Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes: Best Tips To Rock The Best Eye Makeup

Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

This is really disheartening when your well-blended eyeshadow and the perfect winged-eyeliner just get disappeared once you open your eyes up. All the ladies with hooded eyes out there, let us just tell you that there is just nothing to get unhappy about. Whether you have hooded eyelids or not, there are always makeup tips and tricks to make your eyes look pretty and attractive. We all know that mastering the perfect technique of wearing eyeliner for hooded eyes is a challenge as your eyelid can’t be completely seen. Smudged eyeliner, not getting enough mobile-lid to draw the liner – there are many problems you face while wearing eyeliner for hooded eyes. And it requires a whole lot of patience and motor skills to get done with a perfect winger eyeliner. But today we have come up with some fantastic tips and tricks that will transform your one of the greatest woes into the greatest happiness.

Hooded eyes can occur due to many reasons. Sometimes, it is genetic. You might have it since your childhood days. On the other hand, some experience it as they get older. Aging causes your lid muscles to weaken and as a result, it becomes sagging. Tiredness can also cause your eyes to look hooded. And there are also types of hooded eyes. Some have completely folded eyelid where all of the eyelids are hidden and for some, the eyes are not completely hooded. No matter what the reason is behind your hooded peers and no matter what type of hooded eyes you have, these best tricks for doing eyeliner for hooded eyes will save you from every eye makeup woes. Let’s go through the list.

Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes: Best Tips To Rock The Best Eye Makeup:

Wear A Good Quality Eye Primer:


The main problem the hooded eyed ladies face is that their eye makeup including the eyeliner smudges and budges in just no time. To fix this horrible problem, reaching out for a good quality eye primer is much needed. Just like your face primer, your eye primer builds a perfect base for your eye makeup and makes sure that your eye makeup does not fade or crease easily. So investing in a good quality eye primer is the first step to achieving the best eyeliner for hooded eyes.

Get The Right Eyeliner:


With so many good eyeliners available in the market it can be really overwhelming to choose the right kind of eyeliner for hooded eyes. To get flawless eye makeup it is really necessary that you use the right product.

Smudge-proof, transfer-proof, and waterproof eyeliner is the best bet for you as it won’t smudge or smear. Also, a good gel based eyeliner will solve half of your problems. An eyeliner that dries completely matte making your eyes look definite is the best pick for hooded eyes.

Choose The Eyeliner Tip Wisely:


The tip of your eyeliner brush plays an important role in making your eyeliner for hooded eyes look flawless and on fleek. Do not buy an eyeliner whose brush tip is very flimsy. Always choose one that has a precision tip and is solid. An eyeliner tip that bends so easily will give you a nightmare while you are trying to draw eyeliner on your lid. Choose an eyeliner pencil that gives you enough control over the application.

Go For An Angled Brush:

Angled brush gives you more control over the application and it is easier to draw more precise lines with them.

The Thinner The Better:

Eyeliner for hooded eyes must be precise and thin. First of all, a thick liner is more prone to get smudged as your upper lid is always coming in the way and secondly, the thinner line makes your eyes appear brighter. If you are up for a very artistic eyeliner application, do that artistic thing on the outer eye area. As that is the portion everybody can see. Also, it will make your eyes look wider and bigger. As you move inward, keep the line plain, simple, and thin. You can also just apply the eyeliner at the outer corner of the upper lid and just don’t apply it at all at the inner corner. It looks gorgeous, you know.

Go Easy With The Application:


Going easy is always the best technique to adopt. Wear the first coat of eyeliner on one of the eyelids and give it a bit of time to dry out. Then do your other eye and then again rest. If you are wanting to go for a second coat, do that only when the first coat on both of your eyelids have been dried completely. Patience is the key that will save you from any accidental smudging that ends up making you look like a raccoon.

Always Tightline Your Upper Waterline:


Tightlining the upper waterline, as well as the lower waterline, immediately adds depth and more size to your eyes no matter what kind of eyes you have. And for ladies with hooded eyes, this trick is one of the most useful eye makeup tricks. Start from the outer eye area and move inward until you reach the starting of the inner corner. Do the same for the lower waterline too. If you apply eyeliner on both of the waterlines, you do not even need to apply it again on your upper lid. This much application of eyeliner for hooded eyes is enough and it will also add depth and volume to your eyelash root.

Swear By Adhesive Eyeliner Stencil:


For the days when you want to look all lovely and dolled up, you will obviously go for elaborate eyeliner for hooded eyes. And to apply an elaborate eyeliner without creating any mess, adhesive eyeliner stencils come really handy dandy. These things are adjustable for creating eyeliners of multiple thicknesses and the best part is that they push your upper eyelid away from the area of the eyeliner application. So you can precisely and flawlessly draw the liner the way you want.

Even if you are not a hodded-eyed lady, try eyeliner stencil or strip to draw smooth flawless lines if you are just starting off with makeup and are not enough confident about it.

Stick To The Chosen Styles:


There is a truckload of different styles when it comes to talking about eyeliners. But all the styles do not look the best on every eye. If you want to know how to wear eyeliner for hooded eyes like a pro, you first have to understand which styles suit your eye shape and size the best. Once you have tried and tested all the styles and are decided about those few styles that suit you, just stick to that. Practice those styles when you are at home and in no time, you will master the technique of wearing an eyeliner that is flawless.

Go With Short Strokes:

Start drawing the line from the outward section using short strokes. Short and gentle strokes save you from any eyeliner misery. The line should be angled upward. As you move in, you may notice that your eyeliner is not as smooth as you wanted it to be. Don’t worry because it is happening just because you are using short multiple strokes. Once you are happy enough with the structure of your eyeliner for hooded eyes, you can now just smooth it out the way you want.

Wear Your Liner With The Eyes Open:

This will give you a clear picture of how your liner is going to look in the end.

Go For Dramatic Winged Liner:


Elongated winged eyeliner for hooded eyes is your best bet. It just opens up your eyes no matter what and gives an illusion of a wider lid area. Angled upward winged eyeliner is what you need to draw as it will save your eyes from looking droopy and small.

Ditch The Lower Line:


We know that many of you love to line your lower lid also. But many of us do not even realize that lining the lower lid makes the eyes look closed and smaller. So our tips for wearing eyeliner for hooded eyes is: DO NOT WEAR EYELINER ON YOUR LOWER LID. Rather you can wear kajal on the lower waterline. This will make the eyes look wide-awake.

And when you decide to follow all of these tips of wearing eyeliner for hooded eyes, your eye makeup can never go wrong. Choose your product wisely. A LONGLASTING, WELL PIGMENTED, GEL-BASED OR OIL-BASED EYELINER THAT DRIES OUT QUICKLY IS THE ONE TO GO FOR. Draw precise lines. Practice with patience and trust us your eyeliner is going to look incredibly gorgeous and perfect. So don’t fret out and just flaunt your perfectly lined eyes to turn heads around.

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