10 Most Glamorous Ideas Of Bun Hairstyles That Are Hard To Miss

Bun Hairstyles

If we have to choose only one hairstyle that goes with every face shape, flatters everybody, and is timeless and classic, we would choose the bun hairstyles over anything else. From simple, messy out-of-the-bed buns to the dressier varieties, this hairstyle is versatile enough to make you look pretty from day to night. No matter what length of hair you have or what hair texture you have got, a rightly styled bun hairstyle will not only make you look super trendy but will also add another dimension to your aura making you look more feminine and poised. From keeping your beautiful locks away from your face when you are into works to giving you a more glamorous and sleek look when you are out and about for a date night, these are some of the best ideas of super quick, easy to achieve bun hairstyles that we are crushing over. 

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Most Glamorous Ideas Of Bun Hairstyles That Are Hard To Miss:

Top-knot Bun:


We can’t just rave enough about this hairstyle. A top-knot bun is a savior for your bad hair days and it gives you a stunning makeover on your special occasions too. They are the easiest solutions for your summer hair problems and they add a little something to your overall persona. From a wispy loose top-knot bun to a sleek one, this bun hairdo is a favorite among workaholics. Simplest to do and requiring just no styling tool, this hairstyle will keep all your hair away from your face giving you a smart and practical look.

Top-knot Bun For Shorter Hair:


Who said that a medium-length or short-length hair babe can’t sport a top-knot bun hairstyle? If you have shoulder-length hair and you have enough confidence to go for a bun, just be daring enough and make it happen by styling it the right way. Take inspiration from the image.

Braided Bun Hairstyle:

Want to up your bun game and take that up to the next level? The braided bun hairstyles are the sure solutions for you. It is so easy to style and leaves a maximum impact. Just gather your hair towards the back or top of the head and then braid that into a knot. Whether it is the second or third day after hair wash or you have freshly washed hair, the braided bun is amazing in making you look edgy and presentable as the way you want it to be. 

Messy Bun:


If you are that kind of a girl who loves to be in her PJs and loves to sport casual look no matter what season it is, messy bun hairstyles are your sure best friends. Uptight and messy is the way to choose when you are meeting your friends over a cup of coffee. For adding some cuteness, try a fringed donut messy bun that looks flattering and flirty. Slightly curl your locks and twist them up into a messy donut bun with the help of your fingers – it is as easy to do as it sounds. 

Pigtail Bun Hairstyle:

Getty Images

Pigtail bun hairstyles give us sheer ‘90s vibe. And we are all game for it. They have managed to stand the test of time and the internet is flooded with crazy pigtail bun hairstyle pictures. And the best part is that they are so easy to style and stay up at place for hours. If you have super slippery hair, just give them hold with a texturizing spray before you start making the bun. And if you are lucky enough to have naturally wavy or curly hair, your buns are even easier to make and maintain. If you are aiming at posing a super quirky street style look, just swear by a pigtail bun hairstyle. 

Twisted-bun Hairstyle:


A totally doable bun hairstyle that looks so intimidating at the first glance, the twisted bun hairstyle adds an effortless subtlety to your look and beautifully frames your face. You can opt for a low twisted bun and style that with elegant hairpieces when you are readying up for a special occasion or wedding and a trendy high twisted bun is your easy solution when you want to look smarter, taller, and more confident. High twisted bun hairstyles allow you to show off your neck area and that helps you appear taller and leaner. 

Sleek Braided Bun:


Get all dolled up by trying this, one of the very unique bun hairstyles that will make you appear like a princess. This hairstyle will work best for the smooth and silky long hair babes and if you have naturally wavy hair, consider using a smoothening spray before you go on securing your strands into a high pony. Once that is done, make tight braids with the gathered hair and simply wrap the braid around the center of the pony until no hair is left. Else, you can also use a bun builder. It is truly one of the most princessy bun hairstyles that we are just crushing over.

Rope Braid Bun:


A festive hairstyle that also adds volume to your mane, a rope braid bun is quite famous among the youngsters who want to turn heads around. An unusual take on the usual bun hairdos, it is chic to look at and adds that much-needed volume and texture to your flat hair that lacks in luster and volume. To make it stand out and to make it appear a little more interesting and chic, add a floral piece to your bun and it is easier to accomplish than what it actually looks.  

Safety Pin Bun Hairstyle:

One of the most unique bun hairstyles on our today’s list, this safety pin hairstyle is one of the most experimental bun hairstyles that is definitely tough to pull off. Sleek bun, infinity braid, and safety pins – this hairstyle will liven up your boring hairdo game in just no time and would look gorgeous with a black smokey eye, nude lips, and structured pantsuits. When you want to look bawsy and sassy and want a special element of your look to stand out, this is the best bun hairstyle to go for. 

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