6 Outstanding Health Benefits Of Green Coffee That Are Worth Knowing

Benefits Of Green Coffee

If you are a health freak and are always in search of such food that will level up your wellness game, then you must have heard about green coffee. It is one of the biggest beverage trends right now and that too for obvious reasons. There are green beverages everywhere. From green smoothies to matcha lattes – we are spoilt for choices when it comes to healthy green drinks. But green coffees are something different and something special. And they come with a whole world of health benefits. Raw, unroasted, and high in antioxidants, there are innumerable outstanding health benefits of green coffee that make it an increasingly popular beverage option in the wellness community. Want to know what are they? Then you just need to give this post a good read and then just rush to buy your pack of green coffee to enjoy its goodness. 

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What Is Green Coffee:

Green coffee: sounds unique right? But the thing is that it is not an exotic variety of coffee that grows rarely or in far-away lands. Green coffee is just a regular raw coffee bean that has not been roasted yet. When coffee beans are picked and processed, all of them are green. After that when they get roasted they get their brown color and roasting also brings out the aroma and flavor that is locked inside the green beans. Roasting also changes the coffee’s nutrient concentration. So if you can’t do without your strong morning cuppa coffee, green coffee is probably not your thing as it has a much milder flavor and aroma. But the good thing is that green coffee has more antioxidant content than roasted coffee and after you will get familiar with the plethora of health benefits of green coffee, you would probably shift to this coffee variety to enjoy its benefits. 

Difference Between Green Coffee And Roasted Coffee:

The first difference that any layman can also make out is the color difference. Green coffee is green in color and the regular coffee beans are dark-brown. The other thing is that green coffee tastes much milder which is similar to herbal teas and roasted ones are stronger and richer in the aroma. The other very important difference is that raw green coffee beans pack a higher volume of chlorogenic acids which is responsible for most of the health benefits of green coffee. And the last difference between these two varieties is that green coffee contains very little caffeine when compared to roasted ones. 

Now we will quickly move on to the best health benefits of green coffee. So scroll down below and explore them. 

Outstanding Health Benefits Of Green Coffee That Are Worth Knowing:

Promotes Weight Loss:

Just like green tea, green coffee is an excellent fat burner. Thanks to the presence of chlorogenic acid in it that accelerates the process of fat burning. Chlorogenic acid helps our body to burn glucose and fat at a faster pace and also lowers the absorption of carbs that in turn hinders blood sugar spikes. Chlorogenic acid basically is a polyphenol antioxidant that is scientifically is proven to help reduce weight in one and it also helps our metabolic function to get improved which is also responsible for good gut health. 

Reduces Blood Pressure:

Go for a hot brew or a cold one, there are numerous health benefits of green coffee that make it an amazing beverage popular among the health-conscious people. And one of such benefits is its ability to reduce one’s blood pressure. Many researchers have found out that people who consume green coffee on a regular basis experience improved arterial elasticity and reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure. So if you want a healthier drink option that is heart-friendly and will remarkably decrease blood pressure, resort to green coffee. 

Has Anti-aging Effects:

Due to its high antioxidant properties, green coffee eliminates the free radicals from our body and thus it is a natural anti-aging tonic. If you want to know about a very natural way to reduce your fine lines and wrinkles and want to have a magic drink that will also ensure new skin cell generation, green coffee is your ultimate solution. The high content of chlorogenic acid in it also reduces the amount of damage caused by sunlight exposure and decreases the roughness of the skin.

Boosts Metabolism:

Chlorogenic acid also is studied to improve the BMR in our body. And when BMR level is improved, the release of glucose from the liver to the bloodstream is reduced, and hence our body starts to burn the fat that is stored in it in order to fulfill the need for glucose in our body. 

Boosts Mood:

One of the best health benefits of green coffee is to boost your mood. And this beverage does this in addition to enhancing our psychomotor and cognitive performance and also prevents Alzheimer’s disease. Green coffee also is a restorative drink and the caffeine content in it increases the release of dopamine which ensures attention, uplifted mood, alertness, and improved brain function. You can also sip green coffee before your gym time as it improves athletic performance and endurance.

Boosts immunity:

If you are suffering from diminished immune health which can be due to several things like a bad or sedentary lifestyle, regular junk food consumption, and many things more, start taking green coffee as it helps in restoring good immune health. One of the greatest health benefits of green coffee is to improve the levels of blood circulation in our body which in turn cleans our system and makes it strong enough to fight against infection and diseases. The chlorogenic acid in green coffee is also said to have antimicrobial properties which make it a great selection to fight against yeast, bacteria, and other deadly disease-spreading germs. 

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