10 Best-known And Healthiest Foods That Are Good For Liver

Foods That Are Good For Liver

The largest organ in our body, a healthy liver is essential for our overall well-being. From removing toxins from our system to producing proteins, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol to storing vitamins and minerals – the liver does some of the most vital jobs that aids in maintaining good health. So it goes without saying that we need to take proper care of our liver. And for that, you can rely on these below-listed foods that are good for liver. Which are those foods that help in repairing your liver and help to detoxify it? Obviously, you would prefer not to eat too many fatty or salty foods. And now let us focus on the below list that includes some of the best foods that will take care of your liver and keep it in a good working state. 

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Best-known And Healthiest Foods That Are Good For Liver:


Tea is one of the most beneficial beverages in the world. And it has been found to be extra beneficial for our livers. It has a protective effect on the liver and it also prevents liver diseases. Green tea is particularly having great liver-protecting effects and it has also been found to inhibit liver cancer. Being high in antioxidants, green tea is good for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and reduces fat storage in the liver. Black tea and green are the only sources of the amino acid theanine. And this theanine when given to mice prior to alcohol exposure has been found to restore baseline liver function. So, now you know that tea is one of the best beverages that you can drink to protect your liver from getting damaged. foodandwine.com


Various studies have confirmed that people who drink black coffee in moderation have lower levels of ALT and AST. Higher levels of these two enzymes always indicate liver damage. When you drink three or more cups of coffee on a regular basis, your ALT and AST level significantly goes down ensuring good liver health. Coffee also contains cafestol that plays a pivotal role in reducing the development of type-2 diabetes. Its role as an antidiabetic drug is broadly known. So drink coffee in moderation and reap benefits out of it as it is one of the most beneficial foods that are good for liver. 

Cruciferous Vegetables:

Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, radish, turnips – these are cruciferous vegetables and they are among the foods that are good for liver. They have high fiber content and increase detoxification enzymes in the liver which has a protective effect on that. Cruciferous vegetables also contain a compound called indole. Indole helps in preventing fatty liver disease. 


Soy is counted among the best foods that are good for liver and it is extra beneficial for those who are suffering from fatty liver disease. It has been seen that people who are obese and also have liver-related problems, tend to accumulate fat and triglycerides in the livers. And soy protein effectively reduces this accumulation. To stay away from alcohol-related liver diseases, include more soy-based foods in your diet. Eat tofu, soy milk, and edamame which are excellent sources of soy. 


Nuts, when consumed in moderation, have excellent health benefits and they are counted among the best foods that are good for liver. They are dense in nutrients and have healthy fats. They are rich in antioxidants and that is why are good for people who are suffering from liver diseases. Nuts help in neutralizing free radicals that drastically affect our liver cells. Also, the healthy unsaturated fats are beneficial in protecting against any sort of fat accumulation.


Any food that is rich in fiber is good for the liver and so is oatmeal. This food helps you lose extra belly fat which in turn drives away liver diseases. When you accumulate extra fat especially around your stomach region, you tend to get more prone to fatty liver disease. Oats, being high in antioxidants and fiber reduces the effects of free radicals on liver cells and keeps them in their best working state. 


Beetroot, being an excellent source of antioxidants named betalains, is excellent for reducing damages caused by oxidative stress and inflammation. Apart from being rich in antioxidants, beetroot juice also has anti-cancer properties and is one of those foods that are good for liver. It increases the amount of detoxifying enzymes in the liver and keeps fatal liver diseases at bay. 


Thanks to the antioxidants like naringenin that are present in grapefruit, these delicious fruits are great in reducing liver inflammation while protecting the liver cells. People suffering from the fatty liver will also benefit from this deliciously juicy fruit and being rich in vitamin C and helpful antioxidants, grapefruit helps the liver to flush out all the toxins and protect liver cells from any kind of damage.


Garlic provides you with so many health benefits. And that includes protecting your liver from damages too. It contains a compound called allicin which has antioxidant and antibiotic properties. Also, garlic is rich in selenium which has detoxifying qualities. It stimulates the function of liver enzymes and helps in flushing out bodily toxins. 


Herbs like ginger, turmeric, licorice, cilantro, and dandelion show great benefits for our liver. They are natural detoxifiers and keep our system clean. So if you are suffering from high blood sugar levels or high blood pressure or high cholesterol and elevated levels of triglyceride, consider taking these herbs along with your normal treatments as they are some of the most effective foods that are good for liver. Nut yes, obviously consult your doctor before you consume these. 

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