10 Mini Indoor Garden Ideas to Beautify your Home

A keen admirer of lush green plants but do not have much space to build your dream garden? Don’t be upset, your Little Pink Diary provides you with some simple and amazing mini indoor garden ideas, which are so beautiful. They do not require much space yet will beautify every nook and corner of your home in a new, different, and unique way.

A smart mini indoor garden needs proper space utilization and some smart ideas. Planting does not always mean the horizontal planting, it can be vertical, hanging or even a climbing one. So we have come up today with all of these wonderful yet simple indoor garden ideas which will give your home a refreshing feel and a profuse summer effect.

Mini Indoor Garden Ideas to Beautify your Home:

Vertical Mason Jar Herb Garden:

Mason jars are versatile and beautiful. With or without anything in them, they are pretty enough to increase the glamour quotient of your room. And when you have lots of basil, mint, oregano, lemongrass or rosemary to plant in it, nothing can be more eye-catching than that. Make your own DIY vertical wooden panel to secure your mason jars. And let everybody appreciate your smart art.


Plastic Bottle Vertical Herb Indoor Garden:

And we are sure you were not expecting such things to come. These are unique, quirky, and so urban. And you are also reusing your plastic bottles in such an eco-friendly way that everybody is going to envy actually. Choose a convenient wall side or you can also use your corridors to accomplish this smart idea.


Trellis Patterned Wall Plant:

Have a free wall in your kitchen area? Or even a small free wall in your balcony will do the job. You can use wood boards cut into long pieces to make the trellis pattern onto the wall. Once you are done with the pattern, paint some simple looking pots with bright vibrant color and put orchids or cactus in them. And you are all green with your new trellis wall plants. The best part? You can even use the same thing as outdoor planting ideas even on your building walls!


Plant Pots Hung From The Railings:

This unusual indoor garden idea is space-saving and so artistic to look at. We all have some empty railings along side our staircases. So, use them smartly to beautify your home. Select some good planters and give them vintage or trendy look that goes well with the entire look of your staircases. Colorful, pretty flowering plants are just waiting to enlighten your steps up.

Vertical Wall Garden Planter:

Your living room is the first place where all of your guests spend most of the time. So if you convert one of your living room’s wall into a vertical garden, how’s about that idea? Rest your eyes on the green wall and soothe them occasionally. Add a splash of green to your living room and make it your favorite corner in the entire house. Now a days ‘modular green walls’ are also available in the market.


Tea Cans Turned Succulent Planters:

Just look for some empty window space or an area where there is ample sunlight. If you are a tea addict then you must have a big collection of tea cans in your home. Don’t just sell them out or throw them. Just smartly use them and turn them into tea planters.


Coconut Hanging Planter:

If you love the rustic flavor and country style indoor garden planters then go for the coconut hanging planters. You can paint them with acrylic paints and can decorate them in your own style. Fill them up with soil and put some cacti into it. You are done.


Light Bulbs Turned Herb planters:

Light bulbs can be recycled and reused in many ways. And transforming them into herb planters is pretty amazing, right? This is crafty and needs few of your minutes to get done with a bulb. Hang them or make them stand on your bedroom side table and rock the greenery-filled terrariums.


Topless Table Turned Planter:

Do you have a topless wooden table lying aside or a table whose glass top has just gone broken? Then what are you waiting for? These topless tables can prove to be versatile green planters. Add some pebbles and soils into it and small herbs and indoor plants will happily grow from there. Such a unique and beautiful indoor garden option to go for.

PVS Pipes Window Planter:

Have some empty space by the side of window? Add some greenery with the help of PVC pipes. Fresh Basil, Rosemary, and Mints can easily be planted if you can make a good planter out of those pipes.


Improvise with your indoor plants and try different ways to work with them. Your aesthetic and artistic sides are the most important things when it comes to decorate your home. And as we said earlier, having blessed with a big outdoor garden is not always necessary if you have smart ideas and can execute them properly. You can create your own mini indoor garden and these ideas above are gonna excite you and guide you throughout your way.

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