try out this idea.

The Simple Stripes:


Stripes can make a huge difference in your entire home decoration. This small kitchen has a light cream cabinetry, wooden-finish floor, and an overall lighter color theme going on. The base color of the curtain has been kept off white matching with the main theme. And it has red, lemon green, and orange stripes that add a little bit of drama to the minimalism. You can mix-n-match with color according to the theme and accessories of your kitchen.

Linen Roman Shade:


Linen curtains never go wrong for your kitchen window. These off white Roman shades have a very thin denim blue border and is such a classy yet contemporary piece for your kitchen. It is giving a relaxed and more laid back feeling to the indoor without compromising with modern styles and trends. Allows enough light and air to come in keeping your kitchen fresh and airy.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Valance:


We saved the best for the last. This one of the most unique and off-beat kitchen curtain ideas is environment-friendly as well as cost-effective. You will be using reclaimed wood to make the valance. And a little bit of easy DIY is all that we love. Paint the valance with any inspirational words or something that you would relish in between your cooking time. WE LOVE IT!

Hope you all have just loved these kitchen curtain ideas. Curtains are one of the most important decorating stuff for your kitchen as well as for your entire house. In a small space kitchen they can make impression of a bigger space. If you have bigger area to work with, do something elaborate. Like use a blind then top that with a luxurious curtain. Mix-n-match with colors, patterns, embroidery, and just stun everybody with your creativity. Let us know in the comment section which curtain idea you liked the most. We will be glad to hear from you.

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