How To Lose Fat In Face? Tips To Reduce Facial Fat Naturally

How To Lose Fat In Face

A fat face can be a frustrating problem to solve. A chubby face might look beautiful on some people but you should also know this that, chubby cheeks might be the result of immense water retention in your body. And in long run, we all perhaps want to have that sexy chiseled jawline which automatically vanishes once we start accumulating fat on our face. But the good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can try to burn those extra fats and get rid of the double chin. If you are struggling to know how to lose fat in face, this post is for you. These are evidence-based and will show you the result for sure.

Keeping your face toned and youthful is not at all a tough job if you can bring certain changes in your lifestyle and apply certain strategies. Healthy habits, facial exercises, and a healthy diet can really help you lose that stubborn facial fat if you want. If how to lose fat in face is your utmost concern right now, read out below to know what you exactly can do to get a solution to this frustrating problem.

How To Lose Fat In Face? Tips To Reduce Facial Fat Naturally:

Start Doing Facial Exercise:


In the mission of toning and slimming down your face, the first good habit you should initiate in your lifestyle is to engage in some effective facial exercises. You might religiously follow a good fitness routine for your body muscles. But do you really pay hid to your facial muscles? Yeah, we all tend to ignore them. But to sculpt your fat cheeks, there is no better option than performing some really effective facial exercises.

Some of the best exercices that target your facial nuscles are:

The Chipmunk Cheek Squeeze:


This is one of the best cheek and face slimming exercises where you need to make a fish face. “chipmunk cheeks” means babyface, where your face has excess fat. This exercise excellently works on your fatty deposits and helps to reduce buccal fat. In this exercise, you bend your head to back and push your chin forward. Then you need to squeeze in your cheek muscle to make a fish face and hold it for 5 secs. Do up to 10-15 sets to perfectly work off your fatty cheek.

The Jaw Flex:

An excellent way to slim down your face and tone your jawline, this facial exercise can be your perfect bet if you are finding a solution to how to lose fat in face. This exercise works on the muscle around your jawline and helps to get rid of a double chin. It strengthens your jaw trimming it down and giving it a more chiseled look. In this exercise also, you need to tilt your head back so that your eyes can look directly to the ceiling. Now, move your lower lip over the upper lip so that, your jaw muscles get stretched. You will feel the tension in the muscle. Hold this position for 10 secs and repeat it 10 to 15 times.

So if you want to treat your face fat problem to combat aging and make it appear slimmer, swear by face exercises.

Clench Your Jaw:

One of the most effective exercises for your jawline is jaw clenching. A chiseled jawline is only a few steps ahead if you perform jaw clenching for at least 10 seconds and repeat it 10 times a day. Clench your jaw, hold it for 10 secs, and just release.

Vowel Reading:

How to lose fat in face? Get back to your childhood days and loudly call out the vowels. Loudly calling out A, E, I, O, U will work your face and neck muscles and yu are sure to lose stubbrorn fat and get a more defined jawline without even contouring you face.

Do Regular Bodily Exercise:

When you exercise your whole body, the fat deposit around your face also starts to go away along with the fat deposits from other areas of your body. Remember that, your facial fat is one of the most stubborn fats to lose. So when you start doing whole-body exercise, it might take a bit longer time for you to see a positive result in the appearance of your jawline. Do cardio, do yoga, do strength training, or do aerobic exercise – you will lose your face fat for sure.

Have An Eye On Your Diet:

There is no doubt in it that your diet determines how healthy you will be. Eat junk food, consume refined carbs and sugar and you are sure to gain weight and see an increase in fat storage. So in order to get a slimmer face, you have to tweak your diet by cutting down on refined and processed food. Lean towards a healthy diet that is rich in protein and fibers.

Refined carbs do nothing good to your body apart from adding some empty calories. Some of the most common foods that contain refined carbs are white rice, white bread, pasta, cake, pastries, and your regular breakfast cereals. So if you want to really know how to lose fat in face, let us just tell you that, feeding your body right is the first step to quickly start losing those frustrating face fat. Consume foods that are rich in vitamin B12, vitamin D, and healthy fats.

Ditch food that causes inflammation in your body. Going gluten-free can be your trick for this.

Check Your Sodium Intake:

Excess intake of sodium results in high retention of water in your body. As a result, you feel bloated and your face appears puffy and swollen. This puffiness is not exactly fat. It is fluid. So eat less-processed food and salty food that causes your body to hold onto fluid. As it is fluid and not fat, you are likely to get a contoured face as quickly as you ditch high salt food.

Have More Water:

A simple solution to half of your health-related problems is to drink up as much water as you can. Especially, when you are looking for how to lose fat in face, drinking more water is of utmost importance. The benefits of drinking water are manifold. Firstly, it aids in overall weight loss by increasing your metabolism. When you drink water, it staves off your hunger pang, and eventually, your calorie intake is decreased. Secondly, staying properly hydrated decreases water retention in your body so that your face appears less puffy and less bloated.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption:

Moderate drinking is good for your health. But when you start overdoing it, one of the most obvious consequences you will have is ‘weight gain’. In addition to adding inches to your waistline, binge drinking causes your face to bloat and appear fatter.

Alcohol is high in empty calories, you know. when you drink too much your belly, face, arms – all of them get fatter and you gain weight very rapidly. So check your alcohol consumption. Take only up to two drinks per day and not more than that. Excessive drinking causes water retention, bloating and your face becomes horribly puffy.

Chew A Gum:

Do you want to know one of the funniest recommendations on how to lose fat in face? Just put a chewing gum in your mouth and just chew it.

When you chew gum, you are exercising all the muscles of your face and it is incorporating jaw movement too. Needs no extra effort and you can do it whenever you want. Chew a piece of gum while on a walk, or chew one when you are just sitting idle and watching a movie. Such a little task can gift you a more contoured jawline. Try it.

Massage Your Face:

Regular facial massage ensures a considerable amount of fat loss from your face. When you massage your face, it increases the oxygen and blood circulation level in your skin making your skin tighter.

Make a good face concoction by mixing two or three variants of facial oils and devote a few minutes a day to gently massage your face. Massaging also heats up your skin making it lose more fat. Massage your face from bottom to the top and be gentle. Otherwise, you may experience sagging of skin.

…And Lastly Do Not Compromise With Sleep:

Less sleep means more weight gain. On a fat loss regime, one thing you must not compromise with is your sleep. Sleep deprivation along with other bad lifestyle habits makes your adrenal glands release more stress hormone, cortisol. And this hormone is responsible for severe weight gain around your belly and your face too. In another way, sleep deprivation leads to an increase in food intake and also lowered metabolism. So sleep tight to fight against stubborn fat and aid weight loss.

The Bottom Line:

Chubby cheeks might look adorable when you are young. But as you grow, that baby fat does not always look cute. And a fat face often makes you look older than what you are actually. So rely on the above-mentioned few things and you will definitely notice changes in your jawline. Bad lifestyle, consumption of junk food, less sleep – you need to ditch all these bad habits for your own betterment. So guys these were a few strategies and tips that must have given you a solution to how to lose fat in face. We hope you found them helpful and would follow them to get a prettier and slimmer face. Sending a lot of love your way…

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