7 Best And Delicious Homemade Christmas Pudding Recipes To Try

Christmas Pudding

A traditional feast dish, a Christmas pudding is a delicious part of the Christmas dinner and is often referred to as plum pudding. Here plum does not mean actual plum fruit, but it refers to raisins that were used in traditional plum puddings. Unlike American pudding, a British Christmas pudding is usually a dense and moist fruitcake-like thing that is all stuffed with dried fruit, fruit peel, citrus zest, and apple. Dark in color and dense in flavor, we all love this classic pudding. Whether you love the classic recipe or love to add a twist to it, having a look at these homemade Christmas recipes will provide you with new ideas and you will get to end your Christmas dinner on a very sweet note. 

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Traditionally a Christmas pudding is believed to bring good fortune. And there is also a custom of hiding a silver coin into the pudding. Whoever finds it after the cutting of the pudding is considered lucky! Also, a traditional one uses 13 ingredients that also include brandy. These 13 ingredients are thought to be representative of Jesus and the 12 disciples. And they are raisins, brown sugar, lemon peel, orange peel, flour, mixed spices, eggs, milk, suet, breadcrumbs, citron, and brandy. So yeah, it tastes delicious and is a quintessential part of Christmas dinner to finish off the day on a very sweet note. Let’s have a look at some of the most brilliant recipes of it and try and make them ASAP. 

Best And Delicious Homemade Christmas Pudding Recipes To Try:

Classic Christmas Pudding:

This truly deserves the top place on the list. A flamed Christmas pudding is what everybody awaits. Though the numbers of ingredients needed are truly overwhelming but making it ahead of time will make the process easier. The recipe uses brandy to soak the fruits. But brandy can be substituted with whisky also. Rich in flavor and texture, moist and delicious, this pudding recipe is a must-try. 


Pear, Ginger, And Walnut Christmas Pud Recipe:

A flavorful twist on your classic pud, this pear, ginger, and walnut Christmas pudding is decadent and full of flavor. Pear adds freshness to it and ginger adds warmth. It is enough to feed a large crowd and is moist from inside. Serve it your own way and accompany your Christmas dinner. This recipe below will help you out. 


Traditional Irish Christmas Pudding With Brandy Butter:

This is an ideal traditional Irish or Irish American Christmas pudding that is topped with yummy brandy butter. Set it on fire and serve and have a blast. As added ingredients, here you will also be using castor sugar and glace cherries that add up to its taste profile. Everyone from kids to adults will love this pudding to bits. 


Christmas Sticky Toffee Pudding:

A vegan festive dessert that you can make any other day, Christmas sticky toffee pudding tastes heaven into the mouth. For the pudding, you need ground nutmeg, ground ginger, ground cinnamon, and a pinch of ground cloves as the spice and as you add coconut to the batter, it makes all the difference. Few slices of toasted walnuts are also added for that perfect amount of texture and crunch. Once the pudding is ready and removed from the mould, top it with toffee sauce, walnuts, and decadent brandy cream. Your moist and rich, spicy toffee pudding is ready to be served.


Ice Cream Christmas Pudding:

Experimenting with the traditional recipes is fun and this ice cream Christmas pudding is what we call extreme experimentation. You can make the ice cream at home or for a short cut can use store-bought ice cream. But soften it a little bit before using it. To make this frozen pudding we will be using dried apricots, glace pineapple, raisins, glace cherries, and that every other thing that makes this recipe taste amazing. After unmoulding the it, serve it with freshly cut strawberries and enjoy your Christmas dinner to the fullest. 


Baked Christmas Pudding:

It is a baked version of pudding where you require to use currants, dried plum, apple, and lemon and orange peel. Rum is used to soak in the raisins, currants, grated apple, candied orange and lemon peel, and the dried plums. The dessert tastes decadent and looks awesome when served garnished with cherries. Enjoy. 


Christmas Tropical Pudding:

Give your winter pudding a tropical touch by adding lots of dried mangoes, oranges, cranberries, and pitted prunes to it, and bring the fall-winter flavor by adding apricot, sultanas, and mixed spice. Toasted macadamia nuts add a hearty crunch to the pud whereas the brown sugar cream as the topping makes a great combination of taste. It is a delicious twist on your Christmas pudding and must be served with freshly sliced mangoes to give it that perfect tropical look. 


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