7 Healthy Summer Foods to Include In Your Diet Right Now

You are definitely loading your wardrobe with all summer-friendly clothing and accessories and you have also stocked up all the summer essentials like sunscreens, face mists, deodorants to be all prepared to fight against hot and humid summer days but have you given a thought about changing your diet? Yes, my lovelies, as the summer sun drains out all the vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients from your body and leaves you all dehydrated, it is the time to change your usual diet a little bit to stand strong against the angry sun. You should know about all the healthy summer foods which will make your body feel the best during this time of the year.

You should lean towards more antioxidant-rich foods, seasonal fruits and vegetables, potassium and vitamin C rich foods and foods which are loaded with water. Make sure you are hydrated throughout the day to look and feel the best. So, let’s jump into the best healthy summer foods list and make your own diet plan for the summer.

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Healthy Summer Foods To Include In Your Diet Right Now:




One of the healthiest and tastiest options to beat the summer heat in style is to intake lots and lots of watermelons. 90 percent of a watermelon is water so no question of getting dehydrated comes if you are having at least half or a few slices of watermelon a day. Watermelon is your skin’s best friend as it is loaded with vitamin A, C, lycopene and amino acids. Eat as much as watermelon you can as one cup of watermelon has only 47 calories and it is also very good for weight loss.

Green Tea:



Green tea is rich in vitamins and minerals and is full of antioxidants. Even though you can think that how can a warm drink be a summer food option, but green tea actually cools down your body as it helps you to sweat more and detoxify. Green tea has more vitamin C content than spinach! Can you imagine? And added benefits – it helps you to maintain good heart health, strong metabolism and it also fights against cancer.

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Sweet Corn:



Eating delicious sweet corns in summer is just so delightful. Corns are full of two antioxidants. Lutein and Zeaxanthin and they are efficient in filtering out the damaging sun rays. Yellow corns are the best for your eye health and its fair amount of fiber content makes it a year-long healthy food option. Just munch on some sweet corn or popcorn and your summer days are gonna be healthy and fresh.

Bottle Gourd:



Does not sound very fancy but believe us it is one of the best and healthy summer foods you can ever think of. 92% of bottle gourd is water and it will surely keep you hydrated during the summer months. It has vitamins C, K and is rich in calcium. It maintains good heart health, blood sugar level and also lowers down the bad cholesterol level. Try to drink at least a glass of bottle gourd juice a day and make sure you drink the juice immediately after you make it as it oxidizes very quickly.




How can we not mention this summer friendly food? Yogurt is full of probiotics, bacteria that helps you to run your digestive system properly. And it is packed with protein and keeps your tummy full for a longer period of time so that you don’t crave for junk food to worsen the health too much in summer. Yogurt keeps you cool during summer and it boosts your immunity system as well. Make various kinds of summer smoothies with fruits and yogurt and summer snack smartly.

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Berries are pulpy, colorful, sweet or sour, small fruits and come in different varieties like blackberries, blueberries, strawberries etc and all of these berries are fantastic and healthy summer foods. They are filled with flavonoids and thus are beneficial for the heart. They are rich in antioxidants and are of good benefits for your summer skin problems. They are also a good source of fiber and their vitamin C content makes them one of the best, healthy summer foods to have.




The list of healthy summer foods does not come to an end without mentioning these red, cute vegetables. Tomatoes are one of those most versatile vegetables that have numerous health benefits. You can eat raw tomatoes or can make various dishes with them. Tomato sauces and dips are also very famous and tomato salad is also very easy to make. By origin it is a South American vegetable but now is cultivated all over. It is filled with vitamin E, A, C, potassium, manganese and will keep you fresh and healthy during the hot days if consumed regularly.

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Summer months are intolerable, hot, humid- they have many drawbacks but let us all thank this season as it brings along some of the most colorful and healthiest fruits and vegetable options with it. If you drink abundant water, maintain a good diet with all these healthy summer foods in it and sleep properly at night, you will feel that summer hectic days are not posing that much problems for you and you are doing really good. A few suggestions – please avoid oily junk foods, late night parties and alcohol and irregular sleeping habits during this time and you will feel that your summer days are all bright and happy.


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