15 Absolutely Gorgeous Hime Cut Hairstyles To Copy

Hime Cut

Hime cut is one of the trendiest haircuts to try right now. Also known as hime katto, this cut goes so well with the K-pop fashion and we have seen it to be worn by the royal Japanese female characters too. Although the name of this haircut comes from the Japanese word for the princess and is closely associated with the fashion of imperial upper classes, you are also going to look cute and so edgy when you try this anime girl hairstyle. Basically, a combination of ‘Binsogi’ hairstyle and the ‘Amasogi’ hairstyle, hime cut is often sported by many South Korean celebrities. Here the hair near the ear is kept at ear-length and a basic front fringe is done while keeping the rest of the hair long. If you are planning to ditch your boring usual hairstyle and just want to look like your fav anime character, embrace a hime. 

In Japan, during the Heian era, hime cut was one of the most preferred elegant and royal hairstyles flaunted by the imperial women. Then in the ’70s, this haircut was made popular by the famous pop singer Megumi Asaoka. The best part about this hime cut is that it suits pretty much every face shape. And it is so versatile and can be experimented with so many hairstyles. So if you want to embrace a hairstyle that has a straight and long length, has beautiful cheek-touching sidelocks, and has cutesy frontal bangs, try these incredibly adorable hime cut hairstyles.

Absolutely Gorgeous Hime Cut Hairstyles To Copy:

The Classic One:


A classic, traditional hime cut is timeless and chic. Keep the length of the hair as long as you want. Go for straight front fringes that just set right above the eyebrows and for the side locks, let them beautifully frame your face right till your jawline. The longer you keep it, your hairstyle is gonna look more spruce and straight-out gorgeous.

Chin-Length Hime Cut:


Although in the case of traditional hime cuts, the sidelocks go below the cheeks, it is not always necessary to go by the norm and be stagnant. Fashion is dynamic and you are free to experiment with it anytime you want. For a change, let your sidelocks cascade down to your chin and this will dearly frame your face adding an elongated vibe to it. For the hair at your back, you are free to keep it as long or as short as you want it to be.

Short Cheek-length Hime Cut:


Look like your most favorite anime character when you choose to give this groovy haircut variation a try. Looks best on shorter hair, here you cut your back hair very short and the level of the side bangs matches the actual length of your back hair. And the front fringe has been kept nice and thick. If you have a very chirpy and teenage-girl-like personality, this is the variety you need to try.

Here are some more ideas of hime cut hairstyles that teenage girls and young adults can try. 

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Tapered Hime Cut:

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When you have comparatively thinner hair, a tapered hime will suit you the best. This is considered one of the boldest hairstyles in Japan. 

Hime Without The Bangs:

It is not always necessary to keep the frontal bang there when you are going for this haircut. Especially, if you have a square or round face, a frontal bang does not always work well. So can’t you try a hime in that scenario? No, man, you can definitely try. Just merge your sidelocks with the side bangs. And go for a middle parting, whenever you are styling your hair. This hairstyle will give your face an elongated effect and you will look like a doll. 

Kawaii Layered Haircut – A Variation Of Hime:

Japanese people prefer their hime cut on sleek and straight long hair. But that does not mean that lasses with wavy hair can’t sport this girly haircut. What you can do is, you can go for a Kawaii hairstyle that has a long hime cut and curled tips. Make it more fun when you deck up your gorgeous wavy hair with this fun pastel pink shade.

Baby Doll Hime:


A hairstyle that both you and your daughter can sport, a baby doll hime is cute and meant for the shorter hair. If you have an oval face and a vintage fashion preference, this is one of the ideal hime cut hairstyles to go for. Keep the side bang until the length of your cheek and let the beautiful hairstyle flatter your face so adorably.

Long Bob With Hime Bang:

Combine your long bob with a hime cut and it is the best way to embrace the best of these two gorgeous hairstyles at the same time.

Layered Hime:


When you have thinner hair, add more volume to your thin long hair by trying this layered hime. It looks pretty much the same as the normal classic hime but if you look closely, it comprises loads of layers and adds more texture and oomph to your dull and thin hair.

Hime On Lightly Wavy Short Hair:


This hairstyle will grace a more mature face brilliantly. When your work schedule does not permit you with enough time to take care of your long hair, chop your hair and get this amazing hime hairstyle that goes down till your chin and looks so subtly beautiful.

Whimsical And No Sharp Edge:


When your choice is more subtle and feminine, you would definitely like this soft edge hime cut hairstyle. Here, unlike most of the traditional himes, no sharp edge is present. The waves have been kept messy and whimsical and the frontal fringe and the side bangs are very soft and round with a very natural look. If you don’t want to look like those anime characters, this is a hairstyle variation to go for that is more real and easily maintainable.

Hime And Pigtail:

The best hairstyle to sport with your back-to-school outfits, hime cut pigtails look just dope. Let the frontal fringe and bang frame your pretty face and save the rest of your long hair to make the pigtails. Shoulder-length to long straight hair can do justice to this hairstyle so well. 

Liked them? Hime cut or princess cut is the most popular hairstyle in Japan as well as in Korea. But yes, this hair cut needs to be maintained properly so that the sharp edges can remain sharper and they do not grow to be irregular and messy. But yes, if you are not sure about how long you can maintain the hairstyle, choose the softer edge variations of this haircut that give you the liberty to be more laid back and casual about how your layers and bangs are gonna look. Embrace this style and look your adorable best. 

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