8 Easy-to-try Fried Rice Recipes That Are Next Level Delicious

Fried Rice Recipes

Fried rice is quintessentially a Chinese recipe. It mainly developed during the Sui Dynasty in China. This humble comfort food is commonly made with leftovers from other dishes. Originating in China, fried rice recipes have got various regional influences wherever it has traveled to. Mostly popular and an indigenous part of the cuisine, fried rice is hugely consumed in East Asian, Southeast Asian, and South Asian countries. The best part about fried rice is that you can make it with whatever you have in your hand. Cooked rice and cooking oil being the two main ingredients, fried rice recipes can range from very simple to very elaborate. Add veggies, seafood, meat or only eggs to your fried rice, and it is gonna taste delicious.

Today we have got together some of the tastiest fried rice recipes for you. Super convenient to make, loved by all, these recipes will help you out when you are trying to add some variation to your usual fried rice. Malaysian, Indonesian or Japanese – now your kitchen can be a chef’s kitchen where you can be the magician chef who makes brand new fried recipes every other day. Oh, some bonus recipes? We have a global variation too.

Easy-to-try Fried Rice Recipes That Are Next Level Delicious:

Basic Chinese Fried Rice:

The land of the original fried rice deserves to come first and so does this recipe. This is a basic Chinese fried rice recipe that makes in a few minutes and you don’t need to reach out for a bagful of ingredients. But once you know the basic recipe, you can add stuff as you desire. Add barbecued chicken or shrimp or anything you want to the recipe and the dish would taste yum.

For the basic preparation, you only need cooked rice, cooking oil, two big eggs, salt, pepper, chopped green onions, and light soy sauce. Use a good wok or frying pan to fry your rice. You can also use any sauce of your choice to amp up the taste of the recipe. Makes in a jiffy and will be loved by all of your family members. Check out the recipe that we got from ‘The Spruce Eats’.

Schezwan Fried Rice:

This delicious dish from Indo-Chinese cuisine is a hot variation to your regular Chinese fried rice with a fine addition of Schezwan sauce. Schezwan sauce brings in that deep spicy chili-garlic flavor to the rice and it makes a wonderful dinner dish. And with this easy to cook Schezwan fried rice recipe, it is gonna be even tastier than your takeaway fried rice. Add colorful veggies like beans, carrot, capsicum to your rice and let the Schezwan sauce do all the magic.

There are some pro tips to make your rice taste the best. Do not overcook your veggies. Your veggies should be crunchy and not soft. The same goes for your rice too. Overcooking your rice will leave it sticky and the preparation won’t taste as great as it should. According to your love for spice, you can increase or decrease the amount of Schezwan sauce you want to add. We have got this yummy recipe from ‘Food Viva’.

Japanese Fried Rice (Yakimeshi):

Let’s try this flavorful oriental variation. Yakimeshi means pan-fried rice and Japanese people make it with Japanese short-grain rice. They add lots of eggs and seasoned meat to the recipe. It is very simple and you don’t need to sneak into any Japanese kitchen to hunt for ingredients. You need to gather some cooked short-grain rice, vegetable oil, ham, and beaten eggs. Salt, pepper, soy sauce are needed for that authentic wok-fried flavor. And sesame oil and scallions are needed for nice flavor and rich color and smell.

It can easily be one of your favorite fried rice recipes that everybody will crave for. Get the amazing recipe at ‘No Recipes’.

Malaysian Fried Rice With Shrimp or Belacan Recipe:

This is one of the simplest fried rice recipes you would ever find but is unbelievably tasty. The main game changer ingredient of the recipe is the shrimp paste. The flavor of the fried rice largely depends on the quality and amount of the shrimp paste that goes into the preparation. Dried shrimp, diced string beans (or any other crunchy non-leafy vegetable), lightly beaten eggs, shrimp paste or belacan, cooked rice – these are the main ingredients you need to prepare the recipe.

One thing that you must have noticed by now that no soy sauce gets used to make this fried rice. This can easily be made as an offbeat weeknight recipe and you can consider it as a seafood fried rice recipe too. Get guided by this easy peasy recipe from ‘The Spruce Eats’.

Buttery Fried Rice:

If the idea of the usual fried rice recipes bore you, you have to try this aromatic butter fried rice recipe. Diced Frankfurt chicken hotdogs have been used in the preparation which you can skip if you want to make a veg version of it. Butter and a little bit of cooking oil are poured into the heated pan together to start off the preparation. And occasionally, brown onion, garlic, meat, veggies, and rice join together to make this wonderful palatable fried rice dish. Light soy sauce adds up to the taste. Lastly, dollops of butter have been added to the rice for that rich buttery aroma. Eggs have not been added earlier which you can add if you wish. Or top your fried rice with sunny side up to make it look more tasty and gorgeous. Recipe at your rescue from ‘Fuss Free Cooking’.

Pineapple Fried Rice:

Roll up your chef’s sleeves with this easy and tasty pineapple fried rice recipe. If pineapple is your favorite summer fruit, now you can add it to your meal too in such a delicious way. Those bite-sized juicy pieces of pineapples coupled with your favorite meat choices, veggies, and cooked brown rice – this is gonna be your healthier alternative to the other fried rice recipes. Loaded with texture, aroma, and an unusual combination of sweet and spicy, this recipe will end up being everybody’s favorite. Recipe from ‘Damn Delicious’.

Mixed Seafood Coconut Fried Rice:

Also famous as the Fisherman’s Rice, this fried rice recipe is very popular among the fishermen who use their leftovers from the day’s catch to turn onto this amazing delicacy. A lot of fresh seafood, coconut milk, the unique aroma of Kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil, and last but not the least, the Jasmine Rice – all of these together make a heavenly dish that tastes truly exquisite. The recipe from ‘Yummy Medley’ will thoroughly guide you to make this wonderful fried rice dish.

Portuguese Fried Rice:

Give your Chinese fried rice a rich European twist with this spicy Portuguese fried rice recipe. You won’t even believe how tomato ketchup, chorizo sausages, pitted black olives, and smoked paprika can do wonders to your usual fried rice recipes. Such a quick and easy recipe that takes only about a half an hour to get done with the preparation and cooking. Get the full recipe at ‘Not Quite Nigella’.

Fried rice is comfort food that the Asian people love to eat. But that does not mean that Americans or Europeans do not eat fried rice. They savor it and there are many local variations too.

If you are also a keen lover of fried rice, try these delectable fried rice recipes one after another and turn your kitchen into a chef’s kitchen. No need for a ton of ingredients and no need to storm your brain when you have us and these helpful recipes. Just get into the mood to make something new and end up cooking these savory dishes in no time. Don’t forget to upload your cooked fried rice pictures on social media and do tag us on Facebook and Instagram. Happy cooking and happy life!

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