5 Most Popular Interior Design Styles For Your Dream Home

Interior Design Styles

We all love to beautify our homes. Discovering the latest trends, bringing in the best decorative pieces to our home, and more – we don’t leave any stone unturned and put in a lot of effort when it comes to making our house a very stylish and functional space. But have you ever paid any heed to the world of different interior design styles that exist in the world of home decoration? If not, you must pay attention to them for sure. You must have heard about the ‘minimalist decor’ but did you know that it is considered a unique design style? Industrial, traditional, transitional, and so many known and unknown design styles – knowing about the difference between the styles will help you to be clearer about exactly what you want in your interior decoration.

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Each of these interior design styles has a specific theme and understanding them individually will ensure you select the perfect style according to your liking and the space that you have. Some of these designs are having stark distinctions whereas some designs incorporate elements of two or three styles and stand out as an ideal ones. Learning about these styles will also help you convey your imagination and personal style to the interior designer in a precise way as well. And the result will be flawless and magical. 

Most Popular Interior Design Styles For Your Dream Home:

Minimalist Decor:


If your idea is to creating a simple and clutter-free space that is dominated by clean lines, and less statement furniture with monochromatic colors – minimalist is the style for you. Just like minimalist fashion, this interior design style is also very breathable and yet so impactful. Stick to a neutral color palette, try to keep your space empty, go for functional furniture that is streamlined, and do not add any accent piece that is loud and bold. Minimalism swears by openness and empty space. Having some similarities with the contemporary design, minimalist decor owes its origin to the Minimal Art movement that rose to prominence after the Second World War.



One of the most popular interior design styles in the world, Scandinavian design is a perfect blend of beauty, simplicity, and functionality. A style that hails from the Nordic counties, simplicity, and functionality are given more importance in this style above mere decoration. It is more intimate, rules out traditional chauvinism, and is very interesting with certain sculptural influences. Scandinavian decor loves an all-white color palette, uses unique accent elements with understated elegance, loves greenery, and looks muted and minimal. Light wooden floors, neutral furnishing with a pop of color, and clean lines, and a perfect blending of different textures and soft and subtle hues – a Scandinavian home is warm, functional, and cozy.



Most of us confuse contemporary design with modern interior design styles but both of them are different from each other. Though they share certain similarities, the contemporary style is not overtly minimal like the modern style. This is one of the most beautiful interior design styles that developed in the late 20th century and gives more importance to neutral elements, colors, and shapes. It is sophisticated, more flexible than the modern style, and blends in many elements which the modern one does not. Modern decor is more about stark lines but contemporary design features curved lines. If you want modern decor that is warmer than the Scandinavian and Minimalist decor style, this is the style that will suit your taste. It is a joyful mix of conservative elements and thoughtful neutrals that creates a harmonious space that is luxurious, timeless, and yet very simple and not suffocating.

Industrial Decor Style:


A Unique home decor style that steals inspiration from industrial areas and warehouses, industrial decor style has an iconic feel to it. It looks kinda unfinished with exposed brick walls, metal shelves, and wood, and ductwork. It is raw and understated and looks as if an urban loft has been renovated and has been transformed into a residential space. Incorporating metal light fixtures, exposed beams, and unique artworks and antiques are what you need to execute a super awesome industrial style interior.

Transitional Style:


The choicest fusion of traditional and modern styles, transitional style is one of the most popular and trendiest interior design styles that cleverly mixes elements from both worlds. Here you get to introduce large traditional furniture but with simple and straight lines and with no overboard ornamentation. The idea is to maintain the balance between the heavy and minimal. Materials like glass, steel, etc can be incorporated with sophisticated and posh furnishing. The space uses a neutral color palette with grey, black, or beige as wall colors and the home feels cozier and warmer than the minimalist themed home but carries a cooler vibe than the truly traditional homes.

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