10 Fashion Trends Of ’90s That Are Making A HUGE COMEBACK

If we look back at the history of fashion, we will see that some fashion elements have gone out of style with the changing decades. But there are also some classic fashion trends that have passed the test of time and could shape the evolution of fashion industry immensely. Trends of ‘90s are obviously among those evergreen trends. Today we will be looking back at some of those fashion trends of ‘90s that are popular even today and they won’t even fade away anytime soon, we bet.

Fashion trends of ‘90s were all about denim overalls, denim skirts, set of co-ords, and comfortable plaid skirts. While neon yellow and green colors were everywhere from bags to shorts, animal print, on the other hand was a huge rage back in the ‘90s. Surprisingly enough, these trends just never went out of fashion and they are making a huge comeback in the last few years.

So, if you are a ‘90s kid, missing your ‘frock with the frill’ days or even if you are not, check out these most popular fashion trends of ‘90s to get inspired and recreate your own style statement anew.

The Crop Tops:

Oh! Are you in love with your sassy crop tops? Then let us tell you that the crop top trend is no new in the world of fashion. We owe this to the late ’80s and ‘90s. celebrities like Cher, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Shakira, Rihanna – everybody has sported  crop tops in their own way back in that decade. Cropped graphic t-shirts to cropped embellished tops, ‘90s witnessed a lot of crop-talk going on.

Mom Jeans:

Yes, they are also an fashion element of the ‘90s. Denims that are more body hugging at the waist and the butts and get a more relaxed and loose fitting as they go down to the ankle, was a style statement back then. And obviously it is an uber cool fashion priority even today.

Ripped Jeans:

Again a schocker! Ripped jeans were made famous in the ’90s when the Grunge bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains started influencing the fashion scenario in 1992. Jeans were given a distressed feel by tearing or wearing them and this became a huge fashion trend.

Fashion trends of ‘90s saw a whole lot of denims. Denim skirts, two-toned jeans, denim overalls, denim dresses – it was just everywhere.


Neon was a huge rage during those days. Then it suddenly faded away altogether. Bold neon colors like electric blue, fluorescent pink, green, and purple could be seen on the bike shorts, on the backpacks and even on the wind breakers. Colorblock neon bomber jackets and wind breakers were quite famous.

Exercise Wear:

Sports bras, and other workout clothes on the top of jeans were famous fashion statements among the young girls. Athletic socks with keds or sneakers were also very much in trend.

Choker Neckpieces:

Choker necklaces are way more practical and smart than those long, dangling neck pieces. And ‘90s fashion experienced a lot of varieties in the choker necklace designs and styles. A lot of celebrities sported them and especially the ‘tattoo’ chokers with their netted designs were a huge rage among the young as well as the Goths.

This one of the most celebrated fashion trends of ‘90s is making a huge comeback.

The Round Sunglasses:

The ’90s saw some path-breaking sunglasses trends. From Kurt Cobain to Celine Dion to Drew Barrymore – everybody sported trendy eyewears that are fashion goals even today. Round sunglasses are one of them. It is nerdy, it is retro and it is one of the most raved about fashion trends of ’90s that is here to stay.

Flannel Shirts:


Flannel shirts are such a versatile clothing item. You can team them up with your trousers denims or even with your fitted pair of leggings. And this popular clothing item, again was a huge vogue during the ‘90s. The sassiest trend was to tie the shirt around the waist which trend is making a major comeback.



‘90s hairstyle witnessed cute ponytails that were tied with scrunchies. Polka dotted, velvet, simple solid – scrunchies were found in all different fabrics and patterns. This cute hair accessory has officially come back in the fashion trend and it is the time for you to restock them with as many as you can.

The Bobs and Bangs:

To finish with, we have this very famous hairstyle trend of the ‘90s for you. This is the hairstyle that all of the ‘90s kid had sported at some point of their childhood or teenage while growing up. The smart bangs frame the face properly and the easy-maintenance length of the bob makes this hairstyle a popular pick. One of the most prominent fashion trends of ’90s.

Want some inspiration from our celebrities? Check out Taylor Swift’s gorgeous blonde bob. Did you notice the jeweled chocker though? OMG! We are crushing over it.

So these were some of our very favorite fashion trends of ‘90s that are making a commendable comeback lately. There are hell lot of other elements that could not be listed in today’s post. But we are definitely coming back with the second installment very soon. Wait for that guys.

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