27 Most Adorable Flower Tattoo Ideas That Will Be Your Favorites

Flower Tattoo Ideas

Decorating your body with a floral piece sounds great, right? And if you are a woman who is just venturing out into the vast world of tattooing, a floral tattoo will be one of the safest tattoo designs to start with. It is always recommended to get something to ink with that you can be committed to for a lifetime. And with these flower tattoo ideas, one can never go wrong. Feminine, fresh, subtle, elegant, delicate, and pleasant to the eyes – we will fall short in words to describe their beauty. They will never go out of fashion and there are so many floral designs to choose from that it is really overwhelming to settle on a single design. Looking out for some extraordinary and beautiful flower tattoo ideas? Then pay attention and browse through the designs below that are just tattoo goals.

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Most Adorable Flower Tattoo Ideas That Will Be Your Favorites:

Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Ideas:

Ladies who love to explore unique designs and subjects, give hibiscus tattoo a try. They are far from being cliche and are one of the most aesthetic floral designs having a deep meaning. Hibiscus, since is rare to find, is often linked with good omens. A symbol of happiness, life, vitality, and luck – this tattoo may be done in so many styles and colors. Go for a black and white flower with realistic shading or embrace a colorful one to make it a stand-out body piece. Play creatively with the designs and choose a bright-bold or subdued tattoo that suits your style and taste. Steal some hibiscus flower tattoo ideas from below.


Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas:

Linked with wisdom and rebirth, the lotus flower is regarded as an auspicious flower in many religions and cultures. A symbol of enlightenment and purity, the lotus flower is also one of the most popular tattoo elements that is loved by many women for its grace, beauty, and elegance. If you love floral tattoos and want to try something unique and different from the common ones like rose tattoos, lotus tattoos are a must-try for you that takes pride in their elegance and grandeur. In Buddhism, Hinduism, and Egyptian culture, a lotus flower is linked with spirituality. Also, it is a very powerful flower with deep symbolism. It does not care for its surroundings and blooms into a gorgeous and beautiful flower. It teaches us one lesson and that is no matter what the circumstance is, you can shine out fighting every dark phase. You have that ability. Place one on your foot, back, or arm, below are some of the most eye-catching lotus flower tattoo ideas to choose from. 


Orchid Tattoo:

Meaningful, significant to many cultures, and unique, orchid tattoos are rare and exotic. Taken as a feminine symbol, orchid tattoos stand for strength, refinement, fertility, and exotic beauty. You can just choose to wear an orchid tattoo for its beauty. But it is good to wear one after knowing the meaning of different orchid colors. Go for a white one that represents pure elegance. A pink orchid stands for femininity and subtlety. Purple orchids are regal and exclusive whereas, a yellow orchid tattoo traditionally stands for a long-lasting friendship. For a tattoo that is both sophisticated and romantic, go for a black and white orchid. Small to big and from black and white to colorful, these orchid tattoos will steal your heart.

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Tulip Flower Tattoo Ideas:

It is a bit rare to see a tulip tattoo on someone’s arm. A symbol of care, love, and tender beauty, tulip tattoos are one of the most unique flower tattoo ideas to embrace. Due to its remarkable beauty, it looks gorgeous everywhere. Make a tulip tattoo on your thigh or back or arm, or even behind the ear. It is versatile and can be paired with so many of other tattoo elements. A tulip tattoo looks cute with butterflies or with a rose or even as a part of a flower bouquet. We have rounded up a few tulip flower tattoo ideas that you might find to be wonderful.


Sunflower Tattoo Ideas:

Bright, full of life, and so adorable – sunflowers are a symbol of hope, life, and longevity. They are often taken as a symbol of happiness and due to their resemblance to the sun, these sun-like flowers are symbolic of worship and faith too in different religious beliefs. And looking at the history of the art of tattoos, sunflower tattoos are one of the most popular flower tattoo ideas to get when you want a design that has both the sun and the flower. While a beautiful floral tattoo looks great on any part of your body, your shoulder area is certainly one of the most ideal placements for a sunflower tattoo as the shape of the shoulder embraces any curved line very aesthetically. Looking out for some really cheerful ideas for sunflower tattoos to get? Below are the most adorable ideas to help you out. 


Rose Tattoos:

Roses are the most popular flowers throughout the world. The symbol of love, passion, and romance, a beautiful rose owns everyone’s heart for its heavenly fragrance and fetching beauty. When it comes to choosing a floral tattoo design, rose tattoos are one of the most frequently chosen designs because of their versatility and striking presence. Girls just love them and modern guys are also gradually joining the rose squad and inking themselves with gorgeous rose tattoos. The best part about these floral tattoos is that they are incredibly flexible and you can get them on your arm, forearm, hand, chest, neck, shoulder, ankle, literally anywhere. Small to elaborate and black and white to loud and colorful – rose tattoos come in a variety of styles and designs. Choose a single rose or combine them with various other elements – below are some stunning rose flower tattoo ideas that you will love to browse through.


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