Tattoos With White Ink

17 Striking Ideas of Tattoos With White Ink That You Would Love

Want to do something quirky and different with your tattoo designs? Get yourself some tattoos with white ink if you just want to stand out in the crowd. Okay, they are tricky to pull off and for the people with pale skin, they won’t even show up as much, yet, there is something very elegant and off the path about the white ink tattoos. While all the other traditional or modern tattoo designs incorporate black ink and other vibrant inks; white tattoos use solely one color pigment, i.e the white ink. Here in today’s article we will be talking about some of the most alluring white tattoo ideas that will provoke you to get done with one.

Tattoos with white ink are especially popular among the girls for their tender and feminine appearance. White tattoos are definitely not bold. You can probably draw a feather or a white bracelet around your wrist and get done with that. Remember that you should always seek for an experienced tattoo designer when going for a white tattoo. Have made your mind? Then just reach out for a tattoo parlour and get yourself a subtle, beautiful white tattoo. Looking out for ideas? Check out this article to find out some really cool ones.

Striking Ideas of Tattoos With White Ink:

Get a Butterfly:

You can just choose a butterfly tattoo only for its beauty but butterflies bear significant meaning. They define the journey of a life, they are the symbols of womanhood, and they also mean celebrating the freedom. While most of the regular butterfly tattoos are done in vibrant colors, you can certainly be the change, the head turner. Choose your wide back and go for an intricate white butterfly. Or, for a smaller design, you can choose your ‘behind the ear’ skin area. Make it petite, pretty, and perfect.

Celtic Tattoos with White Ink:

White tattoos give kind of an embossed effect which none of the other tattoos give. And Celtic tattoos would look super stylish when done in white ink. If you have darker skin, this tattoo design would compleent you the most as Celtic tattoos incorporate numbers of complex twists and turns. If you are  pale or the ink quality is not that great, the designs would get hardly noticeable on your skin.

Originally worn among the Celtic warriors, Celtic tattoos generally define endlessness, the endless love among two lovers, and they are also said to bear magical power. Whatever it is, we just can’t get enough of these subtle ideas of Celtic tattoos with white ink. Have a look on the pictures.

White Feathers:

White is elegant, white is sophisticated, and white is classy. And what else can be more beautiful than an elaborate, gorgeous feather tattoo in white? Feathers look great on wrist, ear, under arm, upper arm actually anywhere. Get an expert tattoo designer to get a flawless , ornate white feather. This white lower abdomen father tattoo is nothing but utter sexyness.

Not happy with the idea of a single tattoo? Get a full collection of soft fathers spread on your arm. We call it UTTER GORGEOUSNESS!

Heart It Out with White:

If you are not a person who loves bold and elaborate designs, a cute little white heart is definitely your thing. A white heart is dainty and you can place it on your ankle or even on your fingers. Heart is symbol of love, compassion, courage, and creativity. Draw it in white and wait everybody to appreciate your keen fashion sense. If you are getting a heart on your finger, accessorize it with petite rings, cute nail polishes.

Floral Tattoos with White Ink:

A white floral tattoo is really inspiring and will steal the show among the crowd. A white flower behind your ear will give an effect of an ear cuff.  For your arm, choose a floral design that resembles the work of lace. How about a pretty lotus tattoo or a dainty bouquet of flowers on your anklet? Mix-n-match with pretty designs, be creative, and have delicate white blossoms on your body. We love this cute little dainty blossom on the wrist so much.

Minimalist One-word Tattoo:

Words are super powerful and the word you choose to showcase through your tattoo definitely mirrors your personality. So, inking your favorite word tattoos with white ink is nothing but a really cool idea. The most suitable place to go for this is around your wrist area. Choose a stylish font, be wise to pick up the word, and get inked. You can pick up other languages too besides English and write something sweet and simple to portray your personality. Here goes some amazing pictorial inspirations.

White tattoos are also known as ‘UV Glowing Tattoos’ and they glow in the dark. They are mainly done by using thickened white ink and tattoo artists mostly use various stencils to draw them. Tattoos with white ink are challenging to pull off and they are also high maintenance. Like we said earlier if your skin tone is on the darker side, the white will show up brightly. For the fair or pale skin toned people, you really need to maintain your tattoo well. Wear a good sunscreen before going out in the sun as exposure to sunlight makes your tattoo fade away faster. So, get inspirations from this beautiful bunch of white tattoo designs and get yourself your favorite one.

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