7 Brilliant Front Porch Decorating Ideas To Spruce Up This Space

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The front porch area of your house is the very first place that a guest gets to see once he visits your place. So this place really needs to make a strong impression which is gonna be everlasting. It gives the guests an idea about the personality and style of the host. And that is why your front porch decoration must be on point and it must carry aesthetic essence and look cozy. Now whether you are blessed to have a big porch area or have a small one, it should look compact and it must be an extension of your stunning living area. It should be a blend of functionality and beauty and must be visually appealing. Planning to give your porch area a divine makeover? We have rounded up some of the brilliant porch decorating ideas that are worth copying. 

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Whether you are on a budget or are willing to deck your front porch without being worried about the budget, these decorating ideas will inspire you to the core. 

Brilliant Front Porch Decorating Ideas To Spruce Up This Space:

Style Your Front Door:

It is the first thing that visitors get to see and it is also the main component of the porch area. So styling it in the right way goes a long way. Set an inviting ambiance by coloring it right. Depending on the outer wall color of the house, choose a color for the door that is truly complementing each other. Go for a peppy palette or stick to the wooden finish doors and if your house has brick walls and stucco front, choose colors like red or rust. Add a gorgeous door knocker and brighten it up with outdoor lighting, you will get inspiring ideas from the front door pictures attached below:


Set Up A Porch Seating Area:

Sarah Dorio

Your front porch must win hearts with just a glance. And an open porch seating area can help you do that. Your porch is a welcoming retreat and is also a space to sit and relax on a lazy summer afternoon while admiring the beauty of the yard and garden. Depending on the size of the porch, you can decide on the seating place. At least there must be seats for at least two people. You can also go for single sitters and can change their positions whenever you feel like it. Throw bright colored pillows on them to spark up the mood and also consider keeping a coffee table which is a much-needed one. It is an area to enjoy good weather and connect with nature.

Hang A Porch Swing:


How about installing a porch swing? It will be a nice addition to your front porch decoration and will allow you to curl up and enjoy your favorite book while you are swaying gently. At first, make sure that your porch area allows enough space to hang one. At least it should have a swinging arc of 3 to 4 feet. And it should also have some areas on both of its sides. It should not guard the entrance and must also have a bit of privacy. A porch swing can be the prettiest accent piece in your entire porch decoration.

Add The Right Light Fixtures:

Swear by symmetry while fixing lights on either side of the front door. Go for identical lights that look visually appealing and illuminate the area in the proper way. From beautiful sconces to ceiling pendant lights, you can add anything and everything to create a dynamic light and shadow ambiance. The lighting also must be practical. You must have enough access to light in the areas where it is needed. Illuminate the entryway and choose lighting that goes with the theme of the porch. Rustic lanterns to luxe pendants to many more – the options are endless. 


These oversized lanterns are adding a Mediterranean feel to the otherwise simple entryway.

Image: David Papazian/Shutterstock

symmetrical lighting flanking the front door.

Add House Numbers:

House number is not only a decorative thing but also has a functional value. So adding a house number in a very creative way is very much needed as a part of porch decoration. Place it somewhere so that people can watch it from across the road. You can add it to the front door. Go creative and use bold and big numbers. Choose a rustic or contemporary style to complement the theme of the porch. And you can also go for a LED-backlit house number. 


Choose A Good Paint Color:


Painting your front porch using the right color palette is very much needed. It must be complementing the color of the exterior. If your exterior paint is too light, go for a bright contrasting color. Or consider implementing a vertical garden on one wall. The right color can totally transform the look of the area and creates a good background for all the additional decorations. If your porch area has stonework, brick, or wooden architectural elements, choose a color that looks good with them. So revamp your front porch with a clean coat of color and half of your porch decoration task is done.

Enliven Your Porch With Some Greenery:


We can not stress enough on the fact that adding some greenery to a space is one of the most affordable ways to decorate it. Go for potted plants, choose an entire wall and implement a vertical garden, add creepers, and small flower plants. Bright and neutral blooms will spruce up your porch for the spring-summer season. And during the fall winter, you can try red, brown, and orange-colored flower plants that add a seasonal touch to the porch area. Terracotta pots or concrete pots, you can choose any of them and increase the elegance of the area by planting ferns or pansies. Trellises planters, wooden ones, or hanging plants also look amazing. By adding greenery, add color to your front porch and transform your porch area into an oasis.

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