7 Most Famous Foods In Paris That You Must Try

Foods In Paris

Food, being an integral part of the French culture is one of the best attractions of Paris. Folks coming to Paris must explore its food scene to totally fall in love with the city’s culture. The city has everything – from appealing neighborhoods to fashionable streets to the iconic Eiffel Tower to many ravishing monuments and museums. But to truly connect with the city’s local culture and cuisine you have to dive into its food scene. A vacation to Paris must be at least 50% about food. Crepe, pastries, macaron, croissants – you will fall in love with every French delicacy. So if you are hitting this French city anytime soon, below are some of the most famous foods in Paris to try to fall head over heels with the French cooking. A big-time foodie? Then dive in and explore what’s there to devour. Bon Appetit!

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Most Famous Foods In Paris That You Must Try:



A true Parisian breakfast would not be complete without an all-butter croissant or two. And a perfect piece of the croissant is a must-have food whilst in Paris. Have it with juice or with coffee, croissants are widely available everywhere in the city. Some of the best places to taste perfectly yummy and flaky croissants are Maison Pichard, Stohrer, Du Pain et des Idées, and Laurent Duchêne. An exquisite golden treat that either has an almond cream filling or rich bourbon vanilla filling, croissants are a delight to have and are one of the most famous foods in Paris you must try. Visit the true artisan bakeries to taste authentic croissants.



What is the best sweet to taste in Paris? The answer is undeniable, macaron. Do not confuse macarons with macaroons as both are not the same. These sweet treats were mane popular in Paris during the early nineteenth century and they are among the cutest looking desserts. They have airy shells and they are like meringue-based cookie sandwiches where the main ingredients used are egg whites, almond flour, and sugar. Try flavors like chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, or classic flavor like salted butter caramel – and each of them is cuter than the previous one. Go experimental with a rosewater macaron and there are so many specialty macaron shops around the city to explore.

French Cheeses:


Cheese is one of the best cheap eats in Paris and it is one of the most famous ones too. Cheese in Paris is sold at almost half the price of what you get in the United States. Take part in the cheese tasting tours and you will slowly develop a good taste for cheese. Nothing tastes so perfect than a bit of cheese accompanied by a great bottle of wine. Apart from the fromageries that you find in the neighborhoods, impressive cheese can also be bought from the markets. Cheese in Paris is truly indulgent. 



Another inseparable part of French culture, baguettes are long, thin loaves of bread having a French origin. And they are among the must-tries in Paris. It is crusty, warm, and French people generally eat it with a covering of jam or butter or Nutella. You can also enjoy a piece of it tucking in a piece of chocolate in it. For the best taste, pair your baguette with a hot cuppa coffee. You can even take your loaf of bread and walk down the pretty streets while ripping off pieces from it and eating it. 



Escargot is the French word for snail. In Paris and in the whole of France, escargots are served as an hors d’oeuvre and are one of the best foods in Paris. They are served in their shells and are part of every French fancy dinner. Take your time and enjoy your shell meat slowly. They are stuffed with a yummy combination of garlic, butter, and herbs, and are served with truffle, Roquefort, or a selection of sauces. There are many good restaurants where the best snail preparations can be enjoyed. Hold the shells with the tongs, separate the meat from the shells and devour.



A traditional Maghrebi dish, couscous is one of the most widely popular foods in Paris. You will get them featured in most of the bistros in Paris and they are among the must-tries. It is comfort food and the couscous you get to try at the restaurants come with regional variations too. Couscous is s very simple dish that is made with granules of semolina, meat or fish, veggies, and spices. You can try meat couscous that will be served with chicken or lamb or beef and the delicious aroma of spices like saffron, coriander, ginger, cinnamon make this dish heavenly. A great comfort dish to try during winter, couscous is undoubtedly one of the top 5 best foods in Paris that is loved by locals too.

Onion Soup:


Another great comforting food in Paris, onion soup is a part of French gastronomy. How simple onions can be cooked to elevate them to such heights is truly amazing to see. Classic French onion soup got originated in France in the 18th century and today, they make this famous delicacy with caramelized onions, beef broth, white wine, and add bay leaves and thyme to enhance the aroma. They serve it with crusty croutons and a slice of Gruyère cheese on top and it is one of the best foods in Paris that will surely make you fall in love with the city’s culinary scene.

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