How To Clean The Laptop Screen – Only Things that You Need To Know

How To Clean The Laptop Screen

Whether you are doing work from home or are just spending your time binge-watching shows on Netflix, a dirty laptop screen is an ultimate bummer. Your laptop exterior catches all the dirt and grimes and you really need to clean that on a regular basis in order to ensure your gadget’s longevity. Know that all this accumulated dust can be a major concern for the health of your laptop. And your laptop screen catches more dust than your desktop monitor. So do you know how to clean the laptop screen in a very delicate manner so that the screen does not get scratched or harmed in any way? While a dirty laptop screen will disturb the brightness and color of the screen, it will also attract many flu-causing bacteria and germs which are deadly for your health.

So in order to run your laptop smoothly and also to ensure good health of yours, you need to clean your laptop screen on a regular basis. Go on reading our toady’s post to know everything about how to clean the laptop screen in the most efficient manner and also how to do it in the most delicate way so that you get a flawless screen at the same time not causing it any damage due to abrasion.

How To Clean The Laptop Screen – Only Things that You Need To Know:

A Few Things To Remember:

Remember that, cleaning your laptop is not like cleaning your wardrobes or your window glasses. You just can’t pick a random cloth piece and wipe off the dust from the screen. You have to be careful about the cleaner, the wiping tool, and everything so that your laptop screen does not get harmed. So if you are finding answers for how to clean the laptop screen, first be choosy about the products that you are using to clean the screen.

Switch Off Your Laptop:

Do not ever forget to switch off your laptop before you start with the cleaning regime. Unplug the power adapter and battery as well. Cleaning your laptop screen while it is still on can cause permanent damage to your prized possession.

Use A Microfiber Cloth:

You use it to clean your camera lens or spectacles as well. And a piece of microfiber cloth is your best bet when it comes to discussing how to clean the laptop screen. Forget your regular napkin and paper towels as they are scratchy in nature and will leave extra debris on the screen. Just take your piece of microfiber cloth and gently wipe off any visible dust or grease. The LCD screens are best cleaned with a lint-free cloth. Never be harsh while wiping off as it can cause damage to the LCD screen and also may cause pixel burnout. Make sure that you are not using any kind of liquid cleaner or sprays to clean your laptop. Many people tend to use glass cleaner to clean their laptops which is the worst ever thing you are doing to your laptops.

Use A Gentle Cleaning Solution: How To Clean The Laptop Screen

After you have gently wiped off all the loose particles and dust, this is the time for deep cleaning. And for that, you need to make a gentle cleaning solution which does not contain chemical and would be gentle to the screen.

Make Your Own Cleaning Solution:

You can make your own cleaning solution very easily. Just use one part of plain white vinegar and one part of the plain distilled water to make the solution. You are not recommended to use apple cider vinegar or any other vinegar while making the solution. And distilled water is only advised to dilute the vinegar and not the tap water. You know very well that tap water contains a whole lot of chemicals.

Should You Use Alcohol To Clean The Laptop Screen?:

While giving solutions to how to clean the laptop screen, many suggest using rubbing alcohol as a cleaning solution. But it can prove to be a pricey mistake that you would like to avoid. Any diluted rubbing alcohol, as well as glass cleaners, can damage the LCD screen and also may strip off the anti-reflective coating that it has. If you can get your hands on an LCD monitor-cleaning kit, you may use the monitor-cleaning solution provided in that kit.

Other Cleaning Supplies You Must Not Use:

Any window cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, dish-washing soap, or detergent water is not recommended as the cleaning agent.

Do Not spray The Cleaning Solution Directly Onto The Monitor:

If you use to spray the cleaner directly to the screen and then wipe that off, stop doing that from right now! Excess liquid will drip down the screen and will seep through the edges of the laptop. If this liquid comes in contact with the sensitive materials inside, you may have to say goodbye to your dear laptop.

How To Use The Solution To Clean The Screen:

Now that you are ready with your microfiber clolth and the cleaning solution made with half a portion of white household vinegar and half a portion of distilled water, it is time to start cleaning the screen surface. Firstly, pour the solution into a spray bottle for your convenience. Now spritz a little amount on the cloth piece so that it gets slightly dampened and not completely wet. If it has any excess liquid, wring that out. You don’t want any excess liquid to glide down the screen and cause any harm to the internal parts of your laptop.

Now just wipe your screen left to right and top to bottom to get rid of all the stains, finger smudges, and unwanted spots. Two to three loving wipes will be enough to get a squeaky clean laptop screen.

What To Do With The Edges?

The edges of the laptop screen can not be reached out and cleaned properly with that microfiber cloth. For that, use q-tips. Gently clean the edges and corners of your laptop screen with help of that.

Dry Your Laptop:

Knowing how to clean the laptop screen is not only enough. You need to know till the end. And knowing how to dry out the screen after all the wiping and cleaning is one of the most essential parts. After you have cleaned the screen, reach out for another dry piece of microfiber cloth to wipe the screen off again. This will remove all the remaining moisture from the surface of the screen and you will get a squeaky clean laptop screen free from any dirt, grime, and unwanted spots and fingerprints.

Few Tips To Remember:

  • Always cover the keyboard with the help of a piece of cloth or anything so that the dirt does not get accumulated on the keyboard.
  • Firstly, dry-wipe your screen before you start with the deep-cleaning with the help of a cleaning solution.
  • Never directly spray the cleaning solution to the laptop screen.
  • Do not press your laptop screen too hard.

So, folks and friends, we are sure that you have got your answers to all the queries related to how to clean the laptop screen if you have made your reading till the end. It is not rocket science. You have to be a little bit careful about the products and materials you are using to clean the screen. The laptop has sensitive parts and its screen gets scratched and damaged very easily. So be gentle, do not use abrasive cleaning agents and you will be able to clean the screen very easily under a few minutes.

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