10 Best Tips To Create A Perfect Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng Shui Bedroom

Your bedroom is the most private and intimate place in the whole house where you be you and spend the coziest and most peaceful time of the day. Your bedroom should be calm, sensual, and a relaxing abode. A perfect feng shui bedroom is all about striking the perfect balance among all the energies so that a peaceful environment can prevail. Your bedroom should not be a mere place that has a bed and some pieces of furniture arranged here and there. It should be a thoughtful arrangement of all the physical elements so that they impart positive energy in your life. If you are having trouble with sleeping tight or if you and your partner are not sharing a very healthy relationship inside the bedroom, chances are that the feng shui of your bedroom is not perfectly optimized.

Feng shui is an age-old traditional Chinese practice that uses energy flows to harmonize your life with your surroundings. It helps to strike that perfect balance between an individual and his/her surrounding so that stability and positivity can prevail. In order to bring happiness and divinity inside your bedroom, you really need to try these feng shui bedroom ideas that will improve the energy of the room, will create a balance and harmony among all the elements, and will ensure you a good night’s sleep. Keeping your bed in the right position, choosing the bedroom décor pieces thoughtfully, understanding the right color palette, all in the right feng shui way can bring peace and prosperity in your life. So if you are also thinking of giving your bedroom a good feng shui makeover, below are the general guidelines and tips and tricks that you need to follow.

Best Tips To Create A Perfect Feng Shui Bedroom:

Place The Bed At The Commanding Position:


A good feng shui bedroom always has a king-size bed at the most commanding position of the room. First of all, you should face the door while you are in bed but your bed must not be on the same line with the door.  There are a few very important feng shui guidelines you must maintain in order to have a harmonized and balanced energy flow in the bedroom.

Avoid  “coffin position” where your feet point out the door. In case, you just can’t avoid positioning your bed in a ‘coffin position’, create a barrier between the door and your bed by adding a footboard to your bed.

The bed must not be placed under any low beam or sloped ceiling. To be more precise, a perfect feng shui bedroom should not have any exposed beam in it. In case you can not just avoid it, make sure that no furniture is placed under a beam, especially your bed.

The head of your bed should be placed against a solid wall but that wall should not have a toilet on the other side.

There should be equal space available on both sides of the bed. The side of the foot should also have open space. This allows the energy to flow freely around your bed ensuring a good night’s sleep and a healthy relationship between you and your partner.

Your bed should have a wooden frame and headboard if you are dreaming of an optimal feng shui bedroom.

Choose A Solid Headboard For Your Bed:


A solid wooden headboard is what feng shui experts recommend for your bed. A headboard that has open bars or multiple panels or inbuilt shelves must be avoided while choosing a feng-shui approved headboard. Place your headboard against a solid wall. Metal headboards or anything in metal for your bed is not good as they interrupt the earth’s magnetic field. Feng shui guidelines are very scientific. Do you know why wooden headboards are perfect for your bed? Because they hinder the radio frequencies coming from any wireless gadgets and appliances from entering into your energy field. This is good for your health and for a flawless night’s sleep too.

Follow The Theory Of Twos:


The symmetrical decoration is what a perfect feng shui bedroom asks for. Like, you need to keep equal space on both sides of your bed. Make sure that, both sides of the bed have similar accessories. Like, keep one nightstand on each side of the bed. Place a storage bedside table on each side or a plant, whatever. But maintain the symmetry and decorate in twos. According to feng shui, the ‘theory of twos’ complements each other and is symbolic of the equal importance of you and your partner. For maintaining equality and balance in relationship, you must follow the theory of twos.

Keep Your Bedroom Clutter-free:


Keeping your bedroom or any other room clutter-free instantly creates a happy mood inside the room. And in order to have a good feng shui bedroom, you must declutter it so that that good energy can easily move all around the room not sitting stagnant at the corners. Especially, you must keep the area under your bed clutter-free. Considering the under-the-bed area as storage space is not at all a good thing. Keeping storage under the bed or at the corners of the bedroom hinders the easy flow of ‘qi’, the life force energy and you badly fail to fall asleep or never attain any peace of mind. Also, remember that a clutter-free bedroom leads to a clutter-free mind.

Say ‘NO’ To The Electronic Devices In Bedroom:


EMF pollution must be avoided in the bedroom. Electric and magnetic fields in your room dramatically disturb your sleep and you might not even acknowledge that. Apart from affecting your sleep quality, EMFs are also harmful to your health. If you want a restful sleep in the night and do not want anything to disturb your circadian rhythms, avoid having any laptop, mobile phone, or device that emits electromagnetic radiation in your bedroom. Make your bedroom a place of meditation and a serene sanctuary and keep all the electronic devices outside your bedroom for a restful and timely sleep and a better relationship with your spouse.

The Feng Shui Approved Colors:


Colors play a major role in any feng shui bedroom. Calming and soothing colors that do not evoke any feeling of anger or excitement are the best choices for your bedroom. Color that carries masculine energy or ‘Yang’ forces must be avoided for the bedroom. Choose colors that are energy-wise soft and relaxed or carry the ‘Yin’ energy or feminine energy. Reds, blues, purples, black – these colors or shades or tones of these colors are not good for the bedroom. Feng shui experts recommend warm and rich earthy tones for the bedroom that are neutral and cozy. Coral, terra cotta, peach, tan, copper colors impart a very warm and welcoming vibe in the room making it a proper place to take rest and have a restful sleep.

Let the Wind Flow Freely In your Bedroom:


Choose blinds or curtains that do not hinder the easy flow of wind in the room. If your bedroom gets a whole lot of natural lights, nothing can be better than that.

Don’t Keep Mirror In The Bedroom:


According to the principles of feng shui, your bedroom should not have a mirror in it. The mirror reflects the masculine or ‘yang’ energy in the room making it an active place. This causes restlessness and keeps you away from a peaceful sleep. In a perfect feng shui bedroom, ‘yin’ or feminine energy should prevail. When you hang a mirror in your room, it bounces back the energy and spoils the calmness.

If you can’t avoid hanging a mirror in your bedroom, make sure that it is not hung directly opposite your bed. Or try to cover it up with a curtain whenever you are not using it. experts also say that a mirror in the bedroom can lead to the intervention of a third person in a couple’s relationship and also affects one’s health and luck.

Remember That Your Bedroom Is Not A Library:


Feng shui is all about understanding a place’s energy and keeping objects in that place to maintain the balance of energy in that space. Now a bedroom is supposed to be a private space where you come back tired and drained out after a whole day of work. This place should be peaceful, relaxing, a place that evokes love, healing sensation, and a sense of sexuality. So you can definitely keep books that are about these topics in your bedroom so that, they can create the right energy for the right place.

Understand that your bedroom should have the ’yin’ energy and books are believed to escalate the ‘yang’ energy in the bedroom. So choose objects carefully for your bedroom and a bookshelf full of different books is certainly not a suitable thing to keep in your bedroom.

Choose The Right Art Work:


Inspiring, healing, and relaxing art objects or accent pieces are most welcome in a perfect feng shui bedroom. Hang such an image just on the wall opposite your bed so that you can see it the first thing in the morning. Art pieces that evoke fear or anger or remind you of an unpleasant incident from your past must be thrown away from the bedroom.

You can hang inspirational quotes too on the wall of your bedroom. Make sure that your bedroom does not have any image or accent piece that has water or image of water-related features like waterfall, river, or lake in it.

Feng shui is an age-old Chinese art and science of arranging all the objects in a space so that proper energy flow and harmony can prevail in that space. If you do not even believe in this ancient philosophy, you must agree with the fact that a decluttered room makes our mind more relaxed. You will also agree that too many electronic gadgets in the room make it hotter and create irritability in your mind. ‘No phone in bedroom policy’ also makes you and your partner’s bonding stronger. Soft soothing lighting and muted and earthy tones in the room make it a serene and calming place just what we all need to fall asleep faster without any worries or insecurity in your mind. So these were some of the expert-recommended tips that you can apply in your bedroom to transform it into a flawless feng shui bedroom.

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