9 Healthiest Fruits For Weight Loss You Must Add To Your Diet

Healthiest Fruits

All fruits are healthy for our body but not all fruits are effective to help us in losing weight. They come packed with important vitamins, minerals, fibers, and other human-body-friendly nutrients that are of great benefit to us. There are some healthiest fruits for weight loss that are low in calories and have a high fiber content making them a good snacking option. Some fruits on the other hand are dense in calories and are excessively sweet. You would definitely like to ditch those fruits if your goal is to shed some extra kilos. Even if they are delicious and come loaded with nutritional benefits, they do not make it to the list of the healthiest fruits for weight loss as they are of the high-calorie count. So ladies, if you are trying to lose some weight, below is a list of the best-recommended fruits for you that will be your best friends on your mission.

Healthiest Fruits For Weight Loss You Must Add To Your Diet:



Low in calories and high in fiber, an apple a day keeps doctors away. Amazingly delicious and a must-add to your regular diet, apples are not only one of the healthiest fruits for weight loss but also help one prevent diabetes and fight against heart diseases. An excellent fruit that reduces cholesterol and promotes brain health – apples when regularly eaten will provide you with great health benefits. A large apple has about 116 calories and 5.4 grams of fiber and it is more effective than even oats as a weight reducing food. It is filling, satisfying, and you can rely on it as a great snacking option.



You must have heard that kiwifruits or Chinese Gooseberries are excellent in controlling blood pressure. But do you know that this fruit that comes packed with vitamin C and K is also one of the healthiest fruits for weight loss? High in vitamin C, K, fiber, folate, and potassium – kiwis are low in calories and are high in antioxidant content. They replete your system with vital antioxidants and minerals and are recommended by health experts. If you are trying to reduce your belly fat and overall weight in a natural and healthy manner, kiwis are one of the best fruits to rely on.



Any citric fruit, in this matter, is great for weight loss. And oranges are one of the most effective among them. Delicious, low in calories, high in water content – who does not like to relish a tangy-sweet bite of fresh orange? Not only a weight-loss-friendly fruit but orange is also good for your skin, hair, and its high iron content helps your body to fight against conditions like anemia. Immunity boosting, collagen-production promoting, blood sugar level controlling –oranges are great to consume on a regular basis to fight against so many health problems. Eat only up to one orange a day as its high fiber content can cause to experience diarrhea.



To lose those extra kilos faster, pineapples can be relied on for sure. It is very interesting about pineapples that despite containing sugar, it is a fantastic fat-burning fruit. Again the credit goes to the enzymes that are found in the juice of pineapple. Bromelain which helps in the good digestion of protein also works with other enzymes like lipase and digests fat. Plus the fat content of this fruit is negligible making it a great snack option in between your meals.

Besides, due to its soluble fiber content, it remains in your tummy for a long amount of time suppressing untimely hunger pang. Pineapple also controls your level of blood sugar. So eat some pineapples to shed those stubborn belly fats and extra kilos.

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Blueberries are packed with health-friendly nutrients but are low in calories. And they are also an excellent source of soluble fiber. This combination makes them one of the healthiest fruits for weight loss to add to your diet. Snack on a few blueberries in between big meals or have them with your breakfast. You are helping your body to get thinner and healthier.



Watermelons have very few calories. A small cup of watermelon contains only about 80 calories. So if a few kilos of weight loss is on your card, try fresh watermelons. They will curb your appetite, will take care of the nutrients that your body needs, and at the same time will also help you lose that stubborn flab.

Its high water content keeps your system hydrated which is one of the primary conditions you must satisfy in order to lose weight. And in addition to that, watermelons do a load of good things to your health by being an enriched source of vitamins A, C, B6, potassium, amino acids, and anti-oxidants.


One of the best fruits to eat for breakfast, 92% of grapefruit is water. Several studies have confirmed that if you drink a glassful of grapefruit juice before every meal, it will be helping you to lose weight at a faster pace. Its semi bitter-sweet taste might make it a fruit that is not much popular but grapefruit is one of the healthiest fruits you can add to your diet for weight loss. High in vitamin C, lycopene, fiber, and potassium, this fruit is also beneficial in increasing HDL cholesterol and keeps you feel full for a longer period of time.


One of the best fat burners that come in a form of fruit, pomegranates provide a full array of extra health benefits. Containing fiber, protein, folate, potassium, vitamin C, polyphenols, and vitamin K – this is one of the healthiest fruits for weight loss you can add to your diet. Apart from being an excellent fat burner, pomegranates help your body combat high blood pressure, inflammation, LDL, and even certain types of cancers. You can have this tasty fruit in a form of juice or you can top your breakfast cereal with a hearty amount of pomegranate seeds to give it a zesty and juicy twist. thespruceeats.com



With minimum calories and maximum health benefits – papayas are one of the healthiest fruits for weight loss. Its diuretic nature, high fiber content, and presence of bromelain in it make it an excellent fat burner. Being a storehouse of fiber, papaya keeps you fuller for longer and you don’t crave unhealthy snacking. Have a cup of papaya in the morning and reap the maximum amount of health benefits out of it. You can also eat papaya at night as it has laxative properties and will help you to cleanse the colon.

Fruits are a must add to your day to day diet and they provide you with overall health benefits. And helping your body to lose weight is only one among them. The best time to eat fruits is the morning time and most precisely with your breakfast. Make sure that you don’t eat fruits after the sun is set. Also except for some fruits like apples, most of the fruits are not recommended to eat on an empty stomach. So, ladies, these were some of the healthiest fruits to add to your diet if you are aiming for weight loss and that too in a natural way.

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