How To Be Happier: 9 Things You Can Do To Be Happy In Life

How To Be Happier

We all want to be happy. And everything that we do in life is in pursuit of happiness. But what does ‘being happy’ actually mean? Does it mean wearing a smiling face or does it mean feeling the well-being or contentment from within? World Happiness Report has found that in today’s world, negative emotions are on rising and for the United States too, happiness is also on a steep decline. But why people are struggling so much to be happy? Even if they are earning big, they are not happy. You know what, just because you have the luxury to spend your money in a carefree manner does not mean that you are the happiest person in the world. Being happy is an art and you really need to learn how to be happier. So today we are here to talk about a few very important tricks and tips about how to be happier and more satisfied in your life. 

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Happiness starts from within. You can’t buy it from the shop nor you can make it in your kitchen. Happiness is a state of mind and it can never be achieved through materialistic comfort and stuff. Rather being too materialistic ruins the chances of being completely happy. In the quest of how to be happier, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that it is nothing immediate and now. But it is a continuous process and a constant thing that remains with you lifelong. So let’s dig in and find out some of the golden rules which can make you happy in a real sense. 

How To Be Happier: Things You Can Do To Be Happy In Life:

Don’t Compare Your Life With Others:


The habit of making constant comparisons with others does nothing good to you but bad.  In this age of social media activity, we have all become the victim of comparing our lives with others. And as the grass on the other side of the river always seems to be greener and better, comparing life with others inevitably makes us more gloomy and unhappy. Everybody’s journey towards success is different and your story can never match with another person’s story with whom you are comparing your life. It does nothing but buying you great discontent and you get one step closer toward being unhappier. So if you ask us how to be happier in life, the first thing we will recommend you is to stop comparing your life with others right now.

Smile More Often:

And even if you can’t make it just FAKE it. Several studies have been carried worldwide and the studies have come to a conclusion that people who smile more often tend to be happier. The facial expression has direct links with how we feel from within. It is actually a two-way thing. Smiling stimulates your brain to release more dopamine and that makes you genuinely happier. So whenever you are feeling a bit low, practice smiling. Get up in bed and start your day with a smiling face. You will see the difference for sure.

Do Not Be Surrounded By Negative People:

People who are always negative in their life are bound to impact your life negatively too. Negative attitudes have such a bad effect on our thinking process. Being surrounded by negative people affects your intelligence and also your ability to think. Negative people only insist you focus on your problems instead of focusing on the solutions. So if you want to be positive and happy in your life, be surrounded by positive people and stop hanging out with negative people.

Live In The Present:

But that does not mean we are insisting you stop planning for your future. While financial planning and family planning are things you need to do in your life (which are essential keys to be happy), there is certainly no need to worry too much and being always anxious thinking about the future. Also, we are always thinking about our past. What we did wrong, where the plans did not work – and all these worrisome thoughts do not allow us to live a good present life. We become more indecisive and take wrong steps at wrong times which again paves the road of failure and not being happy enough. Thinking too much about the past makes you depressed and thinking too much about the future makes you anxious. So if you want peace, live in the PRESENT.

Frequent Travel Makes You Happier:

Travelling is one of the most necessary things for your mental well-being and we just can’t stress enough on this fact. Whether it is just a short weekend trip or a well-planned long vacay, every kind of traveling lifts up your mood and makes you happier. This claim is also backed by science and several studies have also confirmed that traveling expands our mind, boosts our spirit, and also builds up confidence. When we travel we meet new people, make new memories, and as a result our chance of being in a happy state of mind increases. So if you really want to know how to be happier, plan for a quick trip.

Work On Your Relationship:

Being in a healthy relationship is so important. A good relationship keeps you emotionally sound and mentally happy. So if you really want to know how to be happier, start working on your relationship. A toxic relationship is the cause of unhappiness for many in today’s world. A positive relationship means love, support, trust, and it is an encouragement all the way. Caring for your partner and being cared for help you to live a happy and healthy life. 

Be A Morning Person:

Studies have shown that morning persons are way more productive and happier than the persons who wake up really late. If you are in love with your few extra zzzs in the morning, you are simply missing out on most of the fun in your life. Waking up early helps your body produce more endorphins which act to increase the feeling of pleasure and well-being in one. Searching the answer of how to be happier? Start waking up early. Waking up early means extra time in hand. You get time to do that stretches, yoga, and morning time skincare routine which you definitely miss when you are late in getting up. Getting up late means no breakfast, no skincare, and no exercise. You are bound to feel grumpy and unhappy when your daily job goals are not met and you are lagging behind. 

Be Grateful:


Be grateful for every little thing that you have in your life. When you get up in the morning, thank nature, the Almighty for the wonderful trees, colorful butterflies, and sweetly fragrant flowers. It might sound very philosophical but believe us, friends, it is your first step towards your entire mental happiness. Be happy when your husband gets you a bunch of red roses instead of expecting more. Thank him back with a kiss or a warm smile. You will notice a change in your life.

Make Exercise Your Best Friend:

Do you think that exercising is only needed to stay in shape? Well, then you really need to know that regular exercising also helps you to deal with anxiety and reduces stress. If you are suffering from low self-esteem and want that kick to boost your confidence, make it a point to exercise on a regular basis. If hitting the gym or going for vigorous exercise is not your game, go for a short walk, do stretching for a while or just dance off your worries. The more you sweat out the more refreshed you feel. Your heart remains healthy, your waist size puts a smile on your face, your skin glows like a diamond, and you feel happy and contended.

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So friends if nothing is keeping you happy and you are really feeling stressed thinking about how to be happier, just follow these simple tips and tricks. Listen to good music, meet new people, meditate, spend time with your pet, and also enjoy your own company. You will surely feel the change and will rediscover a smarter and more confident happier ‘you’. 

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