20 Most Adorable Ideas Of Tattoos For Behind The Ear

Tattoos For Behind The Ear

When you want to keep your tattoos personal and don’t want to make them look too splashy, Consider these cool tattoos for behind the ear. Call them cute or call them rebellious, but you can never ignore them. The area behind your ear is such a sweet spot to get some ink on. You loosely tuck in your hair behind the ear and that plays peekaboo with the tattoo you have worn at that place. Delicate, subtle, and sensuous – tattoos for behind the ear can get really sexy and statement-y if you pick your design smartly. The options are endless. Anything that is small, fits in that place properly and embraces the beauty of that area is the best design to fo for. Want some cool tattoo inspirations to choose from? Scroll down below.

Tattoos for behind the ear are so intimate. Want to hide them? Just let loose your luscious locks and for the time you want to show your tattoo off, just tie all your hair up in a top knot or messy bun and your beautiful tattoo is ready to shine through. From dainty flowers to little hearts to frisky butterfly designs, check out below some of the most beautiful designs of tattoos for behind the ear and pick up the right one that suits your taste.

Most Adorable Ideas Of Tattoos For Behind The Ear:

An Ornate Moon:


If a small moon is not your style and you want something that has a little bit more embellishment and jazz to it, try this crescent moon tattoo that has detailing all over it and also has jewels dangling from it. If you love ear jewelry and want your tattoo to double up as a piece of jewelry, this is one of the best designs of tattoos behind the ear that will surely win your heart.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo:


A silent protector that will always protect you from bad spirits and negative energy, a small dreamcatcher tattoo looks so feminine and aesthetic. Choose a black and white design or go for colorful dreamcatcher, both way they look appealing. Feathers, web, beads – all its elements are so subtle and soft, sure to welcome good and sweet dreams in your life.

Musical Note Tattoo:


Want sweet musical notes to always linger around your ear? You definitely need to give this cute musical note tattoo a try. Small notes are easy to draw following the shape of your ear and are easy to hide too. Just ink a single note or choose a composition of a few notes to make the design look bolder and more statement-y.

Minimalist Tattoos For Behind The Ear:


When you don’t want any drama in your life and just want to get something that is minimalist and smart, go get some minimalist no-fuss tattoos for behind the ear. Women who are up to some neat and clean, sober designs will surely love these ones.  

Birds In Flight:

Say cheers to the girlhood and say cheers to the freedom, embrace these birds in flight tattoos to fly higher, and reach your goals. Birds symbolize peace, freedom, and power. So go for this most spiritual birds in flight tattoo and energize yourself with all the positivity it brings in your life.

Butterfly Tattoos:


These tattoos are so popular among the female for their appeal and eternal beauty. And apart from having delicate beauty, butterfly tattoos also have deep meaning. They symbolize change, freedom, and femininity. And the area behind your ear is just the appropriate place to ink a butterfly tattoo as it is an unexpected place just like the nature of a butterfly – frisky and always ready to fly unexpectedly from one place to another.

A Seahorse Tattoo:


A seahorse tattoo is certainly not meant for everyone. It is for those mystic souls who love the under the water world so dearly. Seahorses are so incredible to look at and are one of the mightiest creatures of the marine world. Get a seahorse couple tattoo instead of only one seahorse to celebrate their magical ritual of love. Looks gorgeous and it beautifully embraces the silhouette of the place behind the ear.

Tinker Bell Ear Tattoo:


Love the character of Tinker Bell from the stories of Peter Pan? Then getting a Tinker Bell behind the ear tattoo is an absolutely fun idea. If you are as feisty as her or if you want to try a tattoo design that is loved by all and has a solid fan base, go get this petite and cute fairy on the back of your ear that represents your playful yet strong-headed self.

Funny Tattoos For Behind The Ear:


If these tattoo ideas seem boring or too repetitive to you, it is needless to say that, these funny tattoos will surely intrigue your attention. From funny colorful portraits to this animated purple cartoon animal face – these tattoos are for those who love fun elements in everything.

Dragon Tattoo:

Dragons symbolize strength and wisdom. If you are a lady with a strong will and a lot of fierceness in your character, a dragon tattoo will suit you the best. You can get a dragon in a mini size to rightly place it behind your ear. Dragon tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo choices and are admired for their wide range of designs and styles. If you were looking for ideas of tattoos for behind the ear that have close associations to folklore and history and can be your strongest ally, dragon tattoos are the best options to go for.

An Eiffel Tower Tattoo:

Say Bon Jour to a new day with this lovely Eiffel Tower tattoo. If you love traveling and Paris is your favorite place to visit on this planet, getting this iconic landmark behind the ear can be a great idea. A true representation of sophistication and an emblem of romantic beauty – a lean Eiffel Tower is one of the best designs of tattoos for behind the ear.

Origami Dog:

Origami tattoos look incredibly beautiful. And this origami dog just looks next-level creative peeking from behind your ear. What a better way to show some love to your pooch? Not too overwhelming and consisting of only a few origami lines, origami dog tattoos will be the perfect choice for the die-hard dog lovers.

If you are looking for an unconventional place on your body to get inked, consider the area behind your ear. The area is small, compact, and is easily concealable. And as the area is not easily seen by everybody, you can go with any design and no one is gonna judge you for that. We hope that you got some inspirations from these tattoos for behind the ear and will try one design from the list as soon as possible. Get inked in a unique way and share the picture with us so that we can appreciate your choice. See you real soon with our next post, till then have a great life and stay in fashion.

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