8 Super Easy Steps To Get A Flat Tummy Naturally

We all crave for washboard abs or a flat tummy but the path and the controlled lifestyle to flaunt that flab-free belly is quite tough for most of us. Our busy work schedule, food habit, and lifestyle hinder us from spending a healthy life. But with some very easy steps, minimum changes in day to day activity and a little bit of patience we can actually get a super sexy flat tummy naturally without undergoing vigorous gym session or without going into an all salad diet.

You do not necessarily need to deprive yourself of having food in order to cut that flab around your tummy, rather you need to eat intelligently. Increase the intake of soluble fiber, water, probiotics and see the magic. With some easy cardio exercises, you can burn those extra calories and additionally you will be doing better in case of your overall health. So there are many such things you can actually do to your body which will help you to reduce the measurement of your waistline and gradually you will be getting a flat tummy naturally. Let’s jump into the steps to know how…

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Reduce Intake Of Carbohydrates:


Limiting your carbohydrate intake is the best thing you can do to your tummy. Especially refined carbs are your worst enemy if you are on a mission to lose some belly fat. Refined carbs do more bad to your health than good. So just replace the refined ones with whole grain carbs and try to intake them during the daytime and not during the late afternoons. You will feel that your tummy is getting flatter with time.

Add Extra Protein To Your Diet:


Protein diet boosts your metabolism and as it stays for a longer time in your stomach, your overall appetite gets reduced. Protein helps to lose fat and you will get a flab-free tummy without losing your healthy muscle. You can drink a heavy protein-shake in the morning and that will take care of your health for the longer time.

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Eat More Soluble Fiber To Get A Flat Tummy:


If flat tummy is one of your most cherished desires then follow this golden rule to get a quick result. There are two kinds of fiber – soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. If you have a problem like constipation, go for insoluble fiber but if the flat tummy is your goal, include lots of soluble fiber in your diet.

The study says, increasing 10 grams of soluble fiber in the daily diet can help in lowering down belly fat by 3.7 %.  Have lots of flaxseeds, fruits, vegetables, and legumes to make sure your soluble fiber intake is the maximum.

Swear By H2O:


Who does not know that drinking loads of water is one of the most rewarding habits you can ever practice. In addition to trimming your belly, water will keep your skin glowing, your hair will be healthy and your total system will be free of toxins. Sip on some water every half an hour and say bye bye to tummy flab. 


Say Yes To Probiotics:


Probiotics are living bacteria that are good for your digestive system. Probiotics are those ‘good’ bacteria that keep your gut healthy and moreover, they help to achieve flatter tummy and reduce overall body fat. Yogurt is one of the best sources of probiotics. Apart from that, traditional buttermilk, some types of cheese (go through the package level) are also good storehouses of probiotics. 

Practice Light Cardio:


If hitting the gym daily or managing one full hour for a vigorous workout is just impossible for you, do not worry, some light cardio exercises for at least 15 minutes can help you get your dream flat tummy so that you can rock your bodycon dress or low waist jeans. Either you can jog or brisk walk for 15 to 20 minutes or you can practice jumping rope when you are free with some time. Take the stairs instead of using the elevator and walk as often as you can. These healthy practices will pay you back with your desired body. 


Sleep Properly At Night:


Like we keep on saying always, proper sleep for 7 to 8 hours at night is the most important thing you should follow in your daily routine if you want to be bestowed with a healthy, problem-free body. Your overall body fat including your tummy will automatically get toned if you get the required amount of sleep. Less sleep makes your tummy bloated and makes you more stressed and consequently, more stress means more fat tummy and an increase in overall body weight. 

Reduce Stress:


When you get stressed, your body produces cortisol, the stress hormone and that triggers the process of gaining belly fat. We know our hectic life schedule won’t allow us to have an all stress-free mind but to reduce the stress level you can practice meditation, indulge in some quality time spending that makes you happy. 


Your body is the mirror of what you eat, how you live and how your mental state is. A flat tummy can only be achieved if you make sure you are eating healthy, leading a good lifestyle and maintaining a sound, happy mind. Practice some healthy habits, drink plenty of water, have green tea, ditch sweetened beverages and, junk food and you will see the change in your waistline. Fitting into your old clothes is always a great surprise and if you also want to feel that happiness, follow these tips and get a flat tummy naturally in just 1 month.

Mouli Bhattacharya

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