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8 Extra-ordinary Evidence-based Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Green, black or white – any kind of tea can do wonder to your health if taken in moderation. If you are a tea-lover and just can’t start off your day without having a cup of hot tea; good news for you, you are serving your health so good without even knowing about it. Being one of the most favorite beverages across the world, many cultures, and societies; the culture of drinking tea actually did originate in Southwest China. It got famous as a medicinal drink and later on its popularity as a beverage spread to other Asian countries and then to the entire world. So what are the mind-blowing benefits of drinking tea regularly? Let’s check out below and make this aromatic beverage a part of our diet to stay healthy.


Before diving into the benefits of drinking tea, we would like to clarify one very important point over here. what is that? Well, we often confuse between two terms -“REAL TEA” & “HERBAL TEA”. Please keep in mind that both are just not the same. When you drink “REAL TEA”, it is actually what we call ‘’TEA”. It is made from the leaves that are got from a tea plant. There are four variations of real tea and they are GREEN TEA, WHITE TEA, BLACK TEA, and OOLONG TEA. But HERBAL TEAS have nothing to do with the tea leaves. They are infusions of different healing herbs or even a combination of herbs. So, when we say, benefits of drinking tea, we mean the “REAL TEA” and not the “HERBAL TEA”.

Extra-ordinary Evidence-based Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea:

A Super-rich Antioxidant:

If you are looking out for a drink that is super rich in antioxidant, include teas in your daily diet. Tea is rich in ‘polyphenols’ that help in slowing down our aging process, help us to stay energetic and reduce inflammation. Some even claim that it helps to fight against cancer. For the best result, drink green tea or black tea as they contain the maximum amount of antioxidants in them.

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It Reduces Your Stress-level:

Tea helps to reduce cortisol level of our body. Cortisol is the main stress hormone of our body. The study shows that drinking at least 4 cups of black tea a day can help us to lower down this wicked hormone up to 20%. So have one cup with breakfast, have one after the meal and two more with snacks. Keep stress and anxiety at bay.

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Black Tea Keeps Your Heart Healthy:

Black, green or white – each variety of tea comes with different sets of health benefits.  Now if we talk about Black tea, it is proven to keep your heart healthy. Actually, black tea contains ‘flavonoids’ which reduce the chances of heart diseases. Not only that, black tea helps in reducing your triglycerides (a type of fat found in blood) level which in turn benefits the heart. Drink a cup of black tea twice daily and have a healthy heart.


Tea Keeps You Hydrated:

Low caffeine tea varieties are the best for this matter. Like water, they keep you hydrated and your skin and body gets less dehydrated and stays healthy. Try to have your tea with no sugar for the best result.

Tea Aids In Digestion:

Ancient Chinese and Indian people used to use green tea as a digestion-friendly drink. Researches show that the ‘catechins’ mostly found in green tea slow down the work of digestive enzyme. As a result, fewer calories are absorbed by our body and this whole process aids in digestion keeping us less prone to obesity.


Surprisingly Tea Is Also Very Good For Teeth Health:

Did anyone tell you that your morning cup of tea is actually helping you to fight against gum and teeth bacteria? Yes, guys, tea contains a huge amount of flavonoids and fluoride that protect our teeth. Also, there are polyphenols in tea, that kill bacteria, keeping our teeth cavity-free and healthy.

White Tea Helps To Fight Against Osteoporosis:

Among all the four varieties of teas, white tea is the least processed and that is why it contains more antioxidants and catechins. Catechins inhibit the growth of cells that cause the breaking down of bones. So, having a cup full of white tea daily will take care of your bone health and will reduce the chance of osteoporosis. Surely this is one of the most important benefits of drinking tea.


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Helps You To Get A Glowing Skin Naturally:

If you go on for a market surveying, you will find plenty of lotions, moisturizers, skin care products, sunscreens that have green tea in it. And the claim that green tea benefits your skin is real. Drinking green tea protects your skin from sun damage, reduces skin irritation, and makes your skin look visibly young. Thanks to the antioxidants found in it. Despite drinking it, you may also make green tea masks and use it topically to say ‘bye’ to skin problems.


Regular intake of moderate amount of tea has many positive effects on your body. Tea helps in controlling type-2 diabetes. Tea gives you the energy to kick start your day and the antioxidants present in tea might also help to fight against various types of cancer. Apart from hydrating your body, benefits of drinking tea include many more actually. Tea helps to maintain ideal BMI (Body Mass Index), boosts workout endurance, and ensures good brain health. So, a cup of brewing hot cup of tea does not only comforts you but also benefits your overall body to a really good extent.



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