30 Most Adorable Ideas Of Small Cute Tattoos For Women

Small Cute Tattoos

Not everyone can flaunt a big and elaborate tattoo. We have workplaces to attend and there are several professions where you cannot really get a job if you have a visible tattoo. But does that mean we cannot ink ourselves? Surely not. At least with these ideas of small cute tattoos, you can get inked anytime you want. You can have them and effortlessly can cover them up while you are going to the workplace. Plus, tattoos have become a major element of today’s fashion world and culture. You really do not need a big tattoo to create an impact on others. Choose from small cute tattoos with hearts, geometric designs, or star, and moon, and they look just so adorable.

Small tattoos generally do not have much detailing going on. They are usually simple, cute, and minimalist. In addition to that, the smaller the tattoo, the lower is the price of getting that. Because tattoo prices are mainly calculated on per square inch basis. Moreover, smaller tattoos hurt you less and the aftercare is also the minimum. They heal faster and the best part about getting small cute tattoos is that you can ink them anywhere. Get them on your hands, feet, neck, under the ear, wrist, and even on your fingers. Though finger tattoos need a lot of aftercare and they are even known to smudge. So after all sorts of general information, now let us just move on to some of the most beautiful and elegant designs of small cute tattoos that will just melt your heart.

Most Adorable Ideas Of Small Cute Tattoos For Women:

Small Cute Tattoos With Heart:


Want to express your love for your boyfriend in the form of a tattoo? Go for a heart tattoo. You can even ink the initial of his name in your heart. The heart symbolizes love and also life. Just get a heart outline or accessorize it with other designs like a small butterfly, a small musical note, or an arrow. Small hearts can be placed on your fingers, on the shoulder, even on your ankle.

You can choose a unique heart design like this fingerprint heart tattoo that you can see in the picture. It is truly exceptional and is so thoughtful.

Broken hearts or a couple of small hearts in a single design are also some of the most popular tattoo ideas. You can write a good quote in the shape of a heart if you want to experiment with design and the options are endless. Heart tattoos are universal and are loved by everyone. It is one of the best small cute tattoos to go for. 

Circle Tattoos:


Circular tattoos are insanely gorgeous. And they are on-trend nowadays. It is one of the most popular geometric tattoo designs and ranges from simple to complex designs. Obviously, for a smaller tattoo, you can not expect layered or complex designs. Circle often signifies the completion of a journey and a circle of life. There are many tribal tattoos too whose main elements are circle.


From getting simply a circle on your wrist or ankle to exploring designs like broken line circles and small mountain scenery inside a circle you can choose plenty of designs according to your wish. This pagan star tattoo in a small circle looks so exquisite.

Star Tattoo:

Source : jasonbegaytattoo

Source: siyeon_tattoo

Love to stargaze or as a kid were the stars your favorite drawing elements? Women generally love stars as stars are as beautiful and mystic as the women are. These signify honor, hope, goal, desire, and also guidance. That is why we call a specific star a guiding star, right? Sailors also in ancient times, decided their direction according to the placement of the guiding star on the sky. It also signifies your eternal connection to something or somebody who guides you.

If you do not even go by the meaning, star tattoos are one of the best choices when it comes to choosing small cute tattoos. They look cheerful, dainty, and can be designed the way you want. Get a single star that refers to uniqueness or get an assortment of three stars where they ascend in size. Multiple stars can also be inked but in a small perimeter they would turn out to be fussy. Starting from just a star outline to a starfish tattoo and three colorful stars you can ink anything that suits your choice and looks aesthetic.

A Semicolon:


There are some small cute tattoos that are really beyond your imagination and have a deeper meaning. But it is up to your creativity when it comes to choosing the perfect tattoo design that goes with your personality. If you are a quirky person and want to add that exceptional touch in everything you do, go for a semicolon tattoo.

Semicolon also has a very deep meaning and it symbolizes strong affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues. So despite having strong meaning, it looks so unique and quirky.

When an author chooses a semicolon in a sentence, it signifies that the author could have finished that sentence there with a full stop but chose not to. So, the semicolon in many senses means a second beginning, a new start. It is, thereby one of the most motivational and most thoughtful small tattoos of all. Here you go with some of the most striking semicolon tattoo designs.    

Moon Tattoos:


We have already mentioned about the star tattoos and now let’s talk about the celestial being that is the most favorite among the poets. Moon has always inspired creative souls. It has different meanings in different cultures. For some, it represents a dream, femininity, and magic. On the other hand, for some people, it is for sexuality, creativity, eternity, immortality, and love. If you also consider the moon a symbol of these things or you can relate to this beautiful object that shines brightly on the dark sky, just go and get a moon tattoo that is one of the most beautiful small cute tattoos. Also, the moon can have mystical meaning too. it has two sides. We get to see only the shining side and the dark side exists but does not come in front. If you can relate with this, then also make a moon tattoo your companion. Go for a half-moon or a sun and moon tattoo or a colorful moon tattoo design.

Cute Penguin Tattoo:


Aren’t these cute animals too adorable? Then what are you waiting for? Just get them inked on your body. Penguin tattoos also hold strong meanings. Like they can mean protection, evolution, and a renewal. Tiny penguins can be drawn with just their outlines on. Or draw two penguins holding a heart that means love and compassion between the two. A tribal penguin tattoo also looks effortlessly cute and you can’t go wrong with a small penguin tattoo on your wrist or ankle.

Geometric Bird Tattoo:


Geometric tattoos incorporate small or big geometric elements like lines, circles to create a wholesome shape. In the case of this one of the most dainty small cute tattoos, small simple lines are joined to create a beautiful tattoo of a flying bird. It looks really unique and would look the best on your forearm or wrist. Bird tattoos mean self-sufficiency, freedom of choice, and mental autonomy. If you are a woman with strong mental conviction and fearlessness, go for a beautiful geometrical bird tattoo that is unique and so artistic.

A Cartoon Ghost Tattoo:


If you are a woman with choices that are not too girly, you would definitely end up loving this cartoon ghost tattoo. It is fun, easy to hide, and is not too spooky to get afraid of. A tattoo like this is sure to buy you attention and you can effortlessly reveal the quirky personality you have. Simple to get and so smart and fun to look at. This is one of the most loving small cute tattoos of all.

A Paw Tattoo:


Are you in deep love with your furry friend? Then show your love for your furry companion by having a cute paw tattoo on your wrist or arm. If your pet has left you long ago, a tattoo in his/her name is also a strong way to remember him/her lifelong. Paw tattoos also mean movability, adorability, friendship, and protection. You can just get a paw or add more elements to it like hearts or some lace detailing. They look cute and bear deep meaning too.

Cute Small Tattoos At Hidden Areas:

If you want to keep your tattoo as a hidden secret, you would love to get your tattoo at a hidden spot of your body. Be clever in choosing the place like under your hair, or in between the toe fingers, under your boobs, or at any part of your body that usually remains covered under the clothing. You might not want to display them often or there might be family members who are not okay with you getting a tattoo. You can really try these small cute tattoos in those hidden areas.

An Infinity Tattoo In Between The Finger:  


A Tiny Butterfly On The Side: 


Kitty Hip Tattoo:


Sun And Moon Tattoo At Your Back: 


Small Hip Tattoo – Fire:


An Ice Cream Cone Tattoo:


Tattoos can’t get any cuter. Look at this cute, colorful ice cream cone with a scoop of ice cream in it. It looks delicious and will wonderfully portray your love for ice creams. It is just a funny way to add more quirk and cheerfulness to your personality.

Want Some Extras? Here You Go:


So these were some of the best and most loved ideas of small cute tattoos that you can easily ink on your body. Just show them off proudly or hide them when you wish. and fulfill your desire of having a tattoo that will be with you for the rest of your life.

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