20 Brilliant And Most Unique First Tattoo Ideas For Women

First Tattoo Ideas

Anything that you do for the first time in your life always holds a special place in your heart. Be it the first day of going to school or be it the first day of college. First love, first kiss, and also the experience of getting your first tattoo done. Well, getting your first tattoo can evoke a sense of excitement and fear at the same time. The common questions like whether it would hurt or not, or whether the design you choose would stand out or not – these things haunt you for sure. And if you are among those ladies who are planning their first-ever tattoo of life, these are the best and so unique first tattoo ideas that you would love to check out. 

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Few Things To Remember Before You Get Inked:

There are a few things that you would love to remind yourself while getting your first tattoo. First of all, determine the size of your tattoo. If it is your first time, you would probably want to get a smaller one. Remember that the prices of tattoos vary depending on the size and design that you are choosing. 

Another thing that you must be sure about is whether you are allergic to a certain tattoo ink or not. Though it is rare but not unheard of. If you are a sensitive skin person, consult your dermatologist before getting your first ink. 

Get your first tattoo done by an expert. Also, be sure that your tattoo artist is using a new and disposable needle and ink up. He/she must always wear clean gloves too. 

Choose a tattoo design to which you can commit. And for that, these first tattoo ideas will really help you out. 

You need to religiously follow the aftercare steps. And tattoos also need a touch up as with time, it tends to fade away. Tattoos that are done on body placements that are not exposed to the sun fade slower.

Consider the pain chart before getting inked. Depending on the placement of your body, pain varies.

And lastly, we would love to say that smaller tattoos are always the best first tattoo ideas as they can easily be covered in case you do not tend to like them. 

So these were some of the very important things to consider before you get your first ink of life. Now we will move on to some of the prettiest first tattoo ideas that will inspire you for sure. 

Brilliant And Most Unique First Tattoo Ideas For Women:

Get A Special Year Tattooed:


It may be your birth year or a year that is special to you. Simple and no fuss, just ink the digits of that year anywhere you want and you are done. If you are looking for some really unique first tattoo ideas, consider having this one.

Small Musical Note Tattoo Behind The Ear:


Want sweet musical notes to always linger around your ear? You definitely need to give this cute musical note tattoo a try. Small notes are easy to draw following the shape of your ear and are easy to hide too. Just ink a single note or choose a composition of a few notes to make the design look bolder and more statement-y.

Small Rose Tattoo:

Source: @s.h.a.r.k.tattoo via Instagram

For ladies who are love to get a floral tattoo for the first time, rose tattoos are always the first choice and they are one of the most popular first tattoo ideas. Symbol of love, femininity, purity, and passion, a small rose tattoo can be inked on so many places on your body. Steal ideas from the pictures.   

A Dainty Small Meaningful Tattoo:

A small tattoo can also be meaningful. And meaningful tattoos are always powerful and considered among the best first tattoo ideas. Apart from being a great style statement, your tattoos are also representative of your personality and are reflections of your soul and your belief. And that is why you can choose a word that you can relate to. It can be a special date and for others, it can be the name of her husband. When you feel a bit low and the situation surrounding you is trying to get you down, look at your tattoo, take a deep breath, and restart your journey.

Yin Yang Tattoo:

When you believe in peacefulness and harmony, you need to pick up the Yin Yang tattoo for you. It is one of the most important symbols of Chinese Philosophy and is representative of the perfect balance of life. If you believe that positivity and perfect harmony can only come into life when the perfect balance of Yin Yang is attained, you need to go get a Yin Yang tattoo which is obviously one of the best first tattoo ideas.

Circle Tattoo:

Circular tattoos are insanely gorgeous and one of the best first tattoo ideas. And they are on-trend nowadays. It is one of the most popular geometric tattoo designs and ranges from simple to complex designs. Obviously, for a smaller tattoo, you can not expect layered or complex designs. A circle often signifies the completion of a journey and a circle of life. There are many tribal tattoos too whose main elements are circles.

This circle tattoo in the picture is s eye-catching with its leaf detailing.

A Seahorse Tattoo:

A seahorse tattoo is certainly not meant for everyone. It is for those mystic souls who love the under-the-water world so dearly. Seahorses are so incredible to look at and are one of the mightiest creatures of the marine world. Get a seahorse couple tattoo instead of only one seahorse to celebrate their magical ritual of love. Looks gorgeous and it beautifully embraces the silhouette of the place behind the ear. One of the best first tattoo ideas for sure. 

Below are some more brilliant and unique first tattoo ideas that we are just falling for. 

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