6 Best Gel Nail Polishes To Get Super-Polished, Shiny Nails At Home

A fashion trend that is going on real strong for quite a long time now is the gel manicure trend. In a salon, you can get that perfect, long gel nails that are set using the UV/L.E.D light. But, my friend, are you aware of the harmful effects of the repetitive use of the UV rays? Research says that the UV ray that gets used to harden the gel, is four times stronger than the normal Sun’s UV ray and moreover the UVA rays can damage the skin leading to premature aging and even skin cancer. And in this scenario, comes the usefulness of the gel nail polishes that you can wear being at home, without getting affected by the harsh UV ray process.


If you are sensitive to UV rays and want to say NO to the nail damage caused by the whole procedure of getting a gel manicure at the salon, your best, budget-friendly and stylish options are the lucrative gel nail polishes that are available in the market. They are chip-resistant, long lasting, give that chic aristocrat feel to your nails, and they are value for money as well. So, here we have a list of the best gel nail polishes available in the market for you to look at.

Best Gel Nail Polishes To Get Super-Polished, Shiny Nails At Home:

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel:


The Miracle Gel Nail Polish range from the house of Sally Hansen is one of the best selling nail polish ranges. These are chip-resistant, long lasting and need no UV ray process to get hardened. With over 70 beautiful shades to die for, this nail polish range includes some of the most attractive nudes, pinks, warm and metallic shades. This will go on without chipping for almost two good weeks and you will have pretty, long, shiny at-home gel nails.  The picture shows some of our most favorite shades from the range.

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For the best shine and long wear experience, use the nail polishes with the top coat activator.


L’Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3:



Want a perfect professional looking gel nail? Try out the exciting range of L’Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3. This range comes with a 3-step system. There is one gel primer, one gel color, and a gel glaze that will provide you spectacular, shining gel nails. The primer is really watery and thin and dries out really fast. Then you need to apply any color of your choice and lastly apply the glaze to have that perfect shiny nails.

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China Glaze Gelaze Polish:


If you are a big fan of at-home manicure, we recommend you trying this amazing gel nail polish range. The best part of this gel nail color range is that Gelaze polish comes in a huge variety of shades and that too in different finishes. This range has shimmery, glittery, and crème finishes. The formula is also extremely smooth and you get the exact opaque color with only two-time application. No base coat is needed as well. One of the best gel nail polishes to go for.

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OPI Infinite Shine 2 Lacquer:


This nail lacquer is iconic. Gives instant opaque finish and smooth texture, you will fall in love with the wide range of colors and the finish, we swear. No need of L.E.D/UV light hardening and you can get over 10 days wear out of it easily. For the best result wear it with its primer and top coat.

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Wet N’ Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel Nail Color:


This gel nail polish range claims to provide you 2 weeks long no-chip color stay and smooth, opaque finish. The texture is really smooth and with its wide and flat applicator, wearing the nail polish is not at all a troublesome task. Dries off really quickly and you will love this range for its shiny and glossy finish. It requires a top coat for the maximum effect. Stunning!

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Deborah Lipmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish:

This gel polish system comes in three varieties of textures. There are crème finishes, shimmer finishes, and metallic finishes. You get some really cool pastel shades in this range and some bold, metallics bomb degree dot com colors as well. The best part about this range is that they are paraben, sulfate, toluene free, and they are purely vegan. You need to buy the Gel Lab Pro – Top Coat & Base Coat Set and choose any nail color from the range. Goes on super smooth and does not go off for long.

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Some Of Our Favorite Shades From The Range:




So these were some of our most favorite gel nail polishes that are going on strong in the market. If you want to protect your nails from the harsh UV/LED rays of the salon treated gel nails then switch to these gorgeous gel nail polishes available in the market. Use the base and top coats to ensure that they stay for long and say NO to the worry of chipped nails.



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