35 Craziest Facts About Chocolate You Would Love To Know

Facts About Chocolate

Is there anyone on this planet who does not love chocolate? We doubt. Everybody goes weak in his/her knees when it comes to chocolates. Rich, nutty, unsweetened, or flavored – we just can’t say ‘no’ to chocolates. But how much do you really know about these ‘pleasure desserts’? As a die-hard chocolate lover or admirer of chocolates, you must know these fun facts about chocolate that are so interesting. These are the facts that you never really bothered to know.

Chocolates are brain food and also stress busters. And a little bit of knowledge about these sweet treats will make you more fond of them. So if you have some time in your hand, just sit down with a chocolate bar in your hand and go through this fun list of the facts about chocolate that is really worthy of your attention. 

Craziest Facts About Chocolate You Would Love To Know:



The Aztecs had a different level of love and admiration for chocolates. They believed that cacao was provided to them by their gods.


Even, there was an Aztec emperor named Montezuma II who used to drink over 50 cups of chocolate per day. Isn’t it one of the craziest facts about chocolate?



And talking about the Aztecs and chocolates; they also used cacao beans as currency to buy food and other objects.


White chocolates are not chocolates in real. They are made with sugar blend, cocoa butte, milk or other dairy products, and sometimes with a little addition of vanilla, which technically do not make them chocolates. Did you know this? 


July, 7 is celebrated as ‘World Chocolate Day’. Back in the year 1550, 7th July was the date on which chocolates were first brought to Europe. 


When it comes to consuming chocolates, Americans consume almost half of the world’s total chocolates.



We all know about dark, milk, and white chocolates. But there is another type of chocolate known as blond chocolate which is basically a type of caramelized chocolate.


It takes about 400 cacao beans to make a single pound of chocolate. 


Bob Brown from the USA has the largest personal collection of chocolate bars in the world. He has a total of 770 unique chocolate items. 



And talking about world records, the world’s biggest chocolate bar weighed approximately 12,770 pounds.


Chocolate has over 600 flavor compounds. Wine also does not have these many flavors. Have you tried all of these flavors? We doubt you have not. 


The people of Switzerland consume more chocolate per capita than any other country on the planet. Swiss chocolate also is world-famous. 


‘Chocolate’, the word comes from the Aztec word ‘Xocolatl’ which is a bitter drink brewed from cacao beans.


It is one of the most interesting and fun facts about chocolate to know. We love to eat Hershey Kisses. But do you know why these candies are called Kisses? It is due to the sound and motion that are made by the machine while depositing the chocolate. Funny, right?


Do you scold your kid for eating so many chocolates? Then you will be surprised to know that cocoa can stave off tooth decay. 


The scientific name of cocoa is Theobroma cocoa, which means ‘food of the gods’!


To make the most famous and talked about ‘shower scene’ in Hitchcock’s movie ‘Psycho’, they used chocolate syrup for the blood. 


There was a time back in the historic past when chocolates were used to make alcohol. A study done in a remote village in Honduras suggests that human beings first exploited cacao beans to make alcohol. CRAZY! It was back in 1400 to 1100 BC.


Chocolate is unique in terms of its melting point. It is the only edible substance that has a melting point of 93 degrees Fahrenheit which is even below human body temperature. This is the reason, a piece of chocolate melts into utter deliciousness in your mouth.



Milk chocolate was invented in Switzerland back in the year 1875.


Chocolate milk was invented in Jamaica. It is a very effective post-workout drink for recovery too. 



Brussels Airport is the world’s largest seller of chocolate. It sells over 800 tons of chocolate a year.


In Aztec civilization, a slave could be bought for only 100 cocoa beans. 


The Olmec civilization which is one of the earliest civilizations in South America first turned the Cacao plant into chocolate.



It is said that Ferrero Rocher is the bestselling brand of chocolate on the planet. It’s been 200 years since the company is ruling the chocolate industry.


You won’t get to buy any blue packet-wrapped chocolate in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The Chinese people believe that blue represents death. 


Chocolate increases the serotonin and endorphin levels in the human brain leading to upliftment of mood. 


Chocolate efficiently gives you a boost of energy. Even Napoleon used to resort to chocolates. It is said that he always kept chocolate with him. And ate one whenever he felt the need for an energy refill. 


A bar of melting chocolate was the inspiration behind the discovery of the microwave oven. 



In West Africa, there are approximately 1.5 million cacao farms. Each farm covers an area of about 7 to 10 acres.


Ivory Coast and Ghana are the two largest producers of cocoa that account for more than 50 percent production of the world’s cocoa. Ghana and Ivory Coast, both of them are located in West Africa.



Chocolate might be good for our health. But they are deadly for your furry friends. Never feed chocolates to your cats and dogs. Chocolates contain the component ‘theobromine’ which is toxic in nature. The human body digests it easily but our furry friends can’t digest it and it can be lethal for their health.


Can you eat as many chocolates as you want? Perhaps you can. But did you know that eating 10 kgs of chocolate can even kill a human? 


The first chocolate bar in the world was made by English chocolate company Cadbury in the year 1842.



Do you love Nutella? Then this will be one of the most interesting facts about chocolate for you to know. Nutella was first invented during World War II.

So these were some of the craziest and wonderful facts about chocolate that you must know as a lover of chocolate. We really hope you enjoyed these fun facts about chocolate. 

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